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Edward left Bella and she cannot handle it. This story is not like the other ones. She doesnt just do dangerous things. This...this is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a very good writer but I had an idea and i didnt want anyone else to take it so I just started writing. I hope you like it. Again I'm not a good writer.

1. Chapter 1

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It will be as if I never existed...

Those painful, untrue words repeated in my head a thousand times. Its only been a week since he left me. Although I've never said his name out loud, it was engraved on my arm.

I used my dads cork screw to write it out on my left arm. My black long sleeved shirt was drenched in my "mouthwatering" blood.


I had another sleepless night. The sound of the thunder hid my loud sobs. The tears were pouring down my face. They were unstoppable.

It will be as if I never existed...

You don’t love him, you don’t love him. I chanted.
How could I be able to lie to myself like that? I know it’s not true.

Think about something else. Something ordered.

I would have to go to school tomorrow. GREAT!!!!!!!!!
Jessica's going to start rumors, Angela is going to be watching me all the time, and Mike is going to think that he actually has a chance!!!

I don't want to go! Especially since...Edward...isn't going to be there.

That hurt.

I took the pillow that was behind my head and screamed into it.

Why did he have to go!?!?!?! Why?!

Edward, I thought.

I couldn’t take it anymore. There was the pain again.

I gave up.

I ran to the closet and found the cork screw that I had hidden. Before I ran to the bathroom I checked the time to make sure that Charlie wasn’t here.

3:00 a.m. Good.

I locked the door and then dug the cork screw into my wrist. I yelled in pain but this pain didn't come close to how much it hurts knowing that he's gone and never coming back. I took it out and then stabbed it back in. It hurt even more than the last one.

After three more turns, I grabbed a towel and put it against my wrist.

I knew I needed stitches. All of my cuts did. I did them myself. It looked pretty cool.

I know that sounds kind of sick but its true. His name engraved on my arm and then stitched up with a thin black lace. I loved it. Hmmm....Maybe I am going crazy.
I wouldn't doubt it. I just hope that nobody finds out. Hopefully tomorrow won't be a sunny day. I wouldn't need a sweater and people would be suspicious if I wore one. Especially that dumb bitch Jessica. Ug! I hate her!!!

Well, my life sucks so it probably will be sunny.

Lucky fucking me!