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"Old Love New Beginning"

Sequel to "OLD LOVE OR NEW"! MUST READ THE FIRST TO UNDERSTAND THE SECOND!! Edward and Bella are finally getting married and having that honeymoon they always wanted.But what happens when they get back and their is something terrible on the horizen? Who told the Volturi how powerful they were? Or that they even excisted? Who will win the battle, and who will Bella choose. Logan or Edward. The Volturi or her family? Find out in The sequel to "Old Love Or New" "Old Love New Beginning".

Hey Yall! This is the Sequel To "Old Love Or New" Keep in mind nothing terribly important happens in this chapter. It is just a recap!! I hope you enjoy and i will update soon!!! Thanks! Loveya Team Twilight!!!!

1. Chapter 1/ 3 More Days

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It was 3 days before the wedding. I was so stressed. Between Alice yanking my wedding dress on and off for alterations, the wedding decoration, the guest list, and have course the location of the honeymoon. Edward would not tell me were we were going and I was beginning to get impatient with his stubbornness.

Edward insisting we wait to have sex until the honeymoon, or as he calls it, making love to me. I agree with him it is special, but I don't think it matters what you call it. It's still all the same. This was the longest I have gone without having sex. To be honest it was driving me crazy. Thank god the wedding is in 3 days. I don't know how much longer I could wait. Of course it was different when I didn't know what I was missing, when I hadn't created Logan yet.

Logan... I thought. I did miss him. Even though I was happy with Edward and the rest of the Cullen's back in my life.

I was pleased with the arrangements that were made. We really couldn't go back to Forks high school considering Edward and I were getting married and how busy we were. So we decided after the wedding we would go to Alaska. It was the next best place for us.

It had been 2 weeks today since Edward purposed to me.

I really couldn't believe all of this was happening. I mean, I was finally marrying Edward, the man of my dreams. I was really excited.

Alice had a measuring tape in her hand when I came back to reality. She was measuring again to make sure the dress fit perfectly. "Alice, how many times will you do this? I'm not going to change sizes. I'm a vampire, remember", I scolded Alice, but she knew I wasn't really mad at her.

I had started to like fashion in my new life. But as soon as Alice felt the need to dress me again, although I was perfectly capable, I started hating fashion again. She was bringing the old me back. Edward was helping with that too. He said he would help me find the old Bella. He was actually doing it. I haven't felt this human since... well I was human.

"Bella, I just want to make sure its perfect, so that when you walk down the isle you will look even more perfect than you already do", Alice told me answering my question slash statement.

I smiled down at my soon to be sister in law. She did a wonderful job at picking out my dress. It was a strapless, white wedding dress. It was poofed out about half way down my stomach. It reminded me of the wedding dress on the movie "Bride wars", a lot like the characters Liv's. That movie was really old but I still liked it.

"Okay Bella, all done, you can take it off now", Alice said pulling the zipper down in the back. I shimmed the dress down and stepped out. Alice grabbed it and hung it up.

She had kicked Edward out of my and now our room so he couldn't see the dress. Alice had slipped out of the room and down the stairs, by this point.

"Edward, you can come back up now", I said in a normal tone voice knowing he could here me. Edward was living with my coven and I now. Just until we moved to Alaska. Then Edward and I would move into our own house. Esme volunteered to design one, and Emmet, Jasper, and Edward said they would build it.

Since I wouldn't be living with my Coven anymore I decided while I wouldn't be there, there had to be someone in charge. I choose Daisey. She had been with me the longest and knew everyone the best beside me. I would still be the leader but while I wasn't there she would be in charge.

I was content with this. I think that is the best way to do things. Because obviously the Volturi will know about the wedding. They have vampire's watching the Cullen's. I couldn't live with the Cullen's because that would give the Volturi reason to come after the Cullen's with someone as strong as me. And if we live with my coven then the Volturi would start to put there eyes on my coven as well because Edward will be there! We cant have that.

Right then Edward walked up behind me. I didn't turn around but I knew he was there. He snaked his arm around my waist and he pulled me into him. I could feel his breath blowing on me. It smelled just as it did when I was human. I was addicted to his smell. I decided to turn around. I put my head in the crook of his neck and breathed in his scent.

He smelled absolutely wonderful. I kissed him on his neck once then I moved up to his lips. I ran my toung on his bottom lip and he opened his mouth for me. He began to kiss me back. If my heart had still been beating it would have exploded out of my chest. I bit his lip as Edward let out a moan. I wanted to have him so bad. Edward was standing right next to the bed. If I pushed him back he would fall right there.

So I did, as I wanted. I pushed Edward back and crawled on top of him, and kept kissing him, and began to grind into him. That's when he became stiff, and pulled away. I ground my teeth and got off of him. I turned around and stood next to the bed, saying nothing.

I had to be honest with myself. I was pissed. I understood why Edward wanted to wait. But it shouldn't matter when or where we "Make love" but as long as we love each other. We do. So what's the problem?

"Bella, I love you but I want to wait until after the wedding. I'm sorry", Edward said. "But why Edward? We both love each other, what does the time and place matter", I asked Edward hoping he would answer the way I wanted him to. "Bella, everything matters, I just want this to be special, you know I'm very old fashioned", Edward stated. I was really angry now. I think not having sex for so long has really gone to my head. I was very irritable.

"Whatever Edward, I'm going hunting", I told him, still not looking at Edward. I walked out the door and down the 5 flights of stairs. I noticed Alice was still here, as soon as I smelled her scent. I decided to ask her to come hunting with me so we could talk afterwards, and maybe do something. I needed to get out of the house.

"Hey Alice, you want to come hunting with me, then we could go do something after, shopping or something", I asked her. "Sure Bella", Alice replied when she noticed my tension. I started to run at full speed, and I could hear Alice behind me.

I stopped as soon as I smelt some elk, near by. Alice had stopped to. There were 5 enough to fill Alice and I. I sniffed once more, and they were by some water, drinking. They were southeast. So I began running that way. I finally saw them and so did Alice. We jumped on their backs and snapped all of their necks, so they wouldn't get away.

I began to drain my first one, and I was soon finished. I grabbed the next one and so did Alice. There was one more and Alice backed off seeing as I was hungrier than her. I finished draining that one and asked Alice "Are you hungry still"? "No, I'm full, Bella what's bothering you", Alice asked sounding concerned.

I felt bad worrying her over something as stupid as Edward not having sex with me, but I was still upset with him. "Lets go to Port Angles, we can talk and stuff", I told her starting to run, hoping she would follow. She did and we were almost home.

"Lets take my car", I looked back to tell her. "Okay Bella", Alice agreed. We hopped into my Hot Pink Lambo and drove off. As soon as we were far enough away that my family couldn't hear I told her.

"I know what I'm about to say sounds very dumb, but Edward wont have sex with me until after the wedding. I'm going crazy with out the sex. I don't know how long I can take it", I told Alice honestly.

Alice giggled and said, "Bella you're just as bad as Emmet, and he also goes crazy without sex. God Bella you had me worried", she told me witch lightened the mood. "Alice I am going crazy, and I was really mean to Edward about it, now I'm starting to feel bad". I told Alice.

"Its okay Bella, Edward knows you're just frustrated. He still loves, he always will no matter how angry you might get at each other", Alice told me sounding sure of her self.

"Alice, I know I told you we could go do something but do you mind if we go home. I really need to talk to Edward", I asked her. "No problem Bella, I want to see Jasper anyway", she told me excitedly. She hasn't seen jasper all day so Im sure she wants to see him. I smiled at Alice and said, "Thanks, I'm glad I can talk to you about this". "Bella, as far as I'm concerned, you are my sister. I will always be there for you, Always", Alice told me with seriousness in her voice I had never heard before.

I smiled one more time and turned around to go home, I needed to apologize to Edward. I shouldn't have been so mean to him. He did have a point I had already had my first time. It was with Logan. But Edward hasn't ever had sex, so he wants it to be perfect. I really hope Alice is right and Edward will forgive me.