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Greener Grass

Bella starts her first job working as a junior doctor in a busy hospital. She has moved away from her friends to live with Jacob, her boyfriend, who she is happy with. In this new job she meets her boss, Dr Edward cullen, but she finds herself having un-job related thoughts about him...... what will happen?!

I do no own anything and I make no money from this, its just a bit of fun. Stephanie meyer is the real genius here! Read on to find out..... Lots of Smut, Angst and time spent daydreaming..... *sigh* Please note: there is smut and naughtiness in this fanfic! You have been warned! Not twilight series compatible. My first fanfic after many nights spent reading them instead of studying! please review but be kind! The story is mainly (all) told from Bella's point of you

7. Chapter 7: Sunrise

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At some point in the early morning I stirred from my sleep. It was a humid night and Edward and I had slept amongst tossed sheets, naked limbs open to the air to cool. We lay with out legs intertwined, maintaining contact in balance with the sweltering heat.

Feeling thirsty, I went in search of the kitchen. I had been a little too distracted earlier to have been on a tour of Edward’s house.

I grabbed Edwards discarded shirt, and pulled it on, not feeling quite comfortable enough to roam around naked. As I tried to fasten it, I blushed, remembering what had happened to the buttons. Only a couple of buttons had survived. Oh well I thought. I guess it covered enough of me, and I fastened the surviving two buttons.

I left the room, Edward still fast asleep, breathing slowly and deeply, and walked down the hall. The house was spacious and airy and was all on one level. I walked into a huge open-planned lounge/ kitchen room and my breath was taken away. The wall on the far side of the room was made entirely of glass. The view was stunning. I filled a glass of water from the kitchen area on one side of the room and padded over to the windows.

The view looked out over the sea. I vaguely remembered hearing the sea last night, which made sense now. We were on top of some cliffs, looking directly to the south. The shore line wrapped around us on either side, situating us in the centre of a beautiful sheltered cove.

One of the full length windows was a sliding door, leading out to a small decked balcony, with a small dining set. I unlocked the door and stepped out. The salty air gently swirled around me, lifting the edges of Edward’s shirt around my thighs. Luckily no other houses were around to catch me flashing.

Birds were beginning to fly around and the sea was perfectly still. The gentle sounds of waves lapping against the rocks came from below. The sun was nearing rising, as it bathed the cove in an ethereal glow. It must be around five am I thought, guessing roughly. It was simply beautiful.

I sipped my glass and my thoughts drifted. Last night had been amazing. I had never felt a physical connection as strong as I had with Edward. The way our bodies had moved together had thrilled me. I was hooked. I had to break up with Jacob. I would do it today. Even with the grim realisation that I had this task ahead of me, inside I was ecstatic. Happiness was bubbling away inside, threatening to spill over.

I continued to be deep in thought, replaying the events of last night and soaking up this beautiful sight. The sun was gradually rising now, bringing with it a golden yellow glow from the east.

I was stirred from my thoughts as I heard the door behind me gently slide open. Edward, wearing just some boxers, stepped through and onto the balcony with me. I again drank in his perfect semi-naked body before me, internally sighing in awe. He smiled before nestling himself behind me, placing his arms through mine and supporting himself on the railing. I could smell him, still warm from sleep, but where his cologne had worn off and I was just smelling Edward. His natural scent. It was indescribable, but so appealing.

“I wondered where you had gone” He nuzzled into my neck. “I thought you might have had second thoughts and legged it.”

I giggled and staying in his locked embrace, turned to face him. I placed both of my hands either side of his face, briefly bringing my lips up to his for a chaste kiss.

“Not a chance” I smiled. “After last night, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for a little longer”.

“I’m glad” He smiled back.

I turned back to face the view. Afraid to show him my face, in case he would see exactly how happy I was. I didn’t want to scare him away just yet by thinking I was a bunny boiler.

“Anyway, even if I didn’t enjoy last night, which, isn’t the case by the way, I’ve fallen in love with this view. You’re definitely stuck with me. This view is amazing.”

He chuckled. “So I’ve got to play second fiddle to this view, huh?!” He nibbled my neck gently, causing me to squeal.

“That’s okay; this view is pretty good isn’t it? You can sometimes see Dolphins playing down in the cove, if you’re lucky.”

God, this really doesn’t get any better does it? Perfect man, perfect house with perfect view. I thought I might die with happiness. Or smugness. Or maybe both.

We stood like that for a while; enjoying being close to one another and watching the early morning sunlight bathe the cove. We didn’t need words. Being close said it all.

“So…” Edward eventually began. “What do you want to do today Bella? We don’t have to work today, so we could go and do something together?”

I turned around in his arms, facing him. Although this ignorant bliss was nice, I thought it was about time for the ‘chat’. I liked Edward and I wanted this to go further. I wanted to know how he felt about me.

“That sounds good” I began, forcing myself to continue. “But I was wondering if I could ask you something first?” A betraying blush began to creep across my face. I looked down.

“You can ask me anything” Edward asked, bending his knees to maintain eye contact as my face dipped, sensing my reluctance to continue.

I willed my eyes to meet his. They slowly obeyed.

“I….. was wondering how you felt about me?” I rushed the words out.

Edward chuckled. “So that’s what had you so worried?!”

Anger panged through me. “Don’t make fun of me Edward!” I slapped him gently on the arm. He saw my cross face and stopped laughing.

“I’m sorry” he apologised sincerely. “Bella, after all the chasing I’ve done after you this week, the things I’ve said to you, and especially after last night, I thought you would know that.”

I looked at him questioningly. I wanted to hear him say it, I didn’t want to guess and the face the possibility that I would guess wrong.

He sighed when he realised that I was going to make him say it. He cupped my face gently.

“I like you Bella. I really like you. A Lot.” He said softly.

“And if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like nothing more than to be your boyfriend.” He added.

My heart swelled in my chest and it flipped, doing somersaults.

I smiled. “I’d like that too.”

Edward’s smile beamed back at me. He really was truly stunning. And now my boyfriend! Oh wait, now I have two boyfriends!

I really need to sort out the other one, I reminded myself.

Edward dipped his head, and brushed his lips up against mine. I pulled him in for a deeper kiss, parting my lips, allowing him access. The kiss instantly became more urgent as his lips pressed harder against mine and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I sighed softly and pushed my body into him gently as I felt warmth gather between my legs. Edward brought one hand around my back and pulled me harder against him. My hands slid down his chest, roaming over his muscles. I felt his other hand work its way through the gaps in the shirt and run across my belly, His touch leaving quivering my muscles in its wake. His fingers worked their way up to my barely covered breasts, thumbing over one of my very hard nipples. My breathing quickened in response to his touch and he moaned softly into my mouth, his breathing equally as quick and heavy.

I felt the hardness against my belly become more prominent, straining against his boxers. I ground my hips into him gently, letting him know that I felt how aroused he was.

He broke away from the kiss, resting his forehead against mine, his breathing ragged.

“I love the feeling of you pressed up against me with so little clothing between us. You feel so close.” He whispered against my lips.

“I love feeling how turned on you are” I bit my lip, looking up at him, whilst I moved one of my hands further down, reaching that bugle in his boxers. Once there, I gently gripped him through the cotton, stroking him gently.

He growled against me, his eyes shutting briefly, his jaw clenching.

I had a sudden idea.

I manoeuvred him out of his boxers, and grasping his throbbing cock more firmly, and began to stroke up and down his length rhythmically. His breathing instantly deepened.

“Bella…” He looked around, obviously concerned about being outside. Al fresco wasn’t his thing then. Hmm, that would have to change.

“Just enjoy it Edward” I chided.

“Touch me.” I whispered against him, wanting to distract him.

His expression was clouded with lust and want. He kissed me, parting my lips with his, and deepened the kiss.

His hand found my hard nipple again. I wanted more than this. I broke away from the kiss.

“Not there Edward. Touch me where I want you most.”

He moaned loudly at hearing what I wanted.

He began kissing me again whilst I continued to stroke his length, as his hand trailed down to between my legs.

He found my achingly wet and swollen clit and moaned into my mouth when he parted my lips and felt how wet I was. He began rubbing small circles over my clit, increasing my already high level of desire.

I wouldn’t take long, I could feel it, but I wanted him inside me when I reached my climax, clenching around him.

Guiding the wet head of his cock towards me, I placed it against my entrance, brushing his hand away.

Edward needed very little encouragement as he moved his hands to my hips, and gently thrust all the way into me, my pussy taking his full length, moaning with desire.

He was already breathless. “Christ Bella. You drive me crazy. Your pussy feels so amazing”

“Fuck me, Edward” I breathed.

A growl ripped through him as he looked into my eyes.

“Oh God Bella. Carry on saying things like that to me and you’ll make me come in five seconds” He had a look of desperation on his face.

He pulled back and thrust into me again, this time with more force, pushing my back harder against the balcony railings.

My lips crashed down onto his. I wanted him to fuck me hard. It was what I needed. I could already feel my pussy muscles beginning to tighten around him.

“Harder Edward, Fuck me Hard” I whispered through the kiss.

He tightened his grip on my hips and pushed harder into me. God yes, this is exactly what I needed.

His thrusts gradually got harder and more forceful. The feel of him ramming against the sensitive spot on my inner wall was driving me wild.

I groaned his name over and over as he breathed heavily into my neck. My eyes were tight shut and my head thrown back as I neared my climax. I screamed as he thrust into me again, and my walls suddenly clamped down around him, an orgasm ripping through me, flashes exploding in my vision, my fists clenched hard.

Edward’s thrusts sped up until the last forceful one caused him to shudder and he groaned against my neck, whispering my name as he rode out his waves.

When his breathing returned to normal he picked me up, being careful so our bodies still remained connected with my legs wrapped around him and took us back to his bedroom, curling ourselves together on the bed until we both fell asleep.