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The Forks News

Chapter 1- written by awsomealice94 Chapters 2-4 - written by darkangel_8694
Crazy teen gets speeding ticket

I got this idea in math class and I thought it would be so cool to write. So remember this is what would be written in the forks newspaper-it usually is the first page of the ‘newspaper’. Also remember that Forks is a small town so nothing exciting really goes on, lol. Disclaimer- I don’t own any of it :)

1. crazy teen gets speeding ticket

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The Forks News

Crazy teen gets speeding ticket

Has anyone really thought that they could ever go 110mph on the main street of Forks? Well apparently someone has. Edward Cullen was driving at 110mph on wends (yesterday) down main street.

“I have never thought that anyone would ever drive that fast, he could have hurt somebody” Mrs. Weber said.

“I knew Cullen was bad from the start!” said local high school student Mike Newton.

Cullen and his family live on the outskirts of forks. He and his sister now attend forks high school and his 3 other siblings have already graduated. Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme Cullen have adopted all of the teenagers since they were very small and they have all been a wonderful part of forks since the day they moved to the city 3 years ago.

Cullen was driving down Main Street when a cop was there, the cop saw Cullen try to stop but it was too late. Cullen got a speeding ticket and will be in court next Tuesday for a 500 dollar fine. Whether or not Cullen is to get his driver’s license taken away is undecided until further notice.

“Edward Cullen has always been good, but driving 110mph is defiantly not good. It is dangerous for not only you but for others as well. He will most likely have his license taken away from looking at the report-he brook a couple laws. All I know is I will never let Edward (Cullen) drive my daughter anywhere. Let this be a good lesson to you all.” Chef Swan told us.

Most people think that this is very unlikely from such a wonderful student. Cullen gets straight A’s in all of his classes as a senior in Forks High school. Not drug or alcohol use was found in Cullen. Apparently he was just driving fast.

At this time the Forks police would just like to remind everyone of the traffic laws when you’re on the road.

“Everyone should always wear a seatbelt, which Edward did not. Also the correct speed for Main Street would be 45mph. also we all need to oblige the stop signs. Although we may not have any traffic lights we do have stop signs and they are there for a reason.” Chef Swan reminded us also that we should always keep our eyes on the road, especially when it’s dear season.

“We assure you that this will never happen again.” Said Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He and Cullen (Edward) had to go home together after he was pulled over because Cullen has his driver’s license suspended it for the time being.

“Stupid teenagers have no right to drive on our roads!” said Mr. Newton, who is the grandfather of Mike Newton. Even though opinions do matter I still believe that teens will be able to drive no matter what. But the mayor of forks warned all of them that if a lot of little out bursts like Cullen’s continue, there will be something done about it.

That’s it for now, and thanks for reading the forks news

-Ashley G.