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"Old Love New Beginning"

Sequel to "OLD LOVE OR NEW"! MUST READ THE FIRST TO UNDERSTAND THE SECOND!! Edward and Bella are finally getting married and having that honeymoon they always wanted.But what happens when they get back and their is something terrible on the horizen? Who told the Volturi how powerful they were? Or that they even excisted? Who will win the battle, and who will Bella choose. Logan or Edward. The Volturi or her family? Find out in The sequel to "Old Love Or New" "Old Love New Beginning".

Hey Yall! This is the Sequel To "Old Love Or New" Keep in mind nothing terribly important happens in this chapter. It is just a recap!! I hope you enjoy and i will update soon!!! Thanks! Loveya Team Twilight!!!!

2. Chapter 2/I think we should wait, Well I dont

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Chapter 2

Alice and I were home. Alice wanted to go see Jasper so as soon as we parked she jumped out and went to her parked Yellow Porsche. I ran inside and ran up the stairs as quickly as I could. I saw Edward sitting in the same spot; he was when I left, which was about an hour and a half ago.

Edward didn't even look up, so I ran to him and jumped on his lap and hugged him. "I'm sorry Edward I shouldn't have been so mean. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm so sorry", I told him over and over. Edward finally looked up and into my eyes. "I forgive you my love, Always", he told me. Then he kissed my neck and then my lips. He started kissing me harder, then before. Somehow he ended up on top of me, kissing my neck, up and down my arms, and even my chest. I was wondering where this was coming from. Edward wouldn't do this.

He has started to lift my shirt over my head. I for one was not going to object. This is what I wanted. My shirt landed softly on the floor, and Edward began to massage my peaks. It felt absaloutly wonderful. As he was doing this I was griniding into him. We were both moaning in synchronization. Then Edward pulled away from my mouth and took one of my breast's into his mouth, and began to suck, hard. It felt so wonderful after these 2 long weeks. "MMM, god Edward, don't stop", I told him my voice very husky.

Edward looked at me and smirked. He was enjoying this to as he bagan to moan once more. That's when I relised. This is not what Edward wanted, and belive it or not this isn't what I wanted either. I didn't relies I wasnted to wait until now. "Edward stop", I told him. I had to force myself to say those two little words. My body wanted it soooo bad but my mind knew it was wrong!

Edward stoped just as I had commanded and looked puzzeled. "Bella I don't understand I thought this is what...", I cut him off before he could finish. "Edward it is what I want but I also want to wait. You don't want this and I relised I don't want this either until after the wedding", I told him.

Edward smiled at me and said, "Bella you are right I want to wait but I don't want to make you unhappy. I love you and want you to be as happy as I am right now", he told me. I had never seen him look so cute. He almost had a puppy dog face on. "I don't want to do this, not now. Lets wait until our honeymoon, okay?" I asked Edward and knew what he was going to say. "Ofcourse love, I will do anything you want to do, and its just a benefit that I want to wait too", he smiled his totally Edward smile. I loved this man more than I had loved anyone ever. I knew I chose the right descision when he asked me to marry him.

Everything was right, I was happy so was Edward and my coven and the Cullen's.

Edward kissed me again, and we just sat in each other's arms for what seemed like an eternity, but could only have been a day or so. That meant I had a day left until my wedding. One more day and I will be Bella Cullen. I smiled and this conclusion and new I would be happy. Nothing could change that now. Or could it?