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Greener Grass

Bella starts her first job working as a junior doctor in a busy hospital. She has moved away from her friends to live with Jacob, her boyfriend, who she is happy with. In this new job she meets her boss, Dr Edward cullen, but she finds herself having un-job related thoughts about him...... what will happen?!

I do no own anything and I make no money from this, its just a bit of fun. Stephanie meyer is the real genius here! Read on to find out..... Lots of Smut, Angst and time spent daydreaming..... *sigh* Please note: there is smut and naughtiness in this fanfic! You have been warned! Not twilight series compatible. My first fanfic after many nights spent reading them instead of studying! please review but be kind! The story is mainly (all) told from Bella's point of you

5. Chapter 5: The party

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Anger was still boiling away eating at my insides most of the way to the party. How dare Jacob say those things?! I couldn’t remember the last time I was this pissed off.

Both Jessica and Lauren had given me the once over when I had got in the cab and complimented me on how good I looked, I should have been flattered, but I was still in ‘scowling’ mode, and my reaction had ended that conversation pretty quickly. I needed to forget about it; else my chances of flirting with Edward would be ruined.

Jessica started twittering about Edward, which snapped me out of my thoughts and brought my attention to their conversation pretty quickly. She had obviously dressed for the occasion. She was wearing a hot pink strapless mini dress, and her cleavage seemed to be making desperate attempts to escape the confines of it. Mike, one of the other SHO’s would be drawn to her boobs like magnet. He basically went after anything in a short skirt, and I know that Jessica had a soft spot for him, as they’d kissed a few times before. Hmmm maybe I would have to use him to my advantage if she started ruining my plans.

“I can’t wait to see Edward’s reaction to my dress!” She squealed.

“He’s going to love it!” Lauren squeaked back. Honestly, the two of them were as bad as each other. I internally rolled my eyes.

Lauren had gone for Black skinny jeans and a gold backless top, but she and Chris sort of had a ‘thing’ going, so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about her as competition. Thankfully.

We eventually pulled up outside Chris’ flat, paid the cab driver and got out, heading over to the main door. Once buzzed in, we went in the lift up to the fourth floor. The lift had a mirrored wall inside, so I gave myself a quick once over. Not bad. I still didn’t think I would blow him away, but for me, I was happy with my efforts.

Argh! Stop that! I scolded myself. You’re hot! Stop thinking that you aren’t, else you’ll never get his attention!

I glanced at my watch briefly. It was nearly 10pm. Lots of people would be there by now, so I wouldn’t have to walk into a nearly empty room. I could slip in and work out what I was going to do. Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually pre-meditating this. I’m such a bitch. Wait, I was still angry at Jacob. Suddenly I didn’t feel so guilty. I needed to stop thinking of Jacob and have just have a good time.

What was I going to do? Should I go straight over to him or wait for him to come over to me? One of my aims tonight was to try and suss out exactly how he felt about me. Maybe I should wait for him to come and talk to me. Yes, that sounded like a good plan. Walk in, check out where he is, and see if he comes over to me. If he does, it would be promising. If he didn’t, I could go over to him at a later stage. Right, plan made. The lift doors retracted open and we walked down the hall to Chris’ flat and rung the bell and waited.

I could feel a thunder storm of butterflies in my stomach. My heart had just picked up a few beats. Calm down. Just relax. I tried to soothe myself but it didn’t really work. My excitement and nerves were getting the better of me.

Suddenly, the door to the flat swung open and music bellowed out.

“Hey Guys!!! Glad you came!” Chris shouted over the music. He smiled at us all, before giving Lauren the once over and a quick wink.

I greeted Chris and stepped into the room. I quickly glanced around the room, raking over the faces, trying to find the one that I so desperately wanted to see.

My eyes located the drinks counter and I slowly walked over to the huge bowl of punch on the side. As I walked I continued to scan the sea of people. I couldn’t see him. Maybe he hadn’t come?

I poured myself a glass of the punch and gave it a sniff. Wow. That smelt err... pungent! I dreaded to think what was in it. Second thoughts don’t think about it. I didn’t want to know.

I took a small sip, looking up and around the room. My eyes suddenly fell on those gorgeous green eyes that I longed to see. My heart spluttered in my chest as it missed a couple of beats, before kicking back in at what felt like a million miles an hour.

He was stood leaning against the wall in a dark corner chatting to a couple of SHO’s that I didn’t really know. He was looking directly at me, with a deep, intense smouldering gaze. I couldn’t move. I was locked to the spot where I stood like stone. Worse still, I couldn’t bring myself to tear my gaze away from Edward’s penetrating stare.

I was locked like that for what felt like an eternity. He still hadn’t broken eye contact with me, holding me in this trance like state. He pulled away from the wall and broke away from the people he was chatting with, still holding my gaze

Oh. God. He was walking towards me. He looked like nothing I have ever seen before. I was so unbelievably attracted to him; arousal was already beginning to stir deep within my belly. He was perfect. There wasn’t a single thing about him that I would change. He wore black jeans loosely slung on his hips with a Pea green Super dry T-shirt. He ran his fingers through his hair as he approached. As he did, one side of his t-shirt lifted and I got a quick glimpse of the toned muscles there leading that oh so tempting path down underneath his boxers. I had to bite my lip to keep myself from letting out a wild groan. I wanted him. Really badly.

Suddenly Lauren and Jessica appeared in my peripheral vision. Lauren swiftly pushed Jessica, crashing her into Edward. He was forced to look away from me, reaching out to steady her and stop her from falling.

“Oh!! Sorry Edward!” She exclaimed. She turned to Lauren, winking. “Lauren pushed me!” So clearly that had been planned. Bitch.

Now that Edward’s gaze had broken I snapped out of the trance I had been in. I quickly looked down, a deep red hot blush rapidly spreading over my cheeks. I exhaled, shakily, confused and shocked over what I had felt just exchange between us.

I needed to get away from here. Now. I pushed my way through the ever-growing crowd and found the nearest door, walking through. Once in, I pushed the door shut, and leaned against the back of it, breathing deeply.

What the hell had just happened?! I had not expected to feel like that. As he held my gaze I had never felt so aware of everything, yet so unaware of everything. For all I knew, we could have been in that room alone. This was getting out of hand. The feelings of arousal and frustration that were washing over me were close to bursting point.

I leaned my head against the door and let out a huge sigh. I needed to talk to him. But I knew that I wouldn’t be physically able to say anything to him. Not after that. He just had this indescribable power over me.

I looked down at the glass of punch in my hand. I downed the entire glass, hoping it would calm my shattered nervous system. I screwed up my face. It tasted awful.

I took in the dark room around me. It was someone’s bedroom. I walked over to the mirror and took in my reflection. I still had a slight blush across my cheeks and my pupils were huge black orbs surrounded by chocolate. The adrenaline rush that I just experienced had obviously worked its magic.

I smoothed down my dress, ruffled my hair and took a couple of deep breaths. I had to go back out there, what was I doing hiding in here!? Just talk to him Bella. Be the confident person that I know you can be.

Here goes nothing I thought as I walked out back into the main room.

I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone as I walked back to the drinks table, and poured myself another glass of punch. For the second time tonight, whilst sipping my drink I subtly glanced around the room, hoping to find Edward.

Then I found him.

My stomach twisted and I felt sick. He was sat on one of the sofas with Jessica perched on the arm, her legs draped over him. She was chatting away with him, throwing her head back in laughter. Edward was laughing too, although less enthusiastically. She kept putting her hand on his chest and leaning down to share yet another joke. He looked a little uncomfortable, but Jessica was clearly enjoying herself. Everyone else seemed to be giving them a wide birth, allowing them time to chat alone. Jealousy ripped through my centre.

I felt anger boil up underneath my skin. Hot fire flashed across my cheeks. How dare she?! And how dare he fall in to her trap like that?!!

I also recognised anger at myself. Anger for letting myself believe that he liked me and for being stupidly hopeful that something might happen tonight. I felt stung and rejected. He had chosen her over me.

I whirled around on the spot and left the main room, leaning against the wall in the corridor. My eyes stung as though they wanted to spill tears. Don’t you dare! I screamed at myself. Don’t let her get to you like that. You’re stronger than this.

I pulled my phone out of my bag, looking for a distraction. Angela had text me asking how it was going. Not well, I thought, half laughing to myself. I also had two texts from Jacob. Both apologising and saying he was sorry. He wanted me to come home. No way. I was still angry and at him too.

Right, screw everyone else! I’m here, so I’m going to have a good time. My eyes again fell to the glass of punch in my hand. I gulped it down in one.

“Hey!!!! Looks like Bella’s in the mood to party!!!!” Mike was sauntering over to me, he handed me another drink. “Easy there or someone’s going to have a sore head in the morning!” he beamed a smile at me. No doubt hoping that if I was drunk I wouldn’t reject his advances as I had so many times before. That boy really didn’t get the hint.

“Hey Mike!” I replied enthusiastically. “Not trying your chances with Jessica then?!” I asked sourly.

“Nah, I wish, but I can’t seem to get her away from Cullen. Her boobs are looking amazing though!”

Ha, I had predicted right. Mike really was so shallow and predictable. What a pig.

I continued to chat to Mike for a few more minutes. I didn’t really like or know him that well, but he was easy to chat to and I needed to calm down and get a grip of myself. Lauren and Chris came over to join us, just chatting about mundane work things.

I wasn’t sure how long we all stood and chatted for, but I went to take another swig of my drink a while later and it was empty. I pulled myself off the wall that I had been leaning on and excused myself, heading over to the drinks table.

I willed myself with all my mental strength not to do it, but as I poured more punch into my cup, I couldn’t help but look over to where Jessica and Edward were seated.

Jessica was still on the sofa arm, but Edward was no longer with her. She was chatting to Eric, another one of the junior doctors. I stopped what I was doing for a second, momentarily shocked.

Where did he go? Did he leave? I hoped not, my efforts would be wasted. I felt a huge surge of disappointment rock through me.

I took another large swig of my drink. It was beginning to taste better. Maybe someone had changed it. Or maybe I had drunk more than I should.

I was too late. I should have talked to him earlier. I had missed my chance. Feeling nothing but frustration and anger at myself I made my way back over to where Mike, Lauren and Chris were.

Oh god. I’ve definitely had a little too much punch. My path over to them was a little wobbly. What was in this punch anyway?!

Someone had turned the music up louder.

“Hey Bella! Time to see you move that body of yours!” Mike grabbed my arm, leading me towards where a space had been cleared of chairs to make a dance floor.

“Do I have to?!” I asked reluctant to go anywhere with him.

“Yes, looking like that. You have to!” Mike wasn’t giving up.

Get a grip Bella, I warned myself. Edward has clearly left so just have a good time. A chance to relax now and just have fun.

I followed Mike and started swaying my hips in time with the music. Everything was becoming that little bit more fluid and hazy. I needed to be careful. No more punch for me!

The music was drifting over me and I was actually starting to relax and have fun. Lauren and Chris joined us and we started dancing as a group. Who was choosing the music? They were making good choices who ever they were. I loved Lady by Modjo.

After a few more songs I needed to go and grab some water and nip to the bathroom. I broke away and walked down the corridor towards where I imagined the bathroom was. I opened a few doors. Nope, just bedrooms. One more was left. I placed my hand on the handle and pushed.

As I did, I suddenly felt a hand snake around my waist.

I jumped with shock, spinning round; their arm wrapping around my middle as I did so, expecting to see Mike.

Instead I was looking up to see another face staring down at me. Edward.

His face was only a couple of inches from mine. I stopped breathing. My heart exploded in my chest.

“God, you look so beautiful” He whispered huskily down to me. “Nice moves on the dance floor. Although it should have been me you were dancing with”

“Oh Edward, Hey, I thought you’d left. I couldn’t see you” A fierce blush was spreading across my cheeks. A hot fire was spreading in my loins. I couldn’t look away from his stare. I was mesmerized for a second time tonight.

“I got caught by Jessica as I was coming over to you. It was difficult getting away from her, she’s so persistent. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

I said nothing as I went over again in my head what he had just said. Did he just say he couldn’t stop thinking about me? Me? I stared blankly back at him.

He ran one of his hands down my arm until it reached my hand. He left a trail of burning skin in its wake. I had to shut my eyes to keep myself from falling down. He took my hand in his and squeezed.

“I need to talk to you for a minute” He pulled me towards one of the other doors.

Holy shit. One of the bedroom doors. Edward was dragging me into one of the bedrooms. After he’d just said that he couldn’t stop thinking about me. Is this actually happening? Somebody please pinch me. Actually, don’t.

I was still dumbfounded at this point. I said nothing as Edward opened a door and pulled me through it. He shut it behind us. He still had my hand nestled in his. Against mine his hand felt warm and strong. Touching him felt amazing. Even this simple touch was causing my cheeks to burn.

He turned around to face me. His face looked nervous, unsure. His eyes looked glazed over, his lips slightly parted. Even now he was pure perfection. He stood staring back at me for a few moments. Neither of us said anything, too consumed with staring into each other, trying to read the situation. I wanted to grab him and kiss him, run my fingers through his hair and over his body. The thoughts caused my breathing to hitch slightly in my throat. I felt like there was electricity between us, pulling us towards one another.

As if reading my mind, he took a step towards me. He slowly raised his free hand and brushed his finger tips along my cheek bone. I parted my lips and exhaled noisily. I broke eye contact and gently closed my eyes as I focused on the truly sublime feeling of him caressing my skin. I turned my cheek towards his touch, craving more. He splayed his fingers and placed his palm against my cheek, holding my face. I opened my eyes again, desperate to be held once more by his intense gaze.

Edward’s face was one of pure desire, his eyes heavy lidded and thick with wanting. His breathing had picked up pace too, his pupils wide and dark. A flicker of worry crossed his face.

“Bella I…” He trailed off, unable to finish what he had started. He swallowed loudly.

I wanted him to say it. I hoped it was what I wanted and needed to hear. I brought my free hand up to his chest, hoping it would encourage him to say more.

“Yes Edward?” I said so croakily, it was barely audible. My breathing started coming in gasps.

He leant down, bringing his face even closer to mine. “Close your eyes” He whispered, his forehead resting against mine.

Confused, I did as he asked. I prayed that he was about to kiss me.

I felt his breath coming in unsteady rasps against my slightly parted lips. It smelled sweet, I could almost taste him on my tongue. I instantly wanted more. My hand slowly moved up from his chest to the side of his neck, wrapping my fingers around him. His breathing caught, in reaction to my touch. I could feel his heart beat in his neck, it was pounding, feeding the pulse beneath my fingers. He brushed his thumb over my cheek gently. God this was heaven. My body was reacting to his in ways I didn’t know it could. My breathing was ragged, my heart was hammering in my chest. A heat was building up between my legs like a volcano about to erupt.

He inched his lips closer to mine. Our breaths flowed in and out of one another. Any longer and I thought I would pass out. This tension was too much for me to bear.

I gave in, and let out a frustrated throaty groan. I closed the few millimetres between our lips, crushing mine to his, pressing myself to him.

It took a second for him to react, before he moved his lips in harmony with mine. He tasted simply amazing. He dropped my hand that he was still holding and placed it on the small of my back, grasping me harder. I groaned again and pushed my body up against his, moulding myself into him. A low rumbling growl came from deep within his chest.

Our lips moved passionately against one another, with a feverish urgency. It was the most amazing kiss I have ever had. I was completely lost within it. If I died now I would be happy. Well, I wouldn’t be actually as I would want more.

My head started to swirl and I realised I needed to breathe. Reluctantly I broke away, gasping for air. Both of our breathing was fast and ragged, driven by lust. As soon as I broke away I needed to feel his lips on mine again, hungry for more.

This time he was the one who pushed his lips to mine first. He was kissing me with such hunger, as though this was the last kiss we would ever have. I couldn’t get enough of him. He gently parted my lips with his and ran his teeth along my bottom lip. I couldn’t help but shudder from the feeling in his arms.

He snaked his tongue into my mouth, searching for mine. I responded by dancing my tongue against his, using my hand against the back of his neck to pull him deeper. We were both pressing hard against one another, but I felt like it wasn’t hard enough. It was like I was trying to pull him inside of me.

My other hand moved up to his hair, burying itself within it, pulling handfuls of his gorgeous hair, nails digging into his scalp.

He let out a load moan and slammed me back against the closed door, deepening our kiss even more. I had never been kissed like this before. Words could not possibly do it justice. The arousal and heat and pure need that I was feeling right now were about to come exploding out through my chest. I could barely contain it. A fire was burning wildly between my legs, threatening to overwhelm me.

He suddenly pulled back, his breathing wildly uncontrolled. He rested his forehead against mine, his body still pressing itself into me. I could feel his hard, thick arousal against my belly. The fire between my legs burned even fiercer. I had to bite my lower lip to stop myself from screaming in frustration.

“You don’t know how many times this week I’ve thought kissing you” He gasped between deep breaths. It was as though he had just run a marathon.

I looked up at him. I had to say it. It was now or never. The alcohol in my system together with the oxygen deprivation clouding my mind gave me the courage I needed.

I gripped a handful of his hair tighter.

“God I want you so badly. I’ve thought about you all week too. Although I’ve thought about more than just kissing you…” My breathing was still heavy, thick with lust.

He whined and again closed the distance between our mouths, resuming the passionate kiss. With one hand still on the small of my back, the other worked its way down to my thigh. Without breaking the kiss, he bent down slightly and lifted me off the ground, hitching my thigh over his hip. His other hand reached down and did the same. I wrapped my legs tightly around him, my hips bucked against him, grinding myself into him. He let out another lust ridden moan. The muscles in his chest and shoulders tightened as he did so, hardening beneath my hands. I let out a small whimper in desperation.

His very hard erection was now pressing directly against my aroused core, doing nothing to extinguish those flames that were burning so ferociously.

He broke away again, looking up into my lust-ridden face. My lips felt already swollen from his forceful kisses.

“You don’t know how much I’ve wanted that too. You’ve been driving me crazy all week. Touching you, being next to you. You have no idea.” His voice was thick with lust.

“What are you going to do about your boyfriend?” he asked huskily. “I don’t think I can wait any longer”

And those were the words.

The words that brought me crashing back down to earth.



I should never have let it get this far.

I had only wanted to find out what Edward thought about me, if he felt that there was something between us too, as I did.

The realisation of what we were doing hit me hard. I was cheating on Jacob. If I don’t stop, this will go a lot further.

I want it to. So badly.

But I can’t.

Not now.

I was pissed at Jacob yes, but he didn’t deserve me cheating on him. I had to sort this mess out first. I felt a wave of nausea wash over me. From the guilt or the punch I wasn’t sure.

I knew that I had to stop this now.

Edward sensed my sudden tension. “Bella?” He looked up at me confused.

I forced myself to look down at him, into those gorgeous emerald eyes of his. God I still wanted him.

I made myself say it. “Edward I’m sorry… I can’t do this..”

He put me back down on the floor, and looked down at his feet.

“I thought you wanted this too?”

The look he had on his face was too painful for words. I felt another wave of guilt surge through me for being the cause of that. A face as beautiful as his shouldn’t ever look that dejected.

“God, I do…you’ve no idea. But I can’t. This is such a mess. I can’t cheat on Jacob. He doesn’t deserve that.”

A placed a hand on my head, confusion setting in. It felt like I was being torn in two. I knew that I couldn’t carry this on. But yet I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted to pick up where we had left off.

The floor was beginning to swirl again. I needed water. I needed to get out.

“Bella, I……….”

I cut him off.

“Edward, I’m sorry, I’ve got to get out of here….”

I spun around to reach for the door handle. I can’t believe I was about to walk away from him. What if I didn’t get another chance?

I suddenly desperately wanted to kiss him again. If he changed his mind, I would never get another chance. I turned back to face him again, and flung myself up at him, grabbing his hair and connecting our lips together for a final time.

Before he had chance to react and make me forget my conscience, I pulled away and ran from the room and away from Edward. I’ll never know how I did it. My body was screaming at me to turn around and go back, to lose myself within him again.

I ran past the main room and out of the main door, tears beginning to sting my eyes.

Where was I going? I knew I couldn’t go home. I still felt drunk and I couldn’t face Jacob just yet. There was only one other place. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and dialled Angela’s number.

She picked up. “Bella?” She sounded groggy. Shit. I’d probably just woken her up.

“Angela I’m coming round to yours. I’m getting a cab, I’ll be there in 20 mins.”

“Bella are you okay?” She instantly sounded more, awake, worried.

“No. I’m a horrible person. I can’t go home”

“Come right round. I’ll put the kettle on” She hung up.

The tears started to spill down my cheeks as I flung myself in the first cab that came along.