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Because of Her

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Used to be Completeness: Edward and Renesmee A fluffy collection of family moments between the Cullens and Nessie, and maybe Jacob. I changed my penname from Friday13, so don't freak out on me. No longer a one shot. Rated T for minor swearing in later chapters.


2. Elation

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1502   Review this Chapter

E pov

After a short time Renesmee and I reached the house. I bounded effortlessly up the steps and through the doors to the cottage, and was able to physically feel the rise in temperature. Apparently Nessie could too, for her muscles, which I hadn’t noticed were tensed up, relaxed in an automatic response to the sudden warmth that engulfed us. I felt her stir, and laughed lightly as she looked up at me groggily through droopy eyes. I watched as she yawned, her mouth forming that perfect little O shape, and couldn’t help but smile at the pure innocence she radiated.

Pausing to think for a moment, I quickly placed the back of my hand against her forehead, satisfied at finding that her fever had not spiked during our little expedition through the woods. Good, I thought, I really should have thought that one through before bringing her out into the cold. I frowned internally at my own thoughtless actions, but the smile returned as quick as it disappeared when I felt a small hand on my cheek. I gazed down into Renesmee’s chocolate orbs as I felt the familiar feeling of her thoughts racing behind my eyes. I was sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace with Renesmee curled up in my lap and a book in my hands as I quietly read to her. The thought stream ended shortly after it began, but I got the intended message behind it.

“What story would you like me to read Renesmee?” I asked quietly. She rolled her eyes at me in a very Bella-like manner before moving her little hand once again to my cheek. I laughed once more as a picture of one of Nessie’s many Harry Potter books floated into my mind.

“Of coarse, silly me. Which one would you like me to read sweetheart?” I asked. Ever since Emmett had gotten her the first book, she has been thoroughly obsessed with them, constantly asking for someone to read them to her. It could be worse I suppose, she could be obsessed with a vampire novel. Renesmee had a very thoughtful look on her face before she made her decision. Bringing her hand up to rest against my face, she showed me her choice.

“The Goblet of fire it is then.” I agreed while smirking. She pouted, an adorable sight if I do say so myself. Laughing under my breath, I placed her gently on the sofa before running to her room to find the book she’d requested. On my way back to my daughter, I grabbed a few pillows from mine and Bella’s room and a glass of water for Nessie. The sight that greeted me when I returned to the living room had me laughing so hard that had I been human, tears would have surely been falling from my eyes. Renesmee had apparently been trying to wiggle her way out of the blanket I had placed around her, but had only succeeded in getting herself stuck further. She had just resorted to biting at the blanket with her teeth, since her hands were wrapped tight in the blanket. Upon hearing my laughter, my distressed little girl turned her head to glare at me, a full-fledged pout gracing her features.

“Daddy!” She whined, separating the word daddy into two syllables to emphasize her point. I knew I should help her, but I couldn’t help but tease her a little.

“Renesmee.” I whined back in the exact same tone she had used. This caused her to growl at me quietly and I took this as my cue to help her out of the blankets. I knew she hated feeling trapped, so I could only push her so far before she got scared. Even if I thought it was funny, it wasn’t worth making my daughter cry.

“Alright, alright, stop squirming.” I laughed as I helped her get her arms and legs out from her blanket cocoon.

“There, all better. Would you like some water sweetheart?” Without saying a word she went to grab the glass, which I in turn surrendered to her while raising an eyebrow. I watched in amusement as she glared at me over the rim or her glass. My amusement only grew as she perfectly mirrored my expression, and soon the both of us were once again sent into a laughing fit. Her high-pitched, childlike giggles reverberated through the almost empty cottage warming my heart to the very core. Once our laughter ended, I put her now empty glass aside and lifted her up onto my lap. She curled into my chest like a kitten as I flipped open to the page that had the bookmark. As I read I could see the internal battle raging within her small form. On one hand, I was reading one of her favorite stories, on the other, she was almost too tired to keep her eyes open. Finally the battle was won, and for the seemingly hundredth time that night I smiled down at my little girl as her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep. Placing the bookmark back into the book, I carefully lifted her and her blanket up and began walking towards her room. Once there, I settled her under the covers of her bed and pressed my lips to her forehead.

“Goodnight love,” I whispered into her ear. As I headed out the door, I could hear a small voice from behind me.

“Goodnight daddy.” Smiling to myself I turned off the lights and walked back into the living room. Grabbing the pillows from the sofa, I made my way into mine and Bella’s room, being careful not to step on any of Renesmee’s discarded toys or books. As I neared the bed I realized that I was exhausted. Not in the sense that I wanted to lay down and sleep, merely that I wanted nothing more than to relax. I sighed as I fell onto the bed in a very ungentlemanly manner, my eyes closing in content as I curled up under the silky sheets. I never realized how comforting ones bed could be. It was like a warm embrace from someone you love, giving you a sense of security and comfort. I nuzzled my face under the blankets so that only my hair could be seen above them, sighing in relaxation. I don’t know how long I had spent just laying there, but the next thing I knew I could hear muffled giggling coming from the direction of the doorway. I shot up quickly, my eyes wide at having been caught.

“Oh Bella, I didn’t hear you get back. Welcome home Love.” I said as I sunk back down into the covers.


“Yes Love?”

“How did you, a vampire and a mind reader, not hear Emmett’s jeep drive up and drop me off?” she asked, still giggling through her hands. If I were a human I would have blushed, instead I just lowered my head until my bangs covered my eyes making it impossible to see my expression.

“I was relaxing.” I mumbled, almost to quietly for her to hear. Almost. She merely laughed as she came to lie beside me in the bed. I settled back against the massive pile of pillows as she rested her head on my chest.

“Is Renesmee doing better?” she asked, her tone now concerned.

“Yes, her fever went up for a while, but it was almost nonexistent when I put her to bed.”

“That’s good, did you two do any father daughter bonding while I was away?” She was laughing again, so I knew she knew something.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?”

“Alice told me what you two did tonight. It was good that she had the courage to ask you about that, and even better that you told her the truth. I had been so afraid that that simple miscommunication would create a gap between the two of you, and if it hadn’t been addressed it probably would have.” She said. Her voice sounded relieved.

“Hmm, I had been worried about that too. But I’m afraid, what if she comes to hate me for the things I thought about her prior to her birth. I know she might not now, but what if this drives her away from us, from m-.” Bella pressed her finger to my lips in order to stop my nervous ranting.

“Edward, you’re her father, she could never hate you. If anything this has strengthened the bond between the two of you. Now she knows that she can ask you about anything and that you’ll always give her a truthful answer. So don’t worry.” She finished her speech with a light chuckle. I smiled at her before wrapping my arms around her waist. Together we watched the moon and the stars, and only one word could describe what I was feeling. Elation.