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Old Ones

Leah runs of into the Canadian wilderness. tired of being singled out by her pack. But she finds somthing she doesnt expect. A figure for her legends A wolf pack that is exepting of her. A chance at love. A familey that is exepting Answers to her questions She is faced with a difficult desision on which family means more to her. Her human family or her wolf family. I stink at summarys especially this one becasue I really dont want to give anything away. So give it a chanse and read it PLEASE People I want to point out dont be put off by the title but it is called that because of the wolves she meets in the story and the figure form her legends. Please give it a chance. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

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Stupid, annoying, sexist, lying, pathetic werewolves Leah screamed in her head as she ran through the forest. She was tired of this trying to live with them to deal with having their thoughts in her head her thoughts in her head it was humiliating but what could she do.


That was it so she left trying to get far away enough that she would be separated from the pack, but she didn’t know if it was working, thanks to her ranting everyone had gotten fed up and left the link.

Rain started to fall steadily picking up Leah groaned; she was tired of everything she didn’t want to deal with rain too.

She looked around trying to find some sort of shelter. There was a small out crop of stones with a small crack that looked just big enough for her to squeeze through, if she was human.

Grudgingly she shifted tugging on her damp cloths. Her feet were sore from running for so long over rough terrain. She was not meant to be a wolf that long. She wondered if this is how Jake had felt shifting back to his human self after so long as a wolf.

She squeezed through the crack in the out crop. It was warm and dry. Leah almost smiled but she was exhausted, she realized. There was an area of floor that didn’t look like the same hard packed dirt.

She all but collapsed on the spot and quickly she fell asleep.

She was awoken by a loud growl, disorientated she sat up too quickly then quickly lay back down her vision blacking for a moment. She sat up fully and the growl sounded again.

Then she realized what it was. This time she couldn’t help but laugh a laugh which echoed throughout the cave.

She was hungry, very hungry she felt like she was going to be sick.

She stood up and brushed the dirt off herself. Then squeezed through the opening again. There was a bush with berries on it not ten feet away from the cave.

She went over and examined them.

They weren’t red and it obviously wasn’t a holly bush. Suddenly a squirrel bounced down from a tree grabbed a few berries of the bush and scampered back up the tree.

Leah plucked a few berries from the bush, popping them into her mouth. As soon as she bit them her face scrunched up.

The berries were incredible sour. She quickly shook her head, “wow,” she muttered, “sour.” She didn’t eat many just enough to take the edge off of her hunger.

She knew she had to have some real food, some meat which meant hunting.

Oh Joy she thought. Hunting met shifting back into her wolf self which meant dealing with anyone who also was in wolf form. Begrudgingly she shifted embracing the raw power that coursed through her making her feel wild and powerful, which was her favorite part, feeling powerful and dangerous.

LEAH! Someone mentally yelled.

Seth! Leah exclaimed Seth was the only one she hadn’t wanted to leave.

Come back please everyone misses you. Seth whined
Right, who would miss me, Jacob has his half breed and the Cullen's, Sam has Emily, Jared has Kim, Quil has Clair, even Paul has someone, why would they miss me I am the reject the abnormality of the pack, I shouldn’t be what I am. Leah hissed.

Seth shrank back at the venom in her voice but didn’t give up. Slowly pictures ran past Leah’s eyes partially blocking out the view of the forest around her.

Her mother had her head on the table, she was crying.

Okay Leah felt a little guilty about that.

Seth it’s not like I am never coming back I just need some time alone okay, Leah said the cruelty had completely dissipated from her voice.

Promise you will come back Seth asked.

I promise Leah said.

Cross your heart and hope to die Seth pushed.

Seth you are not helping your argument, I said I would that’s all there is to it.

Okay, Okay bye Leah, Seth’s presence faded from the link leaving Leah alone in the forest…almost.