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Greener Grass

Bella starts her first job working as a junior doctor in a busy hospital. She has moved away from her friends to live with Jacob, her boyfriend, who she is happy with. In this new job she meets her boss, Dr Edward cullen, but she finds herself having un-job related thoughts about him...... what will happen?!

I do no own anything and I make no money from this, its just a bit of fun. Stephanie meyer is the real genius here! Read on to find out..... Lots of Smut, Angst and time spent daydreaming..... *sigh* Please note: there is smut and naughtiness in this fanfic! You have been warned! Not twilight series compatible. My first fanfic after many nights spent reading them instead of studying! please review but be kind! The story is mainly (all) told from Bella's point of you

2. Chapter Two

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Chapter Two BPOV

It was nearly 8pm before I finally got home. As the front door slammed shut the aroma of dinner flooded over me causing my mouth to water. I loved garlic.

I threw my keys onto the sideboard and kicked my shoes off before flopping down on the sofa. It had been a long day and now the weight was off my feet they were throbbing. I rested my head back and let out a sigh. I heard the kitchen door open and Jacob poked his head through, I caught his eye and a wide grin spread across his face.

“Hey Baby, you’re home late, how was your day?” he padded over to me and planted a warm soft kiss on my forehead. He pulled back but looked deep into my eyes whilst giving my hair a gentle ruffle. “You look stressed. Everything okay?” He looked down at me concerned, his brows pulled closer together.

“Longest day ever.” I said, partly sighing at the same time. “Jessica obviously got wasted out with Lauren last night because she called in sick today. So I was on my own with so many jobs that needed doing. Then Miss Williams decided to kick me whilst I was down by making me baby sit my new boss and show him around.” I left out the part that I had been having dirty thoughts about Edward all day. Jacob really didn’t need to know that bit.

“Not the best day ever then” Jacob conceded. “You sit there and relax, I’ll finish dinner and then how about I run you a nice hot bath?”

Okay. Now I felt really guilty. I wrapped my arms around Jacobs waist. “You’re the best, what would I do without you?!” I smiled up at him and planted a brief kiss on his lips. Jacob reciprocated by pulling me towards him and deepening the kiss, sighing in his throat at the same time. This would normally cause me to feel hot fire spreading through my belly, but tonight I was just too tired. Well, actually, I’d felt like that for the past couple of weeks, so maybe it wasn’t new. The guilt continued.

Jacob pulled away, and looked down at me. He had that soft glazed look in his eyes and I knew instantly what he wanted. That boy was so horny all the time. One kiss in a certain way was all it took. But then, that was all it used to take for me. My job is such a passion killer.

“If it wasn’t for me, you’d have starved this week. Either that or got fat on takeaway!” he chuckled. “What is it like having your own personal chef?!”

“It’s good” I replied “Although You’d better get back in there, your easily distracted and I don’t want it burning!”

Jacob smirked and leaned down to nuzzle my ear. “Correction. I’m easily distracted when it comes to you, Bella” he whispered breathily into my neck. I felt my cheeks turn hot, a blush spreading across them.

He lightly brushed his lips underneath my jaw before jumping up and heading in the direction of the kitchen.

I’d been with Jacob for a over a year now, and friends for longer and we knew each other inside out. However, I still became embarrassed when he said things like that. I just didn’t and couldn’t see myself as someone who could cause those types of feelings. I wasn’t ugly, I knew that, but I rarely felt beautiful or sexy, even though Jacob said I was both. Physically I didn’t really have anything to complain about; I had a slim figure and good legs, although I thought my bum was a little too big. My hair was long, thick and reddish brown, but it was so unruly most of the time, that I had given up long ago trying to do anything special with it. I was rather fond of my large brown long-lashed eyes, but I hated my nose which just seemed to jut out from my face. I sighed internally. Oh well, I guess no one’s perfect.

After dinner Jacob ran me a hot foamy bath and lit some candles. I stepped in to the hot water and lowered myself down so I was submerged up to my neck. It felt good. I shut my eyes and lay there as thoughts from the day went whirring around inside my head. I tried to clear them, to get one moments peace, but it wasn’t happening. My thoughts drifted back to the day, or rather, back to Edward.

I had tried to avoid eye contact with him as much as possible; for fear that I would turn into a blithering idiot. I really couldn’t understand how someone I didn’t know could have that affect on me. The ward round had gone with out too many hitches and we had chatted afterwards whilst grabbing a coffee in the doctors room. I hadn’t been so successful in avoiding eye contact then as Edward would always look directly at me when asking a question, deep into my eyes with those piercing blue-greens, as though he was trying to read the answer instead of waiting for me to give it. When he did that, I couldn’t help but be drawn in; it took all the effort I had just to tear my gaze away. I blushed every time, and I’m sure he noticed, occasionally one side of his lips would turn upwards, as though he was smirking to himself at an internal thought. We chatted about everything, mainly he was asking the questions and I was politely reciprocating them. It turns out he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and when I told him about Jacob, he was polite and asked a few questions, but I got the impression he didn’t really want to know about him. He asked me about Jessica, I also got the impression that he knew that I thought she wasn’t really sick and he also didn’t really seem that interested in her either.

I squeezed my eyes shut and sunk beneath the water’s surface, frustration over whelming me. Will it always be like this now? Am I constantly going to be plagued by thoughts of him? Not that I minded I guess, I could think of worse things to think about, but I was left with a constant guilty feeling at the pit of my stomach. Jacob. It was like mentally cheating on him, but yet I couldn’t bring myself to stop thinking of Edward. There was just something indescribable there, drawing me in. I wondered what it would be like to touch him, and run my hands over his skin. Earlier today, we had both reached out for something at the same time, and our forearms had brushed against one another. His skin felt so hot, it felt like electricity was shooting up my arm. I was so aware of the feeling of his skin against mine. Shocked, I had looked up to see him looking down at me, a similar expression on his face.

Ashamedly, I don’t ever remember feeling like that about Jacob’s skin against mine. It had frightened me slightly, but at the same time, I felt a flutter of excitement and I wanted more.

However, the fact that I wanted more was a very dangerous thing in my book.


The next morning, my alarm abruptly halted the fantastic and rather steamy dream that I was having involving McDreamy. I don’t think any more needs to be said. I glanced over at the clock, it beamed 6.15am brightly back at me. I whinned loudly. Its far too early for an self-respecting person to be awake. Why cant I have a normal office job? Being on the wards for 8am everyday was getting so tedious. My heart suddenly skipped a beat in realisation what that meant. Hospital. Wards. Edward. I was wide awake now, I felt a surge of excitement from thinking about seeing him again. Oh God, I hope Jessica doesn’t show her face today, I don’t think I could cope with her draping herself all over Edward. Hmm, maybe a bit more effort in the wardrobe department today. Right, time to face the music.

Jacob was face down next to me, his heavy breathing slow and regular. A bomb could go off and he’d sleep through it. I poked him in the side. He didn’t make any movement but a low growl vibrated around his chest.

“I’m asleep” he mumbled, eyes still shut.

“Yeah I know, but I need to get up and well, you’re kind of half on top of me….”

He opened one eye. “Oh. Sorry.” He was barely coherent. He lifted his legs from mine and moved his arm back to underneath him. “That was a nice reminder. I was beginning to forget what being on top of you felt like” he smirked at me.

I was stung. I know that I had been stressed and we hadn’t had sex in about a week, but come on! I pulled my best dirty look and threw it at him. “Tosser” I threw back and jumped out of bed.

“Come on Bells, I was only joking!” he called after me. I refused to look at him and walked out of the bedroom and into the shower. I know he was kidding, but that small comment had hurt me. I was well aware that Jacob was probably feeling a little neglected, but I couldn’t help that. I know he loves me, but saying things like that makes me feel like he just wants me for sex. Did he not get how tired and stressed I was?! Grrrr Boys!

After my shower I padded through into my dressing room. Well, I say dressing room, but it was really just the spare bedroom that we never got round to buying a bed for. My eyes scanned my racks of clothes, mentally trying to piece together a practical outfit, (flats all the way), but one that would also grab Edward’s attention. I settled for black opaque tights, a grey tweed pencil skirt and a cobalt blue top that had bow on the round neckline. I spent a little extra time trying to smooth down my wayward hair, a few strategically placed pearl hair grips managed that nicely. I didn’t usually wear make up to work, but a hint of eyeliner and mascara accentuated my large eyes. I gave myself a once over in the mirror, not a bad result. I didn’t want to be too obvious. I grabbed my black quilted French Connection bag and I nipped out of the door to my car, not bothering to say bye to Jacob, I was happy to let him stew for a little while longer.

Once I parked the car I made my way into the hospital, going by the mess to drop off my bag in my locker. A few moments after I walked in, Jessica and Lauren walked in. We had all gone to medical school together, but Jessica and Lauren had only recently become really good friends, after bonding over a bottle of wine or two. They were both very similar, they went out and got smashed every weekend, chased boys continuously and usually had an embarrassing story to share on Monday mornings about how they were caught with their pants down. Literally. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed their company and they were a laugh, but sometimes I wished they would both just be a little more tasteful in their pursuit of guys! They were both already getting a reputation of an easy shag.

“Hey guys” I called over. “I’m guessing Monday night was a good night then?!”

“Hey Bella! Oh. My God. I pulled the fittest guy! So hot, and a rugby player, you should have seen his muscles!” Jessica was so excitable sometimes. “Thanks so much for covering yesterday did the old Dragon say anything?!”

“Nah, she was really busy. We’ve got a new SHO though.”

“Yeah I heard! Katie was saying earlier. Absolutely FIT I hear!! I wonder what will happen if I flirt with him?! Shall I try and pull him?!?!”

Oh god. My stomach flipped. The thought of Jessica draping herself over and flirting with Edward sickened me. Even worse was the thought of Edward actually reciprocating it. Shudder. Jealousy ripped through me. Nah. He wouldn’t. I hoped!

I didn’t answer Jessica. I didn’t want to. “Shall we head up?” I led the way out of the mess and towards our wards.

It was beginning to dawn on me that I had a massive crush on Edward. I felt incredibly guilty about it, but thinking about him made me nervous and excited. And I was actually looking forward to seeing him today. I wonder what he thought of me? That I was a bit of an idiot if yesterday was anything to go by. I must try and not make a fool of myself today! Easier said then done. I wasn’t too clumsy normally but I certainly seemed to be when Edward was around! I thought back to yesterday when he had held my hand, checking it over after I caught it between the carts. It might have been me imagining (and wishing!) things, but I swear he held it for a little longer than what would have been normal. I hoped that I would get a chance to touch him today. I wanted to feel that electric heat again. To see if it was still there.

I was still deep in thought when we walked through the doors onto the ward. As I turned the corner I walked straight into something hard but warm. Oh wait. I quickly realised that it wasn’t a something, it was Edward. The sudden de-acceleration jolted me backwards. His arms suddenly wrapped around me, preventing me from falling. My feet however, managed to get themselves twisted and they couldn’t follow me backwards. I stumbled backwards into the wall, dragging Edward with me. One of his hands shot out to steady us, the other was placed with the flat of his hand pressed against the small of my back. My hands were clinging onto his upper arms. The muscles there felt hard and smooth. Before I realised what I was doing I slid one of my hands towards the flat of his chest, feeling the muscles as I went. Clearly he worked out. I felt a pang of lust start to boil inside my belly. Wow, I hadn’t felt that in a while. I slowly dragged my face up to look into his. His face was so close to mine I could see small flecks of brown in the turquoise of his irises. My lips parted slightly as I exhaled slowly. He was looking deep into my eyes, I felt as though I was naked, his gaze was so intense. He had a small smirk on his lips.

He leaned down, getting even closer to me.

“Morning Bella” God he was smouldering.

“Well I believe that makes three near accidents now. Although, If they all end up in this sort of position, I can’t say that I mind”

He gazed down at me. I swear I just felt his thumb gently stroke my lower back. I looked down, an intense heat flowing up my neck and over my cheeks. I bit my lower lip between my teeth, and tried to squirm free from his arms. Sensing what I wanted, Edward released his grip, allowing me to stand on my feel again. Jessica stood there dumbfounded, mouth wide open. Shit. I was hoping she wouldn’t like him.

Edward turned towards her.

“You must be Jessica?”

She quickly shut her mouth and smiled batting her eyelashes.

“Erm, Yes, that’s me! Sorry about yesterday Dr Cullen, I really wasn’t very well”

“Hmm yes.” He didn’t sound convinced. I also noticed how he didn’t tell her to call him Edward. “Okay, well nice to meet you, shall we start the rounds?” He looked over at me. “Miss Williams has gone to theatre for an emergency Percutaneous Balloon Coronary Angioplasty, so it’s just us”

He smirked and winked at me. Jessica’s mouth fell open again, and I almost melted into a puddle on the floor.

The round was soul destroyingly boring, but I entertained myself by having dirty thoughts about Edward. Being pinned up against the wall by him earlier had stirred up some very horny thoughts. It wasn’t helped by the constant proximity of Edward. Where ever we went on the round, we always seemed to be next to each other. And he was standing very close to me. A few times my arm brushed so lightly against his that I could feel the warmth of his skin without actually touching the skin. He didn’t pull away and so for those few moments, I was totally unaware of anything else that was going on around me and I was transfixed on the sensation of heat radiating from him, with brief tingles from his arm hair against my skin. It was divine. It took all I had to not let out a whispered frustrated groan.

Jessica was trying her hardest to flirt with him, but clearly it wasn’t getting her anywhere, he barely spoke to her. She was getting more and more frustrated as the round went on. She was not used to being easily dismissed, and she obviously wasn’t enjoying it.

As the round drew to a close it was nearly 11am and my belly was beginning to rumble. I was feeling very frustrated by this point, and I needed to get away from Edward and get some air. The three of us decided to head down to the doctor’s room to grab some coffee and divide jobs between us.

“Erm Dr Cullen?” Jessica asked nervously.

“Yes Jessica?” Edward smiled politely.

“As your new here, you probably haven’t had a chance to meet everyone yet, and Chris is having a party this weekend, so If you haven’t got any other plans you should come along” She smiled sweetly.

I held my breath and waited for his response. I hadn’t decided if I was going to go to Chris’ house or not yet, but I wondered whether Edward would want to go. More importantly I wanted to see how Edward would react to the flirty invite from Jessica. Would he want to come along because she had invited him, or just to meet everyone? There would be other SHO’s there, so I guess it was good thinking by Jessica. Damn her.

“Err… are there lots of people going?” he looked questioningly at me.

Jessica quickly replied. “Yeah, loads are going. Bella and I are, so you would know some people!” She sounded too hopeful. I cringed.

“Then yes, I think I will. Friday or Saturday?”

“Saturday. Chris lives in the on-site accomodation” Jessica looked very smug, her smile was beaming.

“Great, sounds like fun!” He seemed genuinely pleased.

My thoughts turned to this party. It was Wednesday today, so a few more days to go before the party. I decided I would make more effort than normal. I hadn’t been shopping I a while, maybe I should get a new dress.

To hell with it, I sighed internally. I had attempted to deny that I fancied Edward like mad, but it was no use anymore. It dawned on me that if I was being honest, I didn’t want to deny it anymore. That thought scared me. What did that mean for Jacob and I? We were bickering more than usual at the moment, and my fuse was a lot shorter than normal. Maybe I just felt like this because we weren’t getting on? It was probably just an infatuation that would wear off in a week or so. As those thoughts came into my head I knew that I was fooling myself. This wouldn’t wear off. Thinking back to the feelings I had when his arm touched mine, I had never felt like that when I touched Jacob’s skin. The guilt hit me full in the stomach. What was I thinking? Jacob and I might not be getting along 100% at the moment, but he was a decent guy, and had never done anything wrong by me. He would always be there for me and didn’t deserve to have me thinking dirty thoughts about another guy. Maybe the spark that we once had was fizzing out. I let out a long slow breath. I was a bad girlfriend. However, as much as I told myself it was wrong to be feeling the way I was about Edward, I couldn’t bring myself to stop. But was I being stupid? I could tell he liked me, but was it in the same way that I was beginning to feel about him? The memory of his thumb gently stroking the small of my back as he caught me told me so. So did the proximity at which he chose to stand next to me, without moving away. We got on well together, had things in common such as both played the piano, spoke Spanish, read the same books and we both wanted to take a year out to work abroad. I was obviously attracted to him, mentally and physically, there was no denying that. Whilst I also found Jacob physically attractive, I felt that he didn’t challenge me mentally, something which in a few years I could imagine it bugging me. Jacob’s not stupid, but he could never challenge me. I had tried to get him into reading more but he just never seemed interested. It bothered me, even though I knew it was mean of me to be bothered about it. Doctors, including myself are competitive people and I knew that Edward could and would challenge me, and that idea sent shivers of more than one type of excitement coursing through me.

I was definitely looking forward to Saturday night. What surprises would it bring?!