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Redeem Your Benevolence

Bella's new cousin, Cinnamon, comes to town. She adds drama, lust and love in a spicy combo. What happens when she meets Jasper? And why does he feel the sudden need to kill her? But no, he isn't just after her blood... it's more. What's that secret she's hiding? And why does Alice faint everytime she looks into Cinnamon's future? Photobucket

ENJOY! Remember, this story is JASPER/OC !

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter One

Bella POV

“Bella!” Charlie yelled noisily upstairs.

It took me a couple moments to comprehend what Charlie was saying. I was to wrapped up in my latest English project; Analyzing Shakespeare’s Macbeth in a 5000 word detail. Great.

“What?” I yelled, throwing my English paper over the edge of my bed, in frustration.

“It’s time to go pick up your cousin!” Charlie said. I heard rusting downstairs and the jingle of keys; car keys.

Oh yeah. Cinnamon. I remember her as a loner that always played outside with the earthworms during rainy days. But what always surprised me about her was that she always smiled and laughed even when she was sad. It always confused me at how a human could be so backwards, but I accepted it anyway. Until one day, I thought she was the strangest person ever.

“Hey Wella!” she said, running up to me. She could never pronounce my name correctly when we were 3 so I just laughed. “Yeah?” I said, playing with my power rangers upstairs. “Lookie,” she said excitedly, coming up to my face. She looked at me and blinked, her eyes turning from light purple to a deep yellow. “How do you do that?” I asked, jealously seeping from my lips. I poked her eye and then watched her reaction. “OWIE!” she yelped, backing away. She rubbed her eye and then looked at me. “I woke up one day, Wella, and then this strange man that was standing above me and told me to not tell mommy and daddy what he was going to do to me. He took out some drops in a little flask and put them in each of my eyes, then disappeared.” “SO!” I yelled at her, dropping my power rangers and running out of the room. It wasn’t fair that some man gave Cinnamon colorful eyes and not me.

“Why now?” I moaned painfully, getting up from the bed. Charlie didn’t answer, I guess ignoring my question. I walked down the stairs and found my shoes next to the door. They were simple black converse I found pleasing. I ducked down and tied them. The laces were so hard to tie once you took the shoes off. A disgruntled Charlie stood before me.

“Ready?” he grunted. I raised him a precarious look.

“Yeah,” I said, standing up.

Charlie led the way, opening the door, and out to his police car. The cold Forks wind rushed at me with sudden ferocity, it was hard for my teeth to not chatter. I looked up and a small raindrop landed in my eye. I blinked furiously, trying to get the unknown liquid out of my e ye. I almost bumped straight into my car while making a fuss over my eye.

“C’mon Bells, she’ll be waiting,” Charlie yelled to me, already in the police cruiser. I dashed over the driveway to the street where he had pulled out. I opened the door and got in, slamming the door closed behind me. He sped off, the tires squeaking annoyingly under the wet streets. A couple of neighbors, who were outside chatting, looked up and saw us speeding by.

I sighed. It was sometimes embarrassing riding in the cruiser with Charlie.


We arrived at the airport about an hour later. I was tired, bored and quite frustrated, but all the while, I was curious to see how Cinnamon looked now. I hoped she looked the least bit normal. I didn’t really wanna have to deal with the attention that came from having a new student; especially since she was my cousin.

“Bella,” Charlie said suddenly, “go find Cinnamon.”

I rolled my eyes and got out of the car. Charlie was probably the laziest man I would ever meet. Many businessmen and women were bustling across the bus sidewalks. I pushed my way through the people. I hoped it wouldn’t be hard trying to find her. I tried looking for what I imagined Cinnamon would look like. A red haired girl with freckles that littered her tiny nose, and her height that put Michael Jordan to the test, or at least I thought that’s how she looked when I was young. I had a knack of imaging people when they grew up.

A sudden tap on the shoulder awakened my thinking. I turned around and came face to face with a beautiful girl. Her long, black hair was hanging elegantly around her shoulders. Its texture was soft and silky. I wanted to reach out and wrap my fingers around a single strand. Her pale skin mixed beautifully with her face structure. Her tiny nose was turned upward in a very delicate way. She looked with a babyish face. It was kinda cute. Then my eyes traveled up to her eyes. Her eyes changed from a sky blue to a deep, depressing gray. I then noticed she was biting her lip nervously and twiddling her thumbs, looking down.

“I’m Bella, remember me?” I asked uncertainly, breaking the uncomfortable silence between us. My eyes met her again and she stepped back, her tiny feet barely making a noise.

“I-I’m sor-“ I started, thinking I had been too forward, or maybe even called out the wrong person.

“BELLA!” she screamed, jumping on me, almost knocking me over. Her arms were clamed around my neck and her feet hung an inch off of the ground. She smelled like raspberries; A deep dark scent that smelled distinctly like my scent of strawberries; but not exactly. She backed away and sized me up.

“My Bella, you’ve grown quite a bit,” she insinuated, wiggling her eyebrows at my chest. I felt my face go red. At least I knew she still had the super blunt personality. Ha.

“And you, Cinn, haven’t grown up… well actually maybe an inch,” I laughed loudly, referring quite rudely to her immaturity and her height.

“CHUT UP!” she stomped, drawing her arms in a tight disapproving fold. I couldn’t help it, a small cackle escaped my mouth before I could catch it. Thunderous rolls of laughter erupted from my throat. It was hilarious when Cinnamon couldn’t pronounce shut up right. Priceless. And with her whole 5’1 height going, she reminded me of a angry little pipsqueak. I then noticed her eyes turn from a deeply set gray to a medium shade of purple. Somehow that color suited her face. I noticed then how the people bustling on by were starting to stare at us curiously.

“Let’s go, Cinn-Cinn,” I said, using her nickname. I wonder if it’s still her nickname now. I grabbed down to the right of Cinnamon, attempting to reach for her luggage. I was surprised when I held thin air.

Cinnamon noticed this.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just go and buy some clothes at nearest shopping centre, kay?” she beamed, acting as if she held no problem. I nodded in understanding and she skipped out of the airport, not caring whether that everyone stopped at this cute looking elf that reminded me distinctly of Alice.

Oh my.


A sharp pang in my heart hit me when I thought his name. I wouldn’t be seeing him in a couple of days. He was off hunting with the rest of Cullens. Oh how I missed them. Thinking of Edward’s sweet, cold lips on…

“Bella, baby, let’s go!” Cinnamon yelled from the police cruiser, parked exactly where Charlie had dropped me off at. I had been standing there daydreaming about Edward. Great.

I walked to the car and hopped into the front seat; Cinnamon took a knowingly place in the back.

“Hi uncle Cha-lee!” she quipped, somewhat loudly. She extended the world Charlie. I noticed how she liked to call Charlie, Cha-lee. Cute.

“Hello, Cinnamon,” Charlie grumbled. I guess he was in a bad mood. Not surprising.


We were about 10 minutes into the car ride and somehow she had been silent for the time. I decided to sneak a peek into the rearview mirror.

Cinnamon was sitting peacefully in the back. Her hands were folded in her lap, the silver nail polish perfectly on each short fingernail. A small box that had the golden lets of CC on it was held in her hand. And her eyes from afar were black. I guess each of her emotions represented her current mood, or so it seemed. I’m not sure what black stood for, but I don’t think it means something bad. Her oversized blue t-shirt hung loosely across her chest. I knew for a fact that it concealed her rather large chest. Even at age 5, she had something there. She had gray sweatpants that were also loose. Thought it didn’t really seem like her style, but I wasn’t complaining; she was stunning either way. She wasn’t Cali stunning but instead, unique stunning. Her looks alone could probably put any guy into a daze. But what pestered me was that small metal box. I couldn’t imagine what was in that box that could help her with living here in Forks. She had no luggage, only herself and that box.

Suddenly her eyes were on me.

“So, Bella, what are we gonna do when we get home?” she asked. Her black eyes warped to a happy yellow. She smiled.

“I’ll show you around the town,” I said quietly. She really was perky.

And even though I hated to say it, I loved every little bit of it.

30 minutes, we were home.

Home, sweet home.

Charlie got out of the parked crusier in the driveway and stomped into the house. It took Cinnamon a while to get out of the car. But when she did, a total serene look on her face made me smile. It was like a kid seeing their mother for the first time in their life. She stood there, and looked around, her head tilted up in awe. Her eyes glinted an immaculate sky blue. They reflected the same color the sky did on a sunny day.

“Ahem,” I coughed, cleaning my throat in hoping of getting her attention. It’s not that I didn’t like her doing that it was just that I wanted to go inside. It was kinda chilly out there. I really didn’t know what she found fascinating about this damp, depressing place.

“Beautiful,” Cinnamon muttered quietly,walking around the car slowly towards the front door. A large flash encoated the sky and a moment later, a loud boom sounded through the sky, and I cringed. Thunderstorms were something I really could not stand.

“Let’s go, Cinn,” I said, noting the shakiness in my voice. I hoped my second persuasion would do the trick.

She uncharacteristically skipped inside, not noticing the raised eyebrow I held for her.


She stopped by the stairs and waited for me to come inside.

“So Bella where am I sleeping?” she sang, in a perfect A flat cord.

“Well…” I started.

“OH I GET THAT BEDROOM UP THERE!” she yelled, pointing, and then thundering up the stairs like a mad woman, taking 3 steps each leap.

“NO WAIT THAT’S MY ROOM,” I yelled back, going right after her as fast as I could. I watched her run and jump on my bed and hilariously fly over the other side, onto the ground.

“Ouchie!” she moaned. That was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I giggled.

“Not funny,” she glared, her head popping up over the other side of my bed.

I noticed the silver metal case was provoking me on my bed, asking me to be opened.

“Cinn, whats this?” I asked, grabbing at the metal case, waiting for an answer. I somehow thought she would refuse me to see

“My life,” she said proudly. I raised another precarious eyebrow. I didn’t answer, but instead opened it.

Nothing was inside.

All there was, was just the metal casing of the box itself, clean and smooth.

“Funny, Cinn,” I said sarcastically, thinking the whole box thing was a joke. I closed the box and set it on the night dresser next to my bed. Cinnamon was still staring at me. Her eyes were a furious scarlet. She looked like she was about to attack me. I took a shocked step backward, and then I heard a tap on my window.

My heart pounded. It couldn’t be Edward… could it?

My question was quickly answered when the window was lifted up and in came Edward, sliding in smoothly. A white shirt clung to his marble chest and he wore tight fitting jeans that looked nice around his lower body. My imagination went wild.

And then I froze when I saw what he was looking at.



He had that curious look in his eye that made me nervous. I forgot to tell him last time I saw him that we had another occupant coming to live in our house. Oh crap.

“Who’s this Bella?” Cinnamon asked dangerously, getting up from the side of bed, also noticing Edward.

The furious scarlet that had been on her face turned to an ugly orange. She smiled evilly.

This for sure wasn’t going to be good.

“Edward, this is my cousin, Cinnamon,” I Interceded, hoping this unspoken tension would fade away. Edward picked up on the name and chuckled, breaking his perfect structure. I guess he also thought it was funny. The ugly orange then turned into a loathing black. He immediately stopped laughing and bared his teeth, into attack mode. I hoped to god Edward was in full control. But his whole stance told otherwise.

“Stop it,” Cinnamon said quietly, the loathing black swirling to a fresh gray. It was an improvement from the previous color.

What had even started this?

“Just ‘cause you can read minds doesn’t mean you’re cool!” Cinnamon quipped. She took a couple steps forward into Edwards direction. He didn’t move back, but surprisingly raised his hand in a truce like form.

Then Cinnamon gave a beaming smile, that it hurt so much to look at her. She turned to me, that silly smile still plastered on her face.

“Bella, I don’t like to associate with vampires,” she cackled suddenly, rolling on the ground laughing.

My stomach dropped.


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