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Old Ones

Leah runs of into the Canadian wilderness. tired of being singled out by her pack. But she finds somthing she doesnt expect. A figure for her legends A wolf pack that is exepting of her. A chance at love. A familey that is exepting Answers to her questions She is faced with a difficult desision on which family means more to her. Her human family or her wolf family. I stink at summarys especially this one becasue I really dont want to give anything away. So give it a chanse and read it PLEASE People I want to point out dont be put off by the title but it is called that because of the wolves she meets in the story and the figure form her legends. Please give it a chance. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


2. Discoverys

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She was wandering through the forest when she heard it a chores of wolf howls echoing through the forest.

She pricked her ears in the general direction, listening, it was a locating howl, calling all the members of the pack together.

A shiver ran down Leah’s spine even though she was a wolf the calls were still eerie.

She had wandered to a small mountain stream and she spied fish darting beneath the clear water. She waded into the quick moving water ignoring the fact that it was ice cold maybe 45- 50*F. She watched the silver shapes darting this way and that then she quickly dove her head into the water catching one in her mouth.

She walked back to shore shaking the water from her head she trotted back towards the cave.

Quickly she shifted pulling on her cloths, hey even in the middle of nowhere she wasn’t going commando.

When she got back she pulled a pocket knife and lighter out of her back pocket. She flipped the knife open and cleaned the fish hating it the whole time she set up a small fire with some kindling she had found earlier and started throwing sticks, leaves, pine needles, and anything else dry into it feeding its hungry flames. Then she stuck a couple of pieces of fish onto a stick and held it over the fire to let it cook.

The wolves had stopped howling.

When she had finished her fish, which had been quite good, she smothered her fire and squeezed into the cave.

I’ll leave tomorrow, she thought. She rolled over on her side ready to catch up on some missed sleep.

When she woke up it was still dark, something had woke her she knew.

Carefully she sat up listening…

a chorus of howls echoed around her screaming in the cave loud and unchecked.

She covered her ears trying to block some of the sound.

It was like when you watch and old movie and the sound was bad so everything echoed.

She knew she had to get out of this cave.

As squeezed through the opening she fell on the ground outside and the howling stopped.

She panted heavily and slowly looked up not more than three feet in front of her was a large brown wolf eyes looked at her with surprise. Leah could see his muzzle and most of his head was white as snow.

There was something about him, she felt as if she knew him.

He turned and barked anorder to the wolves behind him.

Leah looked back at them there were five or six all with silvery coats.

Leah moved slowly, first sitting up then standing and backing away, two of the wolves disappeared into the forest while the other four eyed her carefully. Leah sighed she had to get out of here, she knew the wolves wouldn’t stand a chance against her but she didn’t want death on her hands especially when she was part wolf.

So she turned and ran, flight of fight, the rule of nature.

She heard the brown wolf bark and paw steps on the hard ground behind her.

She ran that long stride that was unique to the pack pulling off her clothes discarding them as she ran knowing she could pick them up later.

Then she stopped the wolves gaining on her.

She inhaled slowly embracing the raw power, shivers ran down her spine, silvery fur covering her flesh her limbs and bones changing shape her face elongating and sharp fangs replacing fragile teeth.

By now the wolves had reached her she turned read for anything, but the white faced wolf looked at her with what only could be amazement. Then…

Who are you? A voice drifted across her mind in a familiar language.

My name is Leah She said in Quileute.

Where do you come from? He asked though Leah had a good idea that she already knew.

Instead of answering Leah shared images of the reservation the sea and the town. She could hear the old wolf's sharp intake of breath as he saw the images.

What is your name? He asked again and Leah repeated

Leah, Leah Clearwater. And asked may I ask who you are?

The old wolf looked at her with eternal eyes

I am Taha Aki.

Leah felt like she had ben kicked in the gut.