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Because of Her

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Used to be Completeness: Edward and Renesmee A fluffy collection of family moments between the Cullens and Nessie, and maybe Jacob. I changed my penname from Friday13, so don't freak out on me. No longer a one shot. Rated T for minor swearing in later chapters.


3. Fear

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E pov

“Wake up Nessie, its time to go visit Uncle Jasper and Uncle Em.” I whispered while poking my daughter’s stomach. I could tell she was awake from the feint traces of a smile that lingered on her lips. She was ticklish, that much I knew, and I never gave up a chance to make her laugh. I chuckled when she jumped away from my finger as I poked her again.

“I don wanna wake up yet.” She mumbled, her words hardly intelligible through her pillow.

“I know, but you can sleep when we get to Grandpa Carlisle’s house okay.”

“Nuh-uh, no deal daddy.” I smirked at her bold statement before snatching her out from underneath the comfort of her blankets. She made a whining noise in protest to my actions, and I couldn’t help but tease her a bit more.

“Don’t whine Renesmee, you sound like a dog.” I criticized playfully. She glared at me for a moment before an evil smile swept over her angelic features.

“If I’m a dog then I should be allowed to spend more time with Jakey.” I froze on the spot in mortification. My little girl spent too much time with that mutt as it was.

“Nessie.” I warned, my tone firm. She looked up at me in defiance before huffing in irritation. That was the end of the conversation while I let her get dressed and eat her breakfast. Renesmee’s case was a curious one. For some time we had thought that she would only ever drink blood, like a true vampire. However, as she grew older she began craving both blood and human food. Now she ate human food most of the time aside from the occasional hunting trip we took her on. Once she was dressed, fed, and ready to go Bella, Nessie and I piled into my Volvo and headed out towards Carlisle’s house. Bella and I were going out to spend some much needed alone time together, and we had been planning on leaving Renesmee with Carlisle and Esme today. Only later did we find out that Carlisle would be working until late, and that all the girls aside from Bella would be going to the mall in Seattle. That left Emmett and Jasper. At first I had been dead set against leaving my little girl in the hands of my brothers, but Bella convinced me that she would be perfectly fine as long as Jasper was there.

Renesmee had a tendency to do anything Emmett asked, resulting in her getting hurt frequently, however she respected Jasper almost as much as she respected Carlisle, therefore she would never go against his word. So, after seriously considering the pros and cons of the situation, I decided that it would be acceptable to leave Nessie with Jasper.

Once situated in the car, Renesmee began talking animatedly to her mother whom sat shotgun besides me.

“-and then daddy started reading me the Goblet of fire, but I fell asleep. Oh, and I had this dream that we all went to visit Nahuel, but I got lost in the jungle, and I had to live with this family of leopards.” She ranted as she bounced in her seat. Bella giggled at how much Renesmee resembled Alice at the moment.

“ I have a very bad feeling about today Love, she’s hyper enough as it is already.” I whispered to Bella, the words going unnoticed by my preoccupied daughter. Bella rolled her eyes at my unnecessary concern.

“Relax Edward, she’ll be just fine.” I just hummed as a response, unable to accept her reasoning.

The car rolled to a stop and Emmett and Jasper were beside it in a flash.

“Uncle Em, Uncle Jazz!” Nessie yelled as she propelled herself out of the door and into Jasper’s waiting arms. She nuzzled into his neck as the two of them said their hellos. Getting out of the car, Bella and I followed the trio up the porch steps and into the house.

“I missed you Uncle Jazz, you too Uncle Em. Mmhmm, I missed you guys a lot.” She said as she wrapped her arms around Jaspers neck. They had been gone hunting for quite a long time compared to how often Nessie usually saw them.

“We missed you too squirt, now go hug your mom and dad so they can leave. Bella! Make your hubby stop glaring at me.”

I growled lightly at my supposed older brother and his jokes. I already regretted making the decision to leave Nessie alone with these two. She had never been alone with only them before, there was always someone else there whether it is Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Bella or myself. Worried wasn’t a strong enough adjective to cover the emotion that coursed through me as I hugged my daughter goodbye. I was terrified. But even so I slid into the drivers seat of my Volvo and drove away.

J pov

“Alright Ness, what do you want to do, hmm.” I asked my niece. I was honestly excited about getting to spend some time with her. Apparently I have grown rather attached to her. She was always following me around, asking about my past and the things I do or like. She does this with everyone in the family, but she seems most interested in my past. Unlike the other members of my family, she seemed to enjoy the stories I told her of the wars and battles I had witnessed, and had been begging me constantly to teach her how to fight. That had put both Edward and Bella into a frenzy, but after some minor persuasion and under cover mood changing, they eventually agreed to let me teach her a little. What they didn’t know was that she could probably fight better than everyone by now. Renesmee was quick thanks to her father, and she had a cunning mind like her mother. I had taught her to watch the way a person or object moves in order to determine their next step, which we had practiced on one of the hunting trips.

“Can you teach me how to play soccer?” She asked. Well, if that wasn’t random. I would have thought she would ask about baseball first, seeing as how it was the main sport for the Cullens. But she did seem more suitable to play soccer.

“Alright, but do you care to tell me why you are so suddenly interested in soccer?” I asked.

“I was watching Nemo, but I got tired of that so I flipped through the channels and it landed on a soccer game. It was really interesting and looked like a lot of fun.” She said with a shrug. I laughed as I carried her towards the door that led to the garage. We had to have a soccer ball somewhere in here. Baseball bat, football, lacrosse ball, tennis racquet, ping-pong paddle…ah! I picked up the soccer ball after placing Nessie on the ground and began walking out to the back yard. It was a rather sunny day, so my skin sparkled brightly. Nessie’s skin didn’t sparkle, but seemed to glow faintly, to faintly for a human to see. I walked into the middle of the small meadow we called a backyard and sat down cross-legged in the grass. Even sitting I was as tall as Nessie, my head level with hers.

“Now, do you know what the objective of soccer is?” I asked. She shook her head yes, so I continued. “Alright then, tell me what it is.”

“Your supposed to kick the ball up the field and kick the ball into the net of your opponent, right.” She said, her voice confident, but the question was still evident in her voice.

“Yes, that’s true, but there is more to soccer then that. You have to be able to keep and play your position, and you need to be able to weave through the opponents team.” She nodded as she sat across from me in the same position.

“Now, when you kick the ball,” I started, “you need to hit it with the inside of your foot, not your toe.” I grabbed her little foot carefully in my hand and ran my fingers over the inside of her shoe. Showing her where she was supposed to kick it. “Don’t hit it to hard, or you’ll lose control of it.” She nodded as she waited patiently for me to continue. Instead, I grabbed her underneath her arms and lifted her up so she was standing, while I rose off of the ground. “Now, watch this.” I told her as I began to slowly dribble the ball across the grass. She watched my feet intently as she followed me around.

“Now you try.” She took the ball from me using her feet and carefully began to dribble in small circles. I laughed at how concentrated she looked, following the ball with her eyes. After a short while she paused and stared up at me triumphantly.

“I did it!” she squealed. I smiled down at her before crouching down to be level with her.

“Good, now try this.” I said as I began to run slowly. She followed me once again, eyes training on my every move. After giving the ball back to her, I sank to the ground and watched as my niece ran around laughing.

“Psst! Jasper, what are you doing!” I closed my eyes in irritation as Emmett whispered to me dramatically.

“What does it look like I’m doing genius, I’m teaching Nessie how to play soccer.”

“Soccer, why soccer? She should be learning how to play football. Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do right now.” He said as he ran over towards Renesmee.

“Hey Squirt! How ‘bout you come hang with Uncle Em. It’ll be a lot more fun than staying with Jasper.” Emmett said my name like it was a cuss word. He’s just jealous, I thought. I sighed as I watched my poor niece get lifted up over his shoulder and hauled into the house. There goes my alone time with Renesmee.

Em pov

That Jasper thinks he’s so great, him and his stupid stories. I have to admit that I was probably being childish, but Nessie was my niece too, and I deserved some time with her.

“Alright Squirt, what do you want to do first, wrestling, football, videogames-.”

“Can we make a cake?” she asked. It sounded so adorable coming from her, and I couldn’t help but nod. After all, how hard could it be to make one simple cake?

An hour and a half later

“Uncle Em, I don’t think we did this right.” Renesmee giggled. She was covered head to toe in flower with chocolate icing smudged on her face and hands. The kitchen wasn’t much better, with a thin coat of flower and eggs and water as well as icing on the floor and counters. Eggshells were lying on the counter and we had somehow managed to burn part of the wallpaper near the stove. I had moved our toaster so that it covered the scorch marks, so hopefully Esme wouldn’t see them. About halfway through our little attempted cooking session, Jasper had shown up and decided to help us out. Some help he turned out to be. Both him and I had egg goop in our hair and flower covering our clothes. He had some icing smeared above his right eyebrow, and some on his back from a ‘hug’ I gave him earlier.

“I’d have to agree,” I said as I looked at our burnt, flat, and nasty looking cake.

“Well, if you had just listened to me Emmett, we wouldn’t be covered in kitchen ingredients now would we.” Jasper snapped towards me while removing an eggshell from Nessie’s hair. I growled at him through my teeth.

“Are you saying that this is MY fault? You’re the one who was supposed to know how to do this, and look how the cake turned out. Now Nessie’s gonna starve!” he rolled his eyes at me, letting some of his irritation leak out into the room.

“Don’t blame your stupidity on me Emmett.”


I had jumped at him, teeth bared, but he was somewhat prepared. We both tumbled to the floor of the kitchen, breaking one of Esme’s chairs in the process.

“Nice going dumb ass, now Esme’s going to kill us both!” He snapped as he kicked me off of him. We continued the fight in the living room, attempting to not break anything else. We almost succeeded, but then Jasper lunged at me from the side. I had not been prepared for his attack, and it sent the two of us tumbling through one of the windows in the living room. The sound of glass breaking could be heard through the entire house. I only ever felt the emotion I was feeling when I upset Esme or Rosalie. And there was only one word that could truthfully explain the ice running through my bloodless veins. Fear.