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Edward left Bella and she cannot handle it. This story is not like the other ones. She doesnt just do dangerous things. This...this is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a very good writer but I had an idea and i didnt want anyone else to take it so I just started writing. I hope you like it. Again I'm not a good writer.

5. Chapter 5

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The pain was unbearable. I've never been in this much pain ever! I couldn't stand it...Did they put in the morphine on time? Why did it hurt so much?

I remembered the conversation that Edward and I had a few months ago. (It seems like a century since then)

“ ‘ You feel like your whole body-inside and out- is on fire. You don’t know what is happening and you just want to die. I remember that I was screaming so loud that Carlisle had to cover my mouth with three rolls of duck tape. I begged him to kill me but he just looked at me with a painful expression and said ‘I’m so sorry.’ When the pain was over, I felt free…I don’t know why but I did. If I decide to turn you into a vampire…I hope you feel free too.’”

He wants me to feel free. He wants me to be with him forever. He loves me.

I love him to, and after this…we can live happily ever after.

That sounds good. Really good.


The pain is getting worse.

It feels like someone is adding gasoline to the fire.

Why does it hurt this bad!?!?

Can’t somebody make it STOP!!!

It’s running up my body into my chest. I can hear my heart racing. It sounds like helicopter blades.

Is this supposed to happen!?

The fire burns even more! I want to scream but I can’t. It’ll hurt him too much.

My chest rises in response to the beating of my heart.

The pain disappears from my feet and hands but not my center.

All of it has gone up. I hold on to the table and almost break it. I let it go and grab on to my shirt. I nearly tear it off.

Now I get it.

I’m closer.

It’s almost time.

I can finally begin an eternity with Edward.

I’m too excited. I jump off the table and land like a tiger getting ready to attack.

I don’t feel anything anymore.

It’s over.

I take in a deep-unnecessary- breath and smell Edward near me. I turn around and see that he was standing right next to me.

He looked different. He looked…UGLY!!! I remember what he did to me. His inside is ugly! Edward Anthony Mason Cullen is a horrible person!!!

“I hate you!’’ I yell.

His eyebrows scrunched up. “What?” he asked.

“I hate you. You have horrifying personality and now I know why you’ve been alone all of these years!!!” Edward looked confused and heart broken. I was confused too. Why did I love him before. Why did I cut myself for him? Do I have low self-esteem?

“Bella what… what do you mean? What are you saying?”

“What I mean is that I cant believe that I ever loved you. You’re a monster! Not in the vampire sense but you just…I don’t know. I really don’t know what I mean. I’m sorry but I don’t. All I know is that I don’t know what I saw in you in the first place. I mean- no offense- but you’re ugly, you have a bad personality, and you want people to think that you’re a mysterious, pained creature that wants to love someone. Maybe you’re some kind of an obsessive freak. I’m sorry for coming down on you but I think you should know the truth. You asked anyway.”

Edward looked distraught. “I-I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Save it. I don’t care.” With that I walked past him and realized that I had an audience. The whole Cullen family was standing in the room. Their mouths hung open.

“Sorry.” I said.

I walked out the door and automatically knew were I was going. I was going to Jacobs house.