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Edward's satisfaction

Finally! It is the violence that we've all been waitnig for! Mike goes too far and Edward gets to let loose! Rated T for suggestive themes and VIOLENCE!! oh and it's a one shot

I don't own these characters, Oh and I got the idea from Bella Finally Accepts by Eternity Bites which you should read.

1. Chapter 1

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Edwards POV Mike Newton had finally done it. He had pushed me over the edge. I hadn’t been able to go to school today because it had been sunny so I watched Bella from the shadows of the forest surrounding the school like I usually do. School ended and she came out and sat in the sun for a while, enjoying the warmth. Then HE came out the door and walked over to my precious Bella and sat next to her. His thoughts were screaming his plan in his head and he was rather looking forward to it. I was infuriated. How dare he do that to MY Bella. She was MY angel. Bella would, no doubt, go along with his vulgar plan, not knowing what his intentions were. Thinking that they really were going to look for his “lost notebook” not knowing that was really planning to attack her like she often attacked me. Then something occured to me and I smiled. I knew which room it was that he planned to attack her in. It was the biology room that we all took biology in. I ran to the back of the school and jumped into the room through the window faster than a human eye could follow. Then I hid in the shadows and waited. Then I heard his thoughts. *Finally we’re here. I can’t believe she’s going along with this. She really does like me better than Cullen.* Bella entered the room followed closely by Newton. She walked over to the desk where Mike often sat and started looking for his “lost notebook”. Mike walked up behind her and put his hand on hers. She cringed and pulled her hand out much to my relief. “I think I left it over by the corner.” Mike told her. “You look over here and I’ll look over there.” Bella said with unease. She, apparently was starting to suspect Mike wasn’t actually looking for his notebook. Mike followed her over and when she whipped her head around to face him he grabbed her hands and started to kiss her. He started, but didn’t get the chance to finish. I whirled him around to face me using a more force then necessary. *Oh crap!! Cullen! I’m dead!* Without letting go of Mike’s shoulder, I raised my eyes to look at Bella to make sure she was okay. She was fine. The only thing that bothered me was that she seemed to be unable to move. “Bella? Could you leave Mike and me to talk?” I asked, my voice as calm as I could make it under the circumstances. My fury right now was rivaling the fury that had overtaken me that fateful night in Port Angeles. “You’ll kill him, Edward. I don't trust you.” Bella said in a frightened voice. I was scaring her. No wait, she was scared for him. She probably should be frightened for this vulgar-minded boy. “Bella we’re just going to have a little talk. It’s nothing for you to worry about.” I said in my most soothing voice. She just looked from Mike to me and didn’t move. *Yeah, nothin’ for her to worry about. I’m the one who should be worried. I am worried.* “Bella,” I said imitating Carlisle’s firm tone that he uses on my sibling and me whenever he wants something done. When he used this tone he was usually obeyed. And, much to my surprise, it worked on Bella too. She left the classroom with one last glance at me and the terrified boy in front of me then left. “Newton, I want you to know that you will pay for what you have done.” I told him. Then, after all this time of longing, I punched him squarely in the shoulders I didn’t put enough force behind it to kill him, albeit I wanted to, just break his shoulder bone. He moaned, clutching his broken bone in pain. “Newton, if you ever try to touch Bella without her permission again, you’ll have a long visit with my father in the hospital.” I promised, and then, just for good measure, thumped him lightly on the back of his head knocking him out cold. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` A few days later Mike was back at school, telling everyone that asked about how he fell down a flight of stairs breaking his shoulder and hitting his head. Of course, Bella, my family, and I knew about what had really happened. Oddly enough, none of my family said anything to me about it except for Emmett who was bummed because I hadn’t called him to help beat up Newton. I thought that Carlisle and Esme would have scolded me, or at least asked me why I hadn’t handled it better but neither of them did. Not even in their thoughts. Bella had been extremely worried when I had dragged Mike out of the biology room but had said nothing. Mike didn’t say anything either. I had hit him hard enough that he had a concussion and thought my punishment had been a bad dream, however, he didn’t talk to Bella for about a month. That suited me just fine. I had been a little concerned about Bella, so made certain that she was looked at by a doctor when I went to the hospital to explain to Carlisle about what had happened. I had arrived before the ambulance came with Mike. They had found him by the stairs where I left him and a group of people found him and assumed what had happened. Bella was fine, I was happy and satisfied that Newton wouldn’t try something again, and if he did I had Emmett’s promise that would be thrilled to help me do something about him. Now my only problem was Jacob Black.