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Edward left Bella and she cannot handle it. This story is not like the other ones. She doesnt just do dangerous things. This...this is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a very good writer but I had an idea and i didnt want anyone else to take it so I just started writing. I hope you like it. Again I'm not a good writer.

2. Chapter 2

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After I stitched myself up, I went back to my room. I hid the cork screw again and looked out my window.

I remember when the rain used to make me feel depressed. Now it comforts me. It makes me feel...better. I don't know how but it just does.

I stared at the tree that was right in front of my window and the whole in my chest felt like it was getting bigger. (If that was even possible)
I pictured him climbing back into my window, taking me in his arms, hugging me, kissing me, making me blush, making my heart jump out of me chest...I don't have a heart anymore. It was stolen from me. It was ripped apart into pieces.

I got on my knees and started sobbing.


I knew I wasn't right for him. Why would he want a little human girl that he can barley touch?
Why would he pretend like that?
How could he be such a jerk?

Maybe...maybe it wasn't like that...maybe he still loved me!

The way he looked at me, whenever our eyes met, I could see the love. I could actually see how much he loved me.
I knew every look he had.Sad.Angry.Love.Passion.Happiness...

His lying face!!!

He was lying! His eyes were distant! That’s the look he has when he lies! He still loves me! He still loves me!!!

What if he never left? I wonder if he's still in his house.
I should go...I should make sure...

I ran downstairs not bothering to change or put my shoes on. I grabbed my keys and opened the door.

I stopped right there. The beautiful face that was right in front of me was frightening. Her red eyes came down to my level. Her hair was soaked.

"Hello Bella." Vitoria said. "I was hoping that I would find you here."