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Greener Grass

Bella starts her first job working as a junior doctor in a busy hospital. She has moved away from her friends to live with Jacob, her boyfriend, who she is happy with. In this new job she meets her boss, Dr Edward cullen, but she finds herself having un-job related thoughts about him...... what will happen?!

I do no own anything and I make no money from this, its just a bit of fun. Stephanie meyer is the real genius here! Read on to find out..... Lots of Smut, Angst and time spent daydreaming..... *sigh* Please note: there is smut and naughtiness in this fanfic! You have been warned! Not twilight series compatible. My first fanfic after many nights spent reading them instead of studying! please review but be kind! The story is mainly (all) told from Bella's point of you

6. Chapter 6: The Ten Minute Film

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A knock at the door gently stirred me out of my deep sleep. My head felt full and fuzzy. I creaked my eyes open, wincing against the morning brightness.

Angela peeked at me through the growing gap in the door.

“Hey” She whispered. “How are you feeling?” She came into the room with a cup of coffee in her hands. She placed it down on the side table. “I thought you could do with this. I added an extra sugar” She smirked at me. God I love her.

I turned over and sat up as Angela perched herself on the corner of the bed next to me.

“Thanks” I added appreciatively, taking a sip. It tasted good. My body needed the sugar. I totally regretted drinking that punch.

“So…Do you feel like talking about last night?” Angela had that concerned look on her face again.

I groaned. The realisation of last night came flooding back to me. The guilt at what I had allowed to happen was overwhelming. However, the guilt was over shadowed by the tingly feeling I that shot through me when I remembered the kiss. I felt like a bad person, but the guilt was worth it. That kiss had been undoubtedly the best moment in my life. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Right up until the point that I had ruined it by thinking of Jacob and running away. Edward would probably think that I didn’t want him. I wonder how Edward felt. He had been pretty blatant what he had been thinking during the past week. But he hadn’t actually told me how he felt. Did he want me? Or had he just got caught up in the moment?

I needed to know. It’s too bad that this was a bank holiday weekend. It meant I would have to wait until Tuesday to see him again. Oh god. I don’t think I’ll be able to look him in the eye. I am so embarrassed! Why did I have to run away?!

Angela comforted me whilst I told her everything that had happened last night. I cringed when I told her that I ran off after kissing Edward. As always she listened intently, her eyes widening when I told her how the kiss had felt.

“Well, I think you need to go and sort out what is going to happen with your relationship with Jacob.” She told me when I had finished my version of events.

For the second time that morning I let out a huge groan. Right now, I couldn’t face Jacob. I needed time first, to think about what I was going to do.

I checked my phone. I had about a million missed calls from Jacob, and a couple of texts, asking where I was, could I come home and that he was sorry. I couldn’t bring myself to face him. I wasn’t angry at him anymore. I just couldn’t bring myself to do what I know that I needed to do. I was such a coward. I was pretty sure that I no longer felt what I once had about Jacob, but I was also reluctant to hurt him, he had been a good boyfriend, and he was one of my closest friends. I would miss him.

There was also a text on my phone from a number I didn’t recognise. I opened it up, and as I read it, my heart felt as though it had just slammed against my rib cage.

It was from Edward.

‘Morning. Got your number from chris, hope u don’t mind. Can we meet? I need to talk to u. Cant stop thinking about last night. E x’

My heart swelled in my chest and a flutter of excitement washed over me. He wanted to meet and chat. I needed to hear how he felt about me. Did he want anything more? I know I did.

I didn’t reply. I couldn’t yet. I needed to get some air and think first.

I also needed to get washed and grab some things from home. Angela kindly offered to let me stay at hers until I decided what I wanted. She also offered to drive me round to pick up some stuff and get my car. I checked the time. 11am. Jacob would be out at rugby. Perfect timing. I could slip in; grab some things for the week and leave, without having to face him. I knew I was being a coward, but I didn’t care. I jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom, preparing myself to face the day.

I felt so much better after washing. I felt cleansed, inside and out. Angela and I jumped in her car and drove round to mine. I was anxious in case Jacob had decided to give rugby a miss. Luck was on my side, and as I went inside, the house was empty. I grabbed enough of my stuff for the week, Angela helping me to pack a bag quickly.

I decided to leave a note for Jacob. I didn’t want him to discover I’d been in and taken things and not left a note, I felt it was the kindest thing to do.


I came home and grabbed a few things for the week, as I’m going to stay with Angela. I’m sorry. I just need some space to think. I’ll be in touch. Love you, Bx’

It said all I needed it to. I hoped he wouldn’t be too upset.

I chucked the things in my car and headed back to Angela’s.

Once back my stomach started to rumble. I needed food, but I also needed some air. The beach wasn’t far from here, so I decided to go out for a walk in the sun and grab something to eat from one of the places on the front. Clear my head and decide what I was going to do next.

I told Angela my plans and she gave me a hug before I left, knowing that I needed to get out and think.

“I’m here if you need me” She said. I must remember to buy her something special after this; she really was so good to me. Even though I wasn’t sure I deserved it.

Once down on the front I grabbed a sandwich from one of the stalls and walked along the shore line. Given the good weather, it wasn’t too busy down here, thankfully. I think a load of happy families and couples would push me over the brink.

I sat down once I was at the far end of the beach and contemplated things. Where did I go from here? I knew two things; I had to break up with Jacob, and I wanted to take things further with Edward.

What would I tell Jacob? Should I tell him I’ve met someone else?

No, that would break his heart. I couldn’t do that to him. I would just tell him that I no longer felt the same, that I still loved him, but it was more as a friend. I would try to stay friends with him, but that would be his choice.

I would do it soon; it was unfair to keep him hanging on. Not today though, I wasn’t quite ready for that yet. It would be during the week sometime.

The next problem is what do I do about Edward? I needed to have a bit of a heart to heart with him and tell him how I felt. I knew that I wanted to be with him if he wanted me, but how did I feel about him? Well. I guess I was falling for him. Angela was right though, I didn’t really know him just yet. That was something that I needed to do. We could do that together. That thought immediately sent tingles and butterflies around my stomach. A smile spread over my face.

Getting to know Edward would be fun.

I should reply to his message. I dug around in my pocket and retrieved my phone. I had another message, this time from Jessica.

‘Where did you disappear to last night? Fancy seeing that new Brad Pitt film? A few of us are going later. Come! Xxx’’

I took a moment to think about Jessica’s proposal. A night at the cinema would be fun. I could just watch the film and forget myself for a couple of hours. I knew Angela wouldn’t be up for it, as she had some papers to go over for work. It would also allow me to give her a bit of space to herself. Her house was only small and I felt a little guilty for intruding.

I text Jessica agreeing to go. She instantly text me back saying she would pick me up at 7.30 from Angela’s house. I would have to think of an excuse to tell her why I was there. I wasn’t sure I wanted the whole hospital to find out I had moved out from Jacob’s just yet. And the whole place would know in about an hour if I told Jessica the truth. I wonder how she would react if she knew what happened at the party between Edward and me. Not happy I guessed.

I needed to reply to Edward. I didn’t want him to think that I wasn’t interested. That definitely wasn’t the case.

I debated what to say. I didn’t think I could face him today, so I opened a message and typed back a brief message.

“Hey, Glad u got my number. A chat would be good. Meet me tomorrow for coffee. 2pm at Usha?”

I nearly sent it, but decided that I needed to give him something encouraging in the message. Especially considering that I had ran off.

So I added; “Been thinking about u too. xxx” at the bottom and I sent it before I would have second thoughts, already wondering what he was thinking.


Jessica and Lauren picked me up later that evening as promised although they were running late. Traffic was crazy as we made our way to the cinema and we were cutting it fine. Usually, this would have stressed me slightly, as one of my pet hates was being late, but tonight I didn’t stress. I was looking forward to a few hours of just chilling out, with no thoughts of either Edward or Jacob.

Conversation was mainly filled with how happy Lauren was that she and Chris had finally become an item officially. As if we didn’t all see that coming. Her mood was rather infectious though and I soon found myself laughing along with them, a smile on my face.

As we walked into the cinema Lauren spotted Chris and enthusiastically bounded her way over to him, planting a smitten kiss on his lips. Honestly, it was sickening given my current situation. As Lauren pulled Chris towards her, he moved himself away from standing in front of a few other people that had come.

I cheerfully greeted Eric and Mike. My eyes then moved to the next person Oh god.

Edward was standing there, his hands in his pockets, leaning against one of the ticket machines. He was wearing dark jeans and a blue tartan shirt underneath an open black jacket. He looked every inch the model. His chiselled features were set and those deep emerald eyes of his were looking directly at me. He saw me see him, and an uneven grin spread over his face. Fuck. That hot fire in my groin had just come back.

My heart beat crashed before fluttering at an erratic fast pace. I tore my eyes away from him and looked down, embarrassed as mental images from last night came flooding back. A poker-hot flush spread across my cheeks. I couldn’t bring myself to meet his gaze.

“Hello Bella” He smirked. “Did you have a good time last night at the party?” I looked up at him and he had that divine crooked smile playing on his lips.

So this was how he was going to play it.

“Hello Edward. Erm, yeah I had a good night, it could have been better though. Did you enjoy yourself?”

I added the last bit and held my breath as I waited for him to reply.

He leaned down a little closer to me. “I had one of the best nights I’ve had in a while”. He whispered so only I could hear.

He winked at me and I tucked some stray hair behind my ear as I blushed for a second time.

Chris suddenly spoke up, having broken away from Lauren’s clutch. “You guys were late, so we’ve already bought tickets. We couldn’t all sit together, so we’re sat in a few groups. He winked down at Lauren, suggesting that they were sat together on their own.

“Jessica, you’re sat with Mike and Eric. Bella, Edward bought your ticket, so you’re sat with him. We should get going, the trailers have probably already started.”

My heart felt like it was doing somersaults in my chest. I was going to be sat alone with Edward, in a dark cinema. For two hours. I could barely contain myself.

The others headed off. Edward turned to me. “Shall we?” he gestured towards the door. A look of confusion fell on his face.

“Bella? Don’t look so frightened. I don’t bite.”

He lowered his tone. “Not unless you ask, anyway” he winked at me again.

Christ. I wasn’t sure I could put up with the excitement, nervousness and frustration I felt about having to sit with Edward, If he was going to continue saying things like that to me I wouldn’t last the film. Dumbfounded I followed Edward towards the door.

In the darkened room, Edward’s hand found mine and he led me to our seats. I loved the feel of his touch. I could get lost within it and shut out all other feelings, just like I had with the kiss last night. Even though we were simply holding hands, the touch, with our fingers intertwined, felt incredibly intimate.

Once we were at our seats, we made our way past people’s legs and sat down, although Edward didn’t drop my hand. I didn’t pull it away either, I let it lie in his limply, taking in all the sensations of being next to him.

The film started and the buzz died down as people concentrated on the screen in front of them. My attention couldn’t have been further away from the film starting to play. In the dark room, with my hand laced with Edwards the electricity that I had previously felt from his touch was magnified by a thousand.

My eyes scanned the cinema, trying to locate the others. Oh good, both groups were on the other side of the room.

My breathed hitched in my throat as I felt Edwards thumb trace tiny circles on the space between my thumb and index finger. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head, and I again had to chew my bottom lip in an attempt to not let out an exasperated moan.

I looked down at our inter-locked hands. The image pleased me. Our hands had become one. I inadvertently brought my eyes up to Edwards face.

He was looking directly at me. The light coming from the screen highlighted one side of his face. His lips were slightly parted and he had an incredibly lustful look on his face. Instantly embarrassed, I tore my gaze away, and looked down into my lap. I was afraid he would see how much I wanted him right there and then in my face.

I felt him lean down to me. His nose lightly brushed the hair by my ear.

“Tell me how I’m supposed to sit like this next to you, in this darkened room, and not wish we could pick up where we left off last night”

He whispered the words but they were thick with lust. His nose and lips continued to brush along my jaw line. I shivered involuntary. He squeezed my hand that bit harder.

“Bella you must know how much you’re driving me wild. Do you not feel it too?”

“Yes, I feel it too” I managed to croak out. It was all I could manage.

“Look at me” he barely whispered. I turned my face towards his.

Our noses briefly touched. I had to remember to breathe. I shut my eyes, before I gave myself away with another moan.

He leaned in and brushed his lips ever so lightly against mine. I let out a quiet groan and moved one of my hands up to his hair, grabing a handful of it and pulling him in for a deeper kiss.

All of the frustration from last night came flooding back to me, the fire in between my legs growing hotter. Tonight I would not run away. Tonight I wanted him, and I was going to see this through.

Edward’s breathing quickened as he responded to my urgent kiss. His free hand tucked loose hair behind my ear, cupping that side of my face. His lips moved perfectly with mine, fitting together like they were made for each other. He snaked his tongue into my mouth, seeking mine. They found each other and they tentatively moved together.

All too soon, Edward pulled away from me, breaking this kiss. He continued to stroke one side of my face and looked deeply into my eyes. His breathing was shaky.

“We should leave.” He breathed. “Now” he added.

“I thought you’d never say it” I smiled back. He registered what I said and a wide grin spread over his face. Oh god, he was even more devastatingly sexy when he smiled. My mind was back to being in the gutter. Only this time, I was allowing it to stay there. A throbbing sensation was beginning to stir from between my legs.

I was so up for this.

Edward tightened his grip on my hand and stood up, dragging me behind him and excusing us as we squeezed past the other people in our row. A few of them tutted at us, but I was past caring. The sooner Edward and I had our lips fastened to each other again the better.

He dragged me outside back into the lobby. I glanced down at my watch. Wow. We had lasted ten minutes. It had seemed like an hour sat there with the tension between us.

He pulled me straight through the lobby and out to where his car was parked. Once we were there he pushed me up against the passenger door, with my back to the car. He placed his arms one on either side of me, trapping me there.

I wondered where we were going to go. I couldn’t really take him back to mine or Angela’s.

He seemed to read my mind as he leaned down, closing the distance between us.

“Back to mine?” It was more rhetorical than an actual question.

“You read my mind. I would say mine, but I’m staying with my friend until I get things sorted”.

I hoped he would get the hint that I had moved out.

He raised an eyebrow at me and smirked, instantly understanding my hidden meaning.

He glanced down at me. “Did you really mean what you said back there? That last night could have been better?” His eyes darted across my face, trying to read my expression.

I looked down, embarrassed over what I was about to say.

“Yes, I did. Things could have gone better if I hadn’t run away. If we had continued where I think we’re about to pick up” I left my answer to trail off. Letting him form his own mental images.

He smirked before crashing his lips down onto mine, pulling me into a deep, passionate kiss. One of his hands moved from supporting himself over to me, and he placed it on my hip, pushing my back harder against the side of his car. As his lips continued to wreak havoc on my mouth, his thumb slipped underneath the hem of my top and stroked my naked skin temptingly. My hands were roaming his taught body, adding fuel to the already raging fire within myself.

I pushed him off me, desperate to head back to his. “Let’s go to yours”. He didn’t need any further encouragement, and opened the passenger door for me, before running around to the driver’s side and jumping in.

We sped off and away from the cinema, the Audi’s engine roaring. Neither of us said anything in the car on the way to his. Electricity buzzed around us. Tension setting us on edge, we both knew what was going to happen, and we both wanted it bad.

He turned the car down a darkened dirt path at the end of a residential street. He pulled up in front of a modern looking house whose walls seemed to be mainly made of glass. Dim lights were on inside, highlighting the modern interior. The house looked amazing from the outside. I was in awe.

He dashed around to my side and opened my door open for me, taking my hand into one of his.

“Thanks” I said, not letting go of his hand. “Stunning house”.

We walked up to the front door. I could hear the sea in the background, crashing against rocks. We must be close to the beach, I thought silently.

He looked over at me. “The house has nothing on you”.

I looked down as a bright red blush spread over my face. He stopped and with his finger tips gently lifted my chin upwards.

“Don’t do that. Believe me when I tell you how beautiful you are. As much as I love to see that blush on your cheeks. You’re more beautiful than I can find the words for” He looked at me, his face filled with lust.

We stared blankly at each other for a few seconds, caught up in the moment. We both then seemed to remember what we were here for. Passion and want overtook my body and I took a step closer to him, my body lightly pressing against his.

“Take me inside. Now”. I breathed.

He let out a low growl before pulling me towards the front door. Once it was unlocked, he pushed me through, and slammed it shut behind him. He pulled me back towards him, turning and pushing me hard up against the back of the door. Before I had chance to think, his lips were against mine, devouring them for all they were worth.

My body responded by loosing all control. My hands were in his hair and roaming his body. I pushed myself into him as far as I could go. My breathing was ragged, my heart was hammering. His lips left mine and descended downwards onto my neck and then along my collarbone, nipping me gently. I moaned loudly, grinding my hips into his already hard erection.

I needed skin contact, now. My fingers moved to his shirt, furiously trying to undo the buttons. I was struggling, and not wanting to waste any time I let out a frustrated groan, before yanking both sides of his shirt hard, causing the two sides to split open with a ripping sound, as most of the buttons flew around the room. Edward barely registered the ruining of his shirt. My hands snaked in under his now open shirt, digging my nails into his hard sculpted chest as his mouth worked urgently on my lips, his tongue delving deep into my mouth.

He moved one of his hands underneath the hem of my top, roughly pushing upwards to where my bra met my rib cage. He pushed one of his thumbs under the wire gently, and paused there.

I felt a wave of frustration rip through me, I needed his touch over my breasts. I pulled away from his deep kiss.

“Don’t stop Edward. I need you to touch me. Please.”

He moaned before pushing my bra upwards and out of his way as his hand worked upwards and over my breast. His thumb rested on my achingly hard nipple. He grasped a large handful before rubbing his finger over the erect peak. It caused electric shocks to jolt through my body, concentrating on the throbbing between my legs. My breathing intensified as I threw my head back and let out a wild moan.

His other hand reached around to the front of my top, grabbing the hem and yanking it over my head, breaking our kiss for a few seconds as he did so.

He bent down and resumed kissing me before placing both hands on my butt and hoisting me effortlessly upwards onto his hips. My hands grabbed around his neck and my thighs wrapped themselves around him for the second time, bringing me closer still.

He started to move me away from the door and head further into the house. He suddenly broke away from kissing me, his breath panting and gasping for oxygen.

He looked up at me, gazing deeply into my eyes.

“Just so you know. I’m not going to stop this time. And I’m not going to let you stop either. I don’t think I could take having to put you down a second time and walk away from this.”

“Who said anything about stopping?” I chided him. “You’re the one only one that’s halting progress at the moment” I smirked at him.

A broad smile spread across his face as he pushed open what I later found to be the bedroom door.

“I’m terribly sorry. Do accept my apologies. Well, I don’t want to be the one to stand in the way of progress. I shall rectify that immediately”

He plunged his lips back onto my swollen ones.

The next thing I knew, I was being flung through the air, landing on something bouncy and soft. I felt beside me. His bed.

Shit! I’m on Edward’s bed! Or rather, Edward’s just thrown me onto his bed! Wow, I was totally going to die.

I sat up on one arm and looked up at Edward. He looked magnificent. I gazed up at him in awe as he pulled his ruined shirt off, throwing it to the floor. His body was almost as magnificent as his face. He obviously worked out, but yet he wasn’t over the top built up. My eyes trailed the path of muscle from his hips down into his trousers. I loved that muscle. I could spend hours daydreaming about just that one little muscle. He kicked off his shoes, before crawling up the bed towards where he had thrown me. My hands trailed paths down his chest and over his shoulders. I was sure I had a look of pure desire on my face.

I still couldn’t believe that he wanted me. This, perfect example of a man wanted me.

He looked up at me, resting above me, before devouring my lips again. I knew more was to come, but I could spend hours just kissing him, it did funny things to my insides. With the hand not supporting him, he reached behind me and found the clasp to my bra, un-doing it with ease. It popped open and fell away exposing my breasts fully for the first time. I felt a flutter of embarrassment wash through me, I didn’t have the biggest boobs in the world. Small, but perfectly formed, as I like to think of them.

He pulled away from me and glanced down, drinking the sight in. His eyes clouded with desire. He gently dipped his head and with his nose, nuzzling both breasts lightly. The sensation was enough to drive me wild. I let my head fall back, arching my chest up to him more. His lips and tongue found one hard nipple. His tongue darted across its peak, stirring the heat with in my groin. His mouth trailed across to the other awaiting nipple. He gently took it into his mouth and sucked lightly. Before I had chance to stop it, a loud whimper escaped from my lips.

He lifted his head once more to look down at me. Missing his touch, I lifted my head up to meet his gaze.

“You look so sexy right now Bella. You taste amazing. I can’t wait to taste your pussy”

I bit my lower lip hard to stop from screaming.

Oh god. I can’t believe this is going to happen. Yes yes yes!

His lips found their way back onto my chest, before he started trailing downwards over my belly to the waistband of my jeans. He tucked a finger underneath, running his finger just under it. It sent shivers through me, causing my muscles to twitch.

“Mmmm…” He mumbled.

He started to undo the button and fly on my jeans. Looking down at him the whole time, I raised my hips off the bed so he could get them off easier. He sat up and pulled them down, taking my underwear with them. I blushed at feeling so exposed in front of him, but I didn’t feel embarrassed. I knew that he wanted me right now, as I did him.

He took a moment to glance down at my naked pussy. A smile played on his lips. He lifted a hand and gently ran his index finger over my soaking wet folds. He groaned loudly when he realised exactly how wet I was.

“Fuck Bella.” He raised an eyebrow at me. I giggled.

He seemed to be taken over and completely consumed by lust and desire. His eyes returned to between my legs as he pushed his fingers a little further into me, seeking out my throbbing clit. He found what he was looking for and gently stoked a finger lightly over its nub. The feeling caused me to gasp and buck my hips upwards into his hand. This spurred him on further. He placed his other hand on one of my hips, pushing me back down on the bed. With the other hand he rubbed over my clit a few more times, intensifying the pressure.

I was pure heaven. I gave myself over completely to the sensations.

He fidgeted slightly, lowering himself comfortably into position. He dipped his head and gently flicked the tip of his tongue against my swollen clit. He groaned against me again as I tried to buck against him, grinding myself into his face.

“Fuck Edward! That feels amazing. I can’t wait for you to make me come!” I screamed as I grabbed a fistful of his hair, pushing him into me.

“You taste so good” he mumbled back at me. Before enthusiastically lapping at my pussy. I definitely wasn’t going to last long. I knew that much.

He gently slipped a finger part way into me. My muscles squeezed against him, sending hot waves through me. He placed another finger on the muscle nub just behind my pussy entrance, gently pressing there. As I squeezed around him, the pressure there felt divine. His tongue carried on, mercilessly working me up into a nearing frenzy.

My breathing was ragged and I was bucking around all over the place underneath him. I was grabbing fistfuls of his luscious hair, roughly, urging him on. I was getting close.

I was on the brink on ecstasy, the hot fire working its way up my legs and down my back, like a coil ready to release.

Edward continued to lightly suck and tongue my clit, working me in circles, the pressure deepening.

I couldn’t take any more. “Fuck Edward! I’m… going…to…..Fuck!

I screamed loudly as white flashes exploded behind my eyes. My pussy tightened against his fingers, the wave riding through my body. I came hard and long.

The heat eventually subsided and Edward emerged looking up at me. My breathing still erratic.

“Wow. That was amazingly horny to watch. My cock is so hard; I can’t wait to plunge it into you. I’ve been waiting and thinking about that since last night”

He jumped up and ripped his jeans and boxers off, standing naked in front of me in the darkened room. The sight of his massive erect cock sent a wave of pleasure through me. That’s mine, I thought.

I knelt on the bed on my knees and beckoned him to step forwards, towards me. I hungrily gazed at his throbbing dick, already desperate to feel it inside me.

I bent down and gently took him in my mouth, pushing as much of him down my throat as I could, feeling it jam against the back of my throat.

I heard him let out a long noisy breath as he shuddered.

“Christ Bella! Are you trying to kill me?!”

I giggled and gently pushed him back into my mouth a few times, he groaned louder, his muscles beginning to tense.

“I need to be inside you” He mumbled, pushing me back onto the bed and climbing over me. His lips found mine and his kissed me deeply, his hard cock falling against my naked belly.

My fingers wound themselves around him and gently pumped. He moaned into my mouth.

“Now Bella. I need to be inside you. Now” He whispered throatily. He looked like a man wildly out of control; he had given in completely to his body’s desires.

I manoeuvred him gently to my pussy entrance. My hips bucked up against him slightly, dipping the tip of him into me. He growled and pushed himself deeper into me.

I moaned and threw my head back in pure delight at the sensation of him filling me. He pushed deeper. It was like simultaneously triggering all of my nerve endings at once. My breathing caught as he gently sunk his teeth into my neck, smothering a deep guttural growl.

He pushed even deeper, finally fully into me. I felt complete. I felt over whelmed. Even at the beginning, it had never felt this good with Jacob. This was meant to be.

“Fuck Bella. You feel so tight. So hot. That feels so good.” He gasped into my neck.

Edward gave in to the feeling and gradually began to pull out of me, before pushing back in again. His lips found mine again, pushing roughly and urgently against me. I responded by arching my back against him, increasing the pressure on his cock inside me.

His breathing came in gasps and he picked up momentum, pushing deeper and harder into me, over and over again.

His cock was touching things on my inside that I never knew I had. I had never orgasmed before through just sex, and I had a feeling that was about to change. The feeling of waves building inside of me was gathering speed, like a volcano about to explode.

His thrusting was deep, my hips moving in rhythm with his, meeting him with each thrust. Edwards pace began to quicken, his breath becoming more ragged. I knew he was close to reaching climax, as was I.

The waves were close to crashing. Edward picked up speed again, one hand tightly holding my pelvis to his. He deepened his thrusts as I came undone. White flashes exploded over my eyes again as I wildly screamed and threw my head back, moaning his name over and over.

Edward’s final thrusts came uneven and deep, before he let out a deep growl and shuddered, spilling his load deep into my pussy.

He collapsed onto my chest, his breathing gasping, his heartbeat drumming against my chest, and we lay there, still connected until our glistening body’s cooled and our breaths returned to normal.