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"Old Love New Beginning"

Sequel to "OLD LOVE OR NEW"! MUST READ THE FIRST TO UNDERSTAND THE SECOND!! Edward and Bella are finally getting married and having that honeymoon they always wanted.But what happens when they get back and their is something terrible on the horizen? Who told the Volturi how powerful they were? Or that they even excisted? Who will win the battle, and who will Bella choose. Logan or Edward. The Volturi or her family? Find out in The sequel to "Old Love Or New" "Old Love New Beginning".

Hey Yall! This is the Sequel To "Old Love Or New" Keep in mind nothing terribly important happens in this chapter. It is just a recap!! I hope you enjoy and i will update soon!!! Thanks! Loveya Team Twilight!!!!

3. Chapter 3/Drunk

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Chapter 3

Before I knew it Alice was calling down for me to help her with some last minute wedding things. I really didn't want to get up but I knew Alice would just come up here and forcefully remove me from Edwards's arms.

So I did what she asked. I could tell Edward was not happy either that I had to go. It was about 8:30pm and tomorrow was my wedding. I was thinking about how it would be and what it would look like seeing as Alice was not going to let me see it until I walked down the aisle.

As soon as I was down the stairs Alice grabbed me tight and covered my mouth. I could have easily broken her grip but I figured it was nothing to terrible. I mean it was Alice. So I went without a sound.

Once we were outside Alice grabbed me and out me into her yellow porch. Once we were driving I noticed Daisey's black Mercedes and Aphrodite was in it too. I also saw Rosalie's car and Esme was in the passenger seat. I was beginning to be afraid. What did Alice do?

When we were far enough were apparently only the boys couldn't hear I asked Alice, "Alice were are we going, why couldn't I make any noise"? "Bella", Alice said almost with a chiding tone. "Do you really think I and the girls were going to let you get married without a bachlorette party", Alice said her voice jumping a few octaves from her excitement.

I thought about this for a second and said, "Alice I don't need a bachlorette party, I'm happy to be leaving my single days, I'm happy that I'm getting married to Edward. Plus he is going to throw a major fit when he finds out. Because he will find out", I told her. "Bella, we are doing this and you are not going to stop us, we are going to a strip club, it will be fun", she added.

"Alice the guys are going to kill us, is Edward having a bachelor party because I don't want him going to a strip club", I said quickly getting nervous. "No, Bella the guys don't even know we are going, that all the fun, they will be sitting at home and we will be out watching guys strip", Alice said excitedly.

"Fine", I told her knowing there was no way I was going to win this fight. We drove in silence until we got to the club. When we pulled up there were flashing lights that said ‘BOYS BOYS BOYS'. What had Alice gotten me into, I asked myself. When we all got out of the car Alice had to drag me in, Edward was going to murder us all.

We all walked in together. Everyone looked back and starred. Especially at me. Even the guys dancing stopped to drool. I dropped my eyes to the ground and that seemed to snap them out of it. We all walked to one of the tables, and sat down. The guys were dancing on there platforms and the girls surrounding me were having a good time. They were actually throwing money at them.

Then one of the guys looked straight at me and motioned his hand for me to come forward. There was no way I was going to get up. But of course Alice pushed me and I was up there dancing with the guy. Don't get me wrong he was hot for a human but nothing compared to my Edward.

I felt guilty doing this. Then something popped into my head, I had never really thought of it before, but I wondered if it would work.

But before I could move the guy had spun me around and started to grind into me. I didn't know if this was usual treatment or if this was just for me. It felt wonderful but it would be even better if I were drunk.

Wait what am I thinking, I shouldn't be doing this. But I continued on. I looked down at my family and they were enjoying themselves as well. But I noticed Alice was gone. When I searched the room for her she was no were to be seen. Then she was there with a bottle of hard vodka. I was guessing she had a vision.

Then she said low enough for only I to hear, "It will work on us". She smiled and went to join the rest of the girls.

I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I did it anyway. I popped the top and began to chug it, it tasted terrible at first but it got better. Then I craved more. I didn't feel drunk yet. But I saw lice had left another bottle so I grabbed it and continued dancing with the guy.

Then completely unrepentantly the guy I was dancing with whispered in my ear "I think its really hot when a girl can handle hard Vodka", he whispered hungrily. I thought it was funny he was trying to get lucky. His erection was suddenly hard. I figured I might as well play with him.

"O really", I purred into his ear. He shivered and I laughed to myself again. I was done with the second bottle and I was starting to feel really drunk. I hadn't relised it. I guess it took a little while to go threw my system. I started to giggle uncontrollably.

I could here the girls and they had joined their own men, but they were keeping an eye on me. Then before I knew what I was doing I whispered into the guy's ear, "Tell me how you like this". I began to kiss him. But I had to hold my breath because he was a human and I wasn't wonder women. I stuck my toung in his mouth and kissed him hard.

I heard Alice, Esme, Rosalie, Daisey, and Aphrodite begin to laugh. I was still kissing the guy when I heard Alice get closer. She grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the guy, Alice flung a 1 hundred-dollar bill at him and she pulled me down to the floor out the door and out me in her car.

Alice was still laughing when she got in the car. It was very contagious and I began to laugh to. In fact I could hear everyone laughing. I could tell I was still drunk and that I would be for a while.

The Alice added, "Edward is going to blow his top when he sea's how drunk you are, and when he can smell the guy on you. "Blowwws HS TOOPS, THARS A FUNNY EXPRSSERON", I said drunkenly. Alice smiled almost like she was proud she got me drunk. It was only 11:00 so I had a lot of time until the wedding tomorrow. I could barley think. Everything seemed to be fine other than my actions and thoughts!

Before I knew it we were home, and I was conscious. Not like I could actually be unconscious or anything.

I could see Edward running outside. He had a worried Expression on his face. Alice had gotten out of the car but I couldn't find the latch to open the door. It wouldn't stay still. But I didn't have time to find it because Edward had opened the door and picked me up. "Hiii Eddie, hehehe", I said slurring most of my words. Then before I could stop myself I said "Eddie whyr woncha havee sexxs witth me baafore thee weeding". The girls began laughing again. I also heard Carlisle, Emmet, Jasper, Eric, and Gabe begin to laugh also. Everyone except Edward.

He had carried me inside and was still holding onto me. I was really comfortable so I decide to go limp. I was hanging like a limp noodle and it was really funny. I began to giggle again. Edward growled at Alice and asked her "What did you do to her, I can smell Vodka and human all of her". Edward was pissed.

Alice laughed and said, "Lets see we went to a strip club, I handed Bella two bottles of hard vodka. She dances with a hot guy. Even for a human. She was so drunk that she began to make out with him I pulled her out of there", Alice said proudly.

Every guy in the room went silent. But no one was more shocked than Edward. "WHAT", Edward roared. I came out of limp noodle state and said, "yeps, thatss whar happened Eddie". Then I fell back once again.

"Alice how could you allow her to do this", Edward asked. "We don't know how alchole reacts with vampire bodies", Edward told Alice. "Also how could you let her make out with some guy, she is my fiancée, she was drunk and there for she was your responsibility". Edward was very mad. Even though I was drunk now I was feeling disgusting for kissing that guy and drinking so much. I felt terribly sorry for what I did, and I needed to tell Edward.

"Edward, I'm sorry for what I did, it was wrong, and I should have done it, I really am sorry", I told him only hopping he would forgive me. He looked angry; I had never seen Edward like this before. He did have every right to be angry with me. I was scared for my life he wouldn't forgive me. "Bella", Edward said in a voice I didn't want to hear.