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Greener Grass

Bella starts her first job working as a junior doctor in a busy hospital. She has moved away from her friends to live with Jacob, her boyfriend, who she is happy with. In this new job she meets her boss, Dr Edward cullen, but she finds herself having un-job related thoughts about him...... what will happen?!

I do no own anything and I make no money from this, its just a bit of fun. Stephanie meyer is the real genius here! Read on to find out..... Lots of Smut, Angst and time spent daydreaming..... *sigh* Please note: there is smut and naughtiness in this fanfic! You have been warned! Not twilight series compatible. My first fanfic after many nights spent reading them instead of studying! please review but be kind! The story is mainly (all) told from Bella's point of you

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter One


I sighed heavily to myself. The fifth nurse had just shoved a form of some description under my nose asking me to sign it or change a patient’s prescription and I was about to explode. Or cry. I hadn’t decided yet, but it wasn’t going to be pretty. This was my first week starting as a junior doctor at the city hospital, and things weren’t getting easier as the days ticked by. Maybe I had chosen the wrong career. That thought was immediately cut short by my bleep rudely bringing me back to earth with a thud. Great. My Registrar. Could this day really get any worse?

Oh, bring back the days of medical school. No responsibility, no decision making and plenty of late nights and drinking. Looks like I’d never see those days again, I’d been so knackered this week by the time I got home that I was fast asleep on the sofa by 9pm. My boyfriend of a year Jacob had been supportive, bringing me food and putting me to bed. I felt guilty, we’d recently moved in together but I was completely neglecting him in the bedroom department. We were both very tactile and impulsive so our sex life was normally great, but if I’m honest, sex had been the last thing on my mind lately. The stress from medical finals and moving to a new city to start a new job where I didn’t know a single person other than Jacob and a couple of his work mates from the office had seen to that.

We’d been friends since high school but one steamy summer later and we decided we wanted more. I’d moved from where I studied to be closer to him. We both hated the three hour drive when we wanted to see each other, and this seemed like the right decision. I loved him completely, he was my best friend.

I picked up the phone and dialled the extension.

“Swan, Is that you?” She barked down the line. My registrar had a habit of referring to me by my surname. She was a bit of a moody spinster. I pretty much hated her. Oh well, only another four months of working with her to go.

“Afternoon Miss Williams. You bleeped me?” I bit out through gritted teeth. Must. Remain. Polite. I was screaming profanities internally.

“Yes could you come down to my office, the new Senior house officer has arrived and I’ve got to shoot off to theatre so I can’t show him around. I thought you could.”

Great. This is all I need. About twenty patients need seeing, I’m on my own as Jessica is off ‘sick’ (translating to hungover), test results need chasing and now this. Showing my new senior around a hospital I haven’t really got to grips with yet. Somebody point me to the nearest tallest building. I have a sudden urge to throw myself off it.

“Of course Miss Williams, no problem. I’ll be right down.” She hung up at the other end. I put the phone down and rubbed the back of my neck, taking a deep breath in. My stomach decided it would voice its opinion by giving a loud rumble. I glanced at the clock. 3.15pm and no sight of lunch as of yet. Just a normal day then. I made a mental note to go by the canteen and grab a sandwich.

I pushed up from the desk in the doctors office on the ward and made a swift dash for the exit, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone that might add jobs to my list. Once in the corridor making my way to Miss Williams’ office I quickly checked my phone. I had a text from Jacob.

“Bored at work. Missing you. What do you want for dinner? Love you.”

I smiled to myself. I was definitely neglecting him. I must make an effort with him this weekend. Dinner, a good bottle of Red finished with heels, hot underwear and stockings would make him feel better. I can imagine his face now as I get up from the dinner table whisper in his ear what I’m wearing and turn and walk into the bedroom, shedding clothes on the way, waiting for him to follow. If I knew him like I thought I did, he’d be in there before me.

I grabbed a tuna sandwich from the canteen and nipped into the doctor’s mess, where I tried to wolf it down quickly. Only managing half I put the other half in the fridge and went on my way.

Arriving at Miss Williams’ office I quickly smoothed my wayward hair and brushed my skirt off. This guy was the most junior of all my bosses, but hey first impressions still count. I was sure I was looking pretty tired and stressed, but that probably wouldn’t be fixed in a week, let alone five seconds. I knocked confidently on the door and waited.

The door opened and I brought my eyes up to the person standing in front of me. I wanted to the ground to swallow me up right there. I suddenly wished I had come here via a mirror. My new boss was hot. He was about 6ft, athletic build with the most amazing blue-green eyes. And the hair. Don’t even get me started. I instinctively wanted to reach up and touch it. It was longish and looked as though he had just run his fingers through it. I briefly imagined what it would feel like to grab hold of it pulling his head back in a passionate kiss. Or grabbing handfuls of it if his head was somewhere south of my lips……..

Stop it Bella, stop it now. Get your mind out of the gutter! I chided myself internally. I felt a blush spread up my neck to my cheeks. He just stood there staring at me, obviously waiting for me to say something.

“I’m sorry but Miss Williams has had to rush to theatre, can I take a message?” He looked at me questioningly, probably wondering who on earth this socially inept individual was.

My mouth opened in reply but nothing came out. At that exact moment the grip that my fingers had on the pile of papers in my hand faltered, allowing them all to crash to the floor.

“Oh..!” I whispered in surprise crouching down desperately trying to gather them up. Nice time to be clumsy Bella, what was I saying about first impressions again? I wonder if he had this impact on everyone.

“Here let me help you….”

Through my eyelashes I looked up to see his face about five centimetres from mine, picking my notes up. He handed a few to me, looking straight into my eyes with a smirk on his face. Wow, I think I just melted for a second time.

I had a moment of clarity and I was just about to introduce myself when with us still both crouched down he reached over to my ID badge round my neck, taking it between his thumb and forefinger.

“Ahhh Dr Swan. Nice to meet you. I’m Dr Edward Cullen. The new Cardiology SHO” He was still doing that smouldering smirk. Mind. Gutter. Out. I silently warned myself. He let go of my badge. I stood up quickly, taking a deep breath as I went. Get a grip, he’s only one year above me! I thought.

“Miss Williams said you would show me around?” He continued. A confused look crossed his face. Maybe he was wondering whether I could understand English. Or speak for that matter.

I cleared my throat. “Hi, yes I’m Bella. Nice to meet you too. Sorry about the papers, Jessica the other Junior is off sick, so its just me today, and well, it’s a bit manic” I looked up at him apologetically.

“Well, no worries, I’ll lend you a hand then. No point in struggling by yourself.” He dazzled me with a huge smile. “Let’s get going”.

I led him up to the ward, making small talk on the way. He’d just come from working at the big teaching hospital in Oxford, where he trained. He was starting a three year post here, before wanting to pursue a career in cardiology. I listened to his answers, asking polite questions in turn, but my mind was only half paying attention to what he was saying. No matter how many times I tried to rein it back my mind kept focusing on his lips, shoulders, chest, hands, butt…..any part of him really.

He was so gorgeous. Jessica was going to love it, although I felt myself quickly hope they wouldn’t strike up anything more than a working relationship, Jessica had a habit of that. I silently told myself off for that thought. You have a boyfriend, remember?! One you’ve just moved in with! Stop day dreaming and be happy with what you have, you love Jacob!

I was just reaching out to grab the trolley full of medical notes when Chris, one of the other junior’s pushed his trolley into mine before running off due his cardiac arrest bleep screeching at him. Before I could pull it away, it crashed into my outstretched hand, crushing it between the two trolley’s.

“Ouch!!!!” I clutched my hand in my other.

“Sorry Bella!!” he shouted before he darted through the double doors.

My hand was beginning to really hurt. I sucked in a mouthful of air through my teeth and tried to shake it off.

“Bella?! Are you alright? Let me look” Dr Cullen came towards me, a concerned look on his face. He gently took my hand in both of his. His touch was warm and soft. I looked up towards his face, suddenly distracted from the pain. He turned my hand over in his and looked up to my eyes.

“No harm done, you’l be fine, a little sore, but fine” He smirked.

“Thanks Dr Cullen, it’ll be ok”

He still had hold of my hand, and leaned down towards me slightly. “Don’t be so formal. Call me Edward, Bella, you’re only one year my junior you know. We’ll be on the same team working together, so no doctor titles please”

I had to remind myself to breathe. What was I doing?! Why was I acting like this? I was happy with Jacob, and I loved him. I had only just met this, admittedly really rather hot guy, but for some reason I was having real difficulty keeping my mind out of the bedroom. Seeing as I was going to be working with him for the next four months, I needed to get this under control. He probably had an unbelievably hot yoga instructor girlfriend who was blonde, a size 8 and bent in everyway imaginable.

I pulled my hand out of his and tore my eyes away from him. I felt another blush spreading across my cheeks. I pushed the trolley out of the side room and toward the patient bays. Edward smirked and caught up with me.

“Well…..I’m sure this is going to be an interesting few months, I’ve only just met you and you’ve already had two incidents, let see if we can avoid a third shall we?!” He looked down and me grinning.

I bit my lip and looked away as the blush on my cheeks darkened. Great. So he thought I was a bit of an idiot.

He knudged me with his elbow. “I’m only joking” he looked down at me with a remorseful face. He obviously thought he had offended me.

Right. Get yourself together Bella. Now. I scolded myself. I suddenly felt a little angry. I was an intelligent, competent woman. I’ve only just met this guy, and admittedly, it did seem as though I’d left my brain back in the room where I’d received Miss Williams’ phone call, but why was Edward having this effect on me?

It was a mystery as to why I was having all these smutty thoughts about him, he was hot, there was no denying it, but he probably had this effect on all the females where ever he went. Well. I’ll show him. I’ll get myself together and I’ll be the organised together person I know I am. I won’t treat him any differently to anyone else and I’ll try to avoid eye contact as much as possible, as that seems to be when I have most difficulty remembering who I am. I felt a bit more composed now that I had an action plan.

I opened the trolley and pulled out the first set of notes. I briefly looked up at him but avoided looking directly into his eyes. “Shall we get on with this ward round then?”

Out of the corner of my eye I thought a confused, almost dejected look cross his face, then it was gone. “Ok Bella, Lead the way” He replied.