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Greener Grass

Bella starts her first job working as a junior doctor in a busy hospital. She has moved away from her friends to live with Jacob, her boyfriend, who she is happy with. In this new job she meets her boss, Dr Edward cullen, but she finds herself having un-job related thoughts about him...... what will happen?!

I do no own anything and I make no money from this, its just a bit of fun. Stephanie meyer is the real genius here! Read on to find out..... Lots of Smut, Angst and time spent daydreaming..... *sigh* Please note: there is smut and naughtiness in this fanfic! You have been warned! Not twilight series compatible. My first fanfic after many nights spent reading them instead of studying! please review but be kind! The story is mainly (all) told from Bella's point of you

4. Chapter 4: Pushing me into his arms

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I threw my bags down on the sofa and walked through to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I was thirsty. Christ, Angela knows how to shop. We’d spent most of the afternoon trawling the shops trying to find the right outfit. One that says ‘look at me, I’m hot. You know you want me’ but yet at the same time, doesn’t say any of that. No simple task. In the end, as usual, French Connection provided the solution. We’d picked a dress; it was the most gorgeous shade of Midnight navy blue. It was one shouldered, with gold Grecian ribbon detailing around the one shoulder strap and neckline. It was gathered in at the waist, helped by a thick dark gold and cream waist belt. The skirt was slightly ‘tulip’ styled with pockets at the side. The hem was short, mid thigh, accenting my long, toned thighs. A chunky gold cuff bangle and some gladiator flats was all I needed. Although, I was toying with some thin strapped Grecian heels I had that would be perfect, but that meant sore feet. Guys had it so easy I thought.

Angela had practically forced me to buy it when she had seen it on me.

“If you don’t buy that dress, I’m going to buy it, wear it, crash your party and flirt with him myself” She gasped. “I wish I was there to see Edward’s reaction. I’m putting money on the fact that his chin will be on the floor”.

She had been such a help today, as I predicted. I had opened up to her and told her all, it felt so much better having someone else’s input on the situation.

“Bella, may I remind you that just because you have moved in with someone, it doesn’t mean that you’re married to them. Yes, you love Jacob. But love sometimes changes. The fact that you’re even thinking like this should tell you that you’re not entirely happy. But just be careful. You don’t really know Edward. Just make sure that you don’t get hurt in this, if it ends up somewhere. Although I’m pretty sure it will do after he sees you in that dress. If it doesn’t, have you thought about the possibility that he might be gay?!” she looked at me mockingly.

Angela was such a formidable force when she was advising you. She made even the most complicated situations seem crystal clear. She had made me feel a little better about the situation. Well, in reality she had made me feel less guilty about wanting and planning to flirt with Edward. Although I was still left with that uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that meant I was beginning to accept that Jacob and I weren’t really going anywhere. It made me sad. I pushed that thought away. Nothing needs to be done about that right now, I told myself. Make sure you are 100% about what you want first. Would I ever be 100%?

I searched the house for Jacob. He wasn’t in, but I found a note on the dinning table.

“Gone to the pub with the guys to watch the rugby. Be back later. Hope shopping was fun. J. X”

Part of me was relieved. It meant I could put some music on and really get myself glammed up without feeling guilty with Jacob’s constant presence there. Trying to make myself beautiful for another man in front of my boyfriend would make me feel awful. And I didn’t want that to stop me from making a lot of effort. I needed to look better than Jessica tonight. Way better. A small smile spread across my lips as I grabbed my bags and took them upstairs. I turned on the radio and turned it up loud as I shed my clothes from my shopping trip. As if someone wanted to make me feel even better my favourite song of the moment just started playing; ‘We are the people’ by Empire of the Sun. I turned it up even louder and hummed along as I grabbed a towel and headed into the steaming hot shower. Let the beautifying process begin.

About thirty minutes later I emerged from a very steamy bathroom. I was shampooed, conditioned, exfoliated, buffed and de-fuzzed. I didn’t think it would be possible for my legs to be any smoother. Jacob still wasn’t home, so I could allow myself total freedom of the house.

A few nerves were starting to make themselves known, but I was also beginning to get into the mood, so I poured myself a small gin and tonic. I took s small sip; it was so refreshing. The music was playing and it had turned into a beautiful summer’s evening, everything seemed so right.

I spent the next hour or so preening myself in front of the mirror. I’d opted to keep my hair natural, so just a little product and scrunching, and my hair had that messy-but-its-supposed-to-be wavy volume. My eyes were smouldering with dark Smokey make up and long thick black lashes that finished them off beautifully. I kept my lips nude by blanking them out with thick concealer. I also had cheek bones to die for, thanks to my other big purchase today, MAC shape and sculpt powder. How had I lasted so long without this stuff?! The finished effect was pretty good; even I had to admit that. Jewellery was the next decision. I opted for none, other than a thick gold cuff bangle. Hmm…..shoes. Heels or flats? The eternal dilemma. Flats would look less dressed up and make my feet less sore. But then heels always made my legs look even better. I thought of Edward’s six-foot-something frame next to my five-foot-five if I was lucky frame. Hmm…heels won. Why not go all out? I was dressed to impress after all.

My phone buzzed from inside my bag. It was a message from Jessica.

“Lauren and I have booked a cab; we’ll be at yours in 20 mins xx”

Great, Just enough time to add the finishing touches. I checked my watch. It was already gone 9pm so the party would be underway by the time we got there. That would work in our favour. I hate turning up when there’s not many people there. Besides, I wanted to chat to others first, whilst trying to watch Edward. I could feel excitement and nerves buzzing through me. It was like being a teenager again!

I tried to think back to last time I had actually flirted. Still thinking. Nope. I drew a blank. Jacob and I had sort of fallen together as a couple, I didn’t think I had actually tried to flirt with him. How did you flirt again? Oh yeah, smiles, looks, subtle touching, laughing I’m sure I would be fine. I hoped. As long as I didn’t fall flat on my face in these heels everything would be go to plan. Maybe Edward wouldn’t even go tonight. I doubted that. He had made a point of asking me on Friday afternoon if he would see me there. Yeah, he was definitely going. I was just hoping I could drop the appropriate hints before Jessica tried to get her claws into him. Did I say claws?! I meant talons. Big bloody Talons.

I hoped I would get to touch Edward again, I thought as I sprayed on a little perfume. I chose my ‘night’ fragrance, ‘Code’ by Armani. A little evening musk was needed, I hoped Edward would get close enough to my neck to appreciate it. Touching him would be good. Better than good. I wanted to run my hands over his body, to feel him underneath my touch. I needed to feel his reaction to my touch. I wanted him to want me. I needed him to touch me in return. To show me that he had been feeling the same desire and arousal as I had all week too.

I was so engrossed in thought I didn’t hear the door creak open behind me.

I suddenly felt arms encircle my waist. I nearly screamed in shock, it was lucky my glass was empty; else there would have been gin and tonic on the carpet. Such as waste, Bombay Sapphire should never ever be wasted.

My mouth formed an O as I gasped in shock. My heart missed a couple of beats.

“Fucking hell Jacob, you nearly gave me a heart attack!! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Jacob was nuzzling my neck, his eyes focused on my reflection in the mirror in front of us. He had a look of pure, carnal lust on his face.

“I didn’t sneak up on you. The music’s on so loud you didn’t hear me. Jeez Bells. You look so hot. You’re so not going out dressed like that. I won’t let you. I want you now” He growled. He actually growled at me.

He tried to spin me around but I pulled away and tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

A confused look spread across his face. “Where do you think your going?!”

“No Jacob, I can’t Jessica and Lauren are going to be here any minute. It’s chris’ party night.”

“You can’t go out looking like that and leave me here” He tried to kiss me, cupping his rough hands on my face. He stank of alcohol. He must have had a few too many at the pub with the rugby group. “I could come with you?” he looked hopeful.

Oh God. No way. Not going to happen. My plans and all of this effort would be a complete waste. I briefly thought of Edward meeting Jacob. I cringed. I would do everything possible to stop that from happening.

I again squirmed away from his touch. “You won’t want to come. We’ll just be talking shop all evening. I’m sorry. You’ll just have to wait until I get home” I was starting to get a little annoyed. I didn’t go through all this effort to ruin it all the minute before I stepped out of the house.

“Bells. Please. I want you really bad. Feel what you’re doing to me” He lurched forward. I hadn’t noticed before that he was slurring his words slightly. He reached out and grabbed my hand, and forced it onto the growing bulge in his trousers. His cock felt hard even under his jeans and boxers. Given the amount of alcohol, I was slightly surprised.

I tried to yank my hand away, but he was holding it firmly in place.

“Come on Bells. Please. We’ve hardly had sex lately. You could make it up to me?” He had a look on his face that was trying to be suggestive, but to be honest, was just looking a little wasted. Not a turn on.

I was really angry now. I yanked my hand away with more force than before. It did the trick and my hand came free from his groin. My wrist throbbed from where he had roughly grabbed it.

“I said No!” I yelled. “God Jacob! Can’t you just drop it? Go sleep the drink off. I’m. Not. Having. Sex. With. You.” I bit out. Just so there wasn’t any confusion.

“I’m not drunk!” He spat back. “You’re just using it as an excuse to not have sex with me. Most guys wouldn’t put up with this you know. When did you become such a prude Bella?!”

That did it. I snapped and saw red. I slapped him across the face. I did it so quickly that I don’t think he saw it coming, or realised what I had just done, judging by the look on his face. My palm was already stinging.

A horn beeped in the street below. I silently thanked Jessica. She had impeccable timing.

“When did you become such a prick Jacob?!” I spat back. I grabbed my bag and coat from off the bed, storming past Jacob, who was still stood rooted to the spot, stunned.

I ran down the stairs, anger boiling over. “Don’t expect me home tonight!” I yelled up, before slamming the front door and jumping into the cab waiting for me.