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Because of Her

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Used to be Completeness: Edward and Renesmee A fluffy collection of family moments between the Cullens and Nessie, and maybe Jacob. I changed my penname from Friday13, so don't freak out on me. No longer a one shot. Rated T for minor swearing in later chapters.


5. Helpless

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Bella pov

Dear lord, what is it with Renesmee nowadays. Did she hit a rebellious streak, I mean honestly. Here I was, just walking into the Cullens’ house with Edward, thinking I was going to be ambushed by my smiling daughter, only to be met with a worried Esme and a confused and slightly miffed Carlisle.

“What happened, where’s Renesmee?” I asked, a tad bit concerned by the look on Carlisle’s face, not to mention the fact that he was mumbling to himself.

“Well, we’re still trying to figure that one out, dear.” Esme responded, shooting a worried look at her husband. I watched as Edward examined the man who had been his father for so long, watching as he cautiously approached the mumbling vampire.

“Carlisle, what happened?” he asked, his voice hesitant. Carlisle stopped mumbling long enough to look up at everyone before he sighed.

“It seems,” he began, “that little Miss Renesmee is upset with me.” Edward and I both looked at Carlisle incredulously. Surely she hadn’t fought with Carlisle, he was nothing but loving to her, and from what I examined, she absolutely adored him.

“Why is she upset?” I asked. Maybe there were special circumstances.

“All I did was tell her it was time to take measurements, like I do every Sunday,” he replied, his eyes staring into space as a thoughtful look swept over his features. “She immediately got upset, crying and yelling about how she didn’t want to be measured, then she bolted up into her room and locked her door. When I tried to go in and talk to her about it, she yelled at me to go away.” He finished, and to my surprise, he pouted. Like, a full on ‘little kid whose candy just got stolen’ pout. Esme went over to him, wrapping her pale arms around his waist.

“We haven’t heard from her since, not that we can hear anything anyway with Emmett and Jasper playing Destroy All Humans in the living room.” Esme said the last part in an irritated tone, not hiding her disapproval of the game. I laughed beside myself, having played the game before. It was entertaining, although a little degrading to the poor, oblivious humans in the game.

“What is with her lately, she’s been picking fights more and more often, it’s getting out of hand.” Edward said. Unlike Esme, his irritation was not towards the game, but his daughter’s behavior. I knew that he was getting tired of her attitude, but he was also getting tired of seeing her cry. It killed him to see her upset, and I can only assume how paranoid he must feel with her bursting into tears over every little thing. He was lost, plain and simple.

“I’m not sure Edward, it is normal for young children to throw fits every now and again, but not this frequently. Maybe she’s hiding something from us?” Carlisle said this more as a question, leaving room for our own input on the situation.

“Perhaps, maybe Bella and I should talk to her, you know, girl to girl.” Esme offered, staring up at us as a confirmation. I shook my head and together we began our trek up to my daughters room. When we reached the door, I knocked lightly, hoping to get a response from just that. No such luck.

“Renesmee, sweetheart, can Nana and I come in?” I wasn’t sure if there was a response or not, the only thing I could hear was the sound of screaming humans coming from downstairs. Shaking my head, I quickly reached above the door on the eve and grabbed the spare key. I opened the door and walked in, sitting on the bed next to the little kid sized bump in the covers. “Nessie, I know you’re upset, but you shouldn’t talk to Grandpa Carlisle that way. He’s upset now too because he doesn’t know what he did wrong. And you know just as well as I, that a confused Carlisle is a crazy Carlisle.” I went to pull back the covers, just to see her reaction to my words.

“EDWARD!” I yelled. Both he and Carlisle were up in a flash, questioning my scream with panicky eyes.

“What’s wrong, love?” Edward asked, calming down. Esme was frantically searching the room while I answered.

“Renesmee isn’t here Edward, her door was locked and she bunched up some pillows under her blankets!” I was freaking out, she had never gone so far as to run away before, but what could have been so horrible that it drove her away.” His eyes widened along with Carlisle’s as the panic set in once more.

“What, you mean she snuck out! When, how, where, what-,” Edward growled low in his chest before yelling. “Emmett! Jasper! Damn it turn that shit off and get up here!” I had never heard him cuss like that before, at least not in a malicious way.

“This is Papa Bear and Sergeant Stress-reliever, reporting for duty, what is our mission Mr. Mind-rapist.” I almost laughed at the look on Jasper and Edward’s faces as Emmett said this, almost.

“Well, Papa Bear, you and Sergeant Stress-reliever are coming with me to find Renesmee, who wouldn’t have been able to sneak out if you hadn’t been playing that crude game in the first place!” He hissed, venom coating his words. Emmett continued to talk, as though he hadn’t heard him.

“And where is Lieutenant Loch Ness, you should keep a better eye on her Mr. Mind-rapist, or Colonel Klutz might discharge y-, wait, did you say Nessie’s missing, what the hell are we doing standing here then!” Emmett ran out of the room, Jasper, Edward, Carlisle, Esme and myself hot on his tail. By the time we reached the door, both Rosalie and Alice had joined us, coming out from their respective rooms.

“Emmett, you and Rose take towards the road then travel west, towards Port Angeles. Jasper, Alice, you two head South towards the mountains, then double back towards the house. Esme, you and Carlisle go North, Bella and I will go east towards the cabin, and then continue closer to the boundary line on the Res.” They all nodded. “If you get wind of her, call us immediately, but don’t lose track of her.” Once again they nodded before taking off as directed.

“Come on Bella, let’s go.”

“Edward, what if something’s really wrong, what if she’d hurt, or scared, or sick, what if-,” I was silenced by his cool lips as they crashed down onto mine.

“I’m sure she’s fine, we just have to find her.” He reassured me. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before taking his hand. He squeezed it once before letting go and beginning to run. I flowed off to the side, running with my eyes shut. I took deep breaths as I ran, taking in every scent, trying with all I had to pick up even the slightest trace of my daughters unique scent.

Edward and I covered the several miles that led to our cabin, hoping in vain that she would be there, locked in her room. No such luck, she wasn’t there either.

“I think I’ll go towards the reservation, maybe see if I can find Seth running around.” Edward said. I think out of all the wolves, Edward got along with Seth the best. But that’s a different story.

“I’ll go towards the direction of the meadow then.” I told him. He hugged me once, assuring me that we would find her, before darting off into the night. I watched his figure until I could no longer make out his silhouette, before turning on my heel and shooting through the tree’s. Had I not been searching for someone, I would have enjoyed the time to myself, running through the dark with nothing but the moon and stars to light my way. I looked up to see the snow begin to softly fall in white flakes, covering the already blanketed forest floor. Even in the midst of daydreaming I couldn’t miss the smell that hit me as I stood on the outskirts of the meadow. Vanilla and roses is what it smelled like, and it was coming from the quivering form sitting in the center of the meadow.

I slowly approached my daughter, admiring the fact that while surrounded by the snow and lit up by the moonlight, she looked like a fallen angel. Her eyes were closed and her arms were wrapped around her knees, silent tears cascading from her dark chocolate eyes. Angels shouldn’t cry, I thought.

“Renesmee,” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around her thin frame. She seemed smaller then usual, maybe because she spends so much time hauled up in her room, and not enough time eating. “What’s wrong baby, this isn’t like you. Is it because Jacob isn’t here, he’ll be back soon. He just has to sort some things out with Sam; he said it would only take a few days. You can tell me anything Renesmee, I promise.” Her eyes opened briefly before they shut once more. I was about to give up when she spoke.

“I’m sorry Mama, I’m being such a burden on all of you. It’s just… it isn’t fair. I’m always inside, accept when we go hunting, and the only person who isn’t a vampire or werewolf I get to play with is Grandpa Charlie. I want to have a normal friend and do normal things, like playing tag, or catching crickets. And I know I can’t because I grow to quick, but it’s just hard. I’m trying, really I am, but every time I try I end up getting upset. I’m sorry for running away Mama, I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough.” She sobbed as she buried her head into my chest.

I knew I should have called Edward, but I had to comfort my Renesmee first. She was my top priority at the moment.

“Oh Nessie, you shouldn’t have to be so strong, you’re supposed to be happy and carefree. None of us had any idea how upset you were. And I know how much you want to have a normal life, and you have no idea how much you’re father and I wish we could give you that, but it just isn’t possible. The thing is Renesmee, we are vampires, we aren’t normal, that’s just the way we are. We can’t try to be something we’re not, at least not to that degree. Perhaps we can figure out a way you can play with someone your age, but I cannot guarantee you a normal life. Sometimes, you just have no choice. You get the life you’re given, and you can’t change the past. You just have to live life with what you have.” I told her. I knew she might not understand fully, heck, I didn’t quite understand myself, but maybe it would help ease her worries.

She continued to cry, but her sobs had quieted to nothing more then hiccups. I brushed the hair out of her face as I stared into her eyes. The sadness I saw didn’t belong in the eyes of a girl so young, but I knew there was nothing I could do to truly console my little girl. I locked gazes with her, and for the millionth time in my life, I felt helpless.