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Because of Her

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Used to be Completeness: Edward and Renesmee A fluffy collection of family moments between the Cullens and Nessie, and maybe Jacob. I changed my penname from Friday13, so don't freak out on me. No longer a one shot. Rated T for minor swearing in later chapters.


4. Embarrassment

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Renesmee pov

Busted. I thought as I stared out the broken window that my uncle’s had just went flying through. Nana was going to wring their necks when she came home, and I couldn’t wait. I watched with interest as the sun broke through the clouds causing my uncle’s to sparkle like diamonds. A sparkling next to me caught my attention, and I looked down to see the pieces of broken glass casting rainbows in the sunlight. It was so pretty, and I couldn’t help it as I reached down to pick one of the pieces up. I wrapped my fingers and palm around the piece, gripping it a bit too hard. I flinched as I felt pain shoot up my arm, and watched as blood began to drip down my wrist.

I gasped and dropped the piece of glass, clenching my bleeding hand into a fist as my hand started to sting. My gasp had apparently drawn my uncle’s attention away from their fight because the next thing I knew two sets of hands were working frantically to stop the pain and blood flow. I could feel tears building up, but refused to let them fall in front of Uncle Jazz. I prided myself in being strong just like him and daddy. Maybe not like Uncle Em, because he’s a little weird.

“Emmett, go get Carlisle’s bag from upstairs. Then go clean up the glass. I’ll get her hand cleaned up.” Uncle Jazz said, sending calming waves through the room. He then turned to me, and I suddenly felt very, very sleepy. My eyes drooped as he swept me up into his arms and continued to carry me into the kitchen. He set me down on the table just as Uncle Em came in through the door. He handed Uncle Jazzy Grandpa Carlisle’s black doctor bag wordlessly, probably freaking out on the inside. I can understand why he’s nervous though, not only was Nana going to be angry, but now they had to worry about Daddy. I knew that Daddy, Mama, and Auntie Rosalie were going to throw a fit because I got hurt. I felt guilty then, realizing that Uncle Jazzy and Uncle Em were going to get into trouble because of me.

“I’m sorry Uncle Jazzy,” I whispered as I looked down at my feet. His looked up from my hand that he was wrapping to stare at me in shock.

“Why are you sorry Ness, we should be the one’s apologizing, not you?” I shook my head as he said this, denying what he was saying.

“No, I’m the one who picked up the glass even though I knew it was dangerous, and now you and Uncle Em are going to get into trouble from Daddy and Nana.” I couldn’t stop the tears then, but they weren’t tears of pain, they were tears of regret. To my surprise, he laughed. I glared at him. Here I was burning with regret and crying, and he had the nerve to laugh at me!

“Oh Renesmee, you really are your parents’ daughter. On one hand you’re like Bella, always worrying about other people before yourself, and then you’re like Edward, blaming everything on yourself.” He laughed while wiping my tears away with his thumb. I looked up at him, confused. He smiled before continuing. “You wouldn’t have hurt yourself in the first place if Emmett and I hadn’t crashed through the window, so it can’t be your fault.” I opened my mouth to argue, but he covered it with his hand.

“It’s not your fault Renesmee, and about Edward and Esme, well, a pissy Edward we can deal with, it’s Esme we’re afraid of. So don’t worry. Now sit still so I can finish bandaging your hand.” I smiled at him and nodded, holding back out my hurt arm. I could hardly feel the pain anymore, but the stuff he wrapped my palm in was itchy and annoying. He laughed as I glared at it, before lifting me up and carrying me back into the living room. Uncle Em had apparently finished cleaning up the glass, because he was suddenly next to me.

“Are you okay Squirt, does it still hurt, we’re sorry.” I giggled at his frantic apologies, before leaning over and placing both of my hands over his mouth.

“You’re too loud Uncle Em, I’m fine see.” I said as I showed him my wrapped hand.

“Yep, she was a total trouper Em, didn’t even cry.” Uncle Jazz laughed proudly, as I beamed at his praise. Uncle Em laughed before looking thoughtful.

“So what do you want to do now, Nessie?” What did I want to do? I wasn’t sure. Something that couldn’t possibly be dangerous or hazardous in any way was probably best. That ruled out almost everything, well almost everything.

“Can we watch a movie?” I asked. Both of them sighed in relief, glad that I had chosen something safe to do. I bet they didn’t want to get into any more trouble.

“Now that we can do.” They laughed as we made our way to the couch in front of the T.V. Uncle Em went over to the shelf next to the T.V. and began to search through all of the dvd’s.

“What movie do you want to watch Nessie? How about Wallace and Gromit,” I shook my head. “Wall-E,” again a no, “Night at the Museum,” another no, “Aladdin?” I sighed in agitation before hopping off of Uncle Jazz’s lap and walking towards were Uncle Em stood. I pulled on his pant leg and he happily lifted my up so I could see. Peter pan, Little mermaid, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Pacifier, Dr. Dolittle, Shiloh, Cinderella, Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, The beauty and the Beast. Aha! I picked up the movie I wanted to watch. I had been rifling through the section of movies deemed too old for me a few weeks ago, and came across one I thought I would like. I had snuck it into my pile of movies for further notice. I picked it up and handed it to Uncle Em before hopping out of his arms and skipping back to the couch.

I had just made it to Uncle Jazz before I heard Uncle Em’s disbelieving voice from behind me.

Tremors? You want to watch Tremors. How did you even get this?” He asked. I shrugged before responding.

“I was looking around and found it. Can we please watch it, please! I really want to.” I pleaded.

“It might scare you Nessie, are you sure you want to watch it?” I nodded at Uncle Jazz and he sighed in defeat. “Put it in Emmett, if she starts to get scared we’ll just turn it off.” I smiled triumphantly as I snuggled into his side. Uncle Em put the movie in, grabbed the remote, and turned off the lights before coming over to sit next to me. The opening credits rolled in and I was immediately sucked in.

Some time later

I gasped as one of the giant wormy things ate Earl’s horse. It was horrible and addicting all at the same time. Uncle Jazz must have felt my fear, for the next thing I knew he was telling Emmett to turn it off. I gaped at him before darting out just in time to snatch the remote from Uncle Em.

“What are you doing!” I hissed as I gripped the remote.

“You’re scared Nessie, he was just turning it off.” I glared at him before turning back to the movie.

“I can’t stop watching now! I have to see if Val and Earl make it to Bixby!” He went to argue but I shushed him.

“Did she just shush m-.”

“Shhhh!” I interrupted. If he didn’t be quiet then I wouldn’t hear what Val was saying. Both of them sighed in defeat before turning their attention back to the screen.

Some more time later…

I jumped as the Graboid crashed through Burt’s wall. I was now sitting directly in front of the T.V, with my eyes thoroughly glue to the screen. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the questioning glances that Uncle Em and Uncle Jazz shot me, but otherwise ignored them. It was just getting good with Burt and his wife on the roof talking to Val and Earl when I heard the door open. I was so absorbed in my movie that I hardly registered the startled gasps that sounded from the direction of the doorway.

“Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen, what have you two been doing today!” That voice made me freeze, but then I remembered that it wasn’t me who was in trouble. I continued to watch as the graboid almost ate Val as he ran to the tractor.

“What movie is Nessie watching?” My Mama asked. I was getting irritated; if they didn’t be quiet then I was going to miss something.

“What are you watching sweethear-?”

“Shush! Can’t you see I’m trying to watch!” I hissed as I interrupted. I saw the shocked look on my daddy’s face while Uncle Em snickered.

“Nessie, you shouldn’t be watching this, I’m going to have to turn it off.” I growled as his hand reached towards me and cradled the remote closer to my chest. He looked startled at my sudden outburst, but his surprise quickly turned into anger. I hardly ever went against what daddy said, but I had to see the end of this movie.

“Don’t you growl at me, young lady.” He scolded. “Now give me the remote Renesmee.” He reached towards me once again and in a last attempt to keep him away I threw my hands out and pushed them against his chest. He looked like he was about to lecture me about my bad behavior, but something stopped him.

“Renesmee, what happened to you hand?” I froze at the emotion coating his voice. He was furious, I could tell, but I didn’t know if it was because of my behavior or the fact that I hurt myself.

“I just got a little cut is all.” I lied in an attempt to keep the blame off of Uncle Jazz and Uncle Em. He glared at my hand before flipping it palm-up. I flinched as he began to carefully unwrap the bandages, knowing full well that he wouldn’t like what he saw. As he began, I noticed the others, save Uncle Jazz and Uncle Em, crowding around to see what upset daddy so much. My attention however, was once again on the movie. Everyone was now safely in the tractor and the worms were attempting to eat them.

Edwards Pov

I unwrapped the bandages over Nessie’s hand carefully, so as to not cause her any pain. Once all of the wrapping was off, I could see her wound clearly. There was a two-inch long gash in my baby girl’s hand, granted it wasn’t very deep, but still. It was amazing that all she seemed to care about was that goddamned movie in front of her. Although I’m happy that she is focused on that and not on the pain, it was still incredible.

Bella, who had been watching from over my shoulder, suddenly turned to my brothers, her eyes blazing.

“What. Did. You. Do!” she hissed to them. They both leaned away from her, fearing her fury.

“We, we.” Emmett sighed. “Jasper and I got into a fight when the cake practically exploded and while we were wrestling we flew through a window. Then the sun came out and made rainbows which Nessie thought were cute so she picked one up, but it cut her hand.”

Bella pov

Emmett told us his little speech all in one breathe, leaving us to ponder over what the hell it meant.

“Rainbows?” –Carlisle

“Exploding cake?” – Alice

“My window!” – Esme

Jasper sighed before he spoke,

“Emmett and I broke the window and Nessie thought the broken pieces of glass were pretty since they were casting rainbows, so she picked one up and cut herself.” He explained. My anger lessened somewhat, but I was still upset that they hurt my baby. But it wasn’t completely their fault.

“Alright, but why are you three covered in, well, what are you covered in?” I asked. Both of them just gave me sheepish grins before Nessie spoke from were she sat while Edward re-wrapped her hand.

“I asked Uncle Em if we could bake a cake, then Uncle Jazz cam in an attempted to help.” She said, her eyes not once leaving the television screen. She was met by a few laughs before Esme snapped.

“That’s it, the two of you are going to get cleaned up and I am going to inspect the kitchen and so help me if it’s destroyed I will ground you both. Also, you are going to go out later and buy me a new window. It has to be exactly the same one and I don’t care if you have to travel to every store in North America. You two will find it and you won’t come home until you do. Do you understand?” We all stared at her (aside from Renesmee who was still absorbed in her movie). Both boys looked down at there feet.

“Yes Mom,” they chorused, before they disappeared upstairs.

“What are they feeling right now?” I asked Edward. He laughed to me as he smiled, reading their minds.