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Because of Her

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Used to be Completeness: Edward and Renesmee A fluffy collection of family moments between the Cullens and Nessie, and maybe Jacob. I changed my penname from Friday13, so don't freak out on me. No longer a one shot. Rated T for minor swearing in later chapters.


8. Boys, Beaches, and Burger King

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Edward pov

“C’mon Daddy! I don’t want to be late. Gah! You’re too slow!” I raised an eyebrow at the small little girl attempting to push me out of the living room and into the garage. I had promised Renesmee that I would drive her to the boundary line seeing as Jacob had finally finished working things out with Sam, but that didn’t mean I was overly thrilled about handing my daughter over to him.

“Where’s your patience Nessie, you know they say good things come to those who wait.”

“Yeah, well I don’t want ‘good things’ I want to see Jakey, and the faster we go the sooner that happens so how about you get into the car, put you foot on the pedal and… move!” I chuckled at her determination as she continued exerting all of her strength to attempt to move me.

“You get that from your mother you know, your inability to wait patiently. But seeing as I did promise-.”

“Finally! Now let’s go so I can spend some time with Jakey!”

“Have it your way.” I shrugged, feigning nonchalance as I grabbed my keys off of the counter.

“Haha! Hey Bells, how does it feel to be married to the Burger King?” It’s amazing how one little outburst was enough to make the whole house stop what they were doing to look at Emmett. Jasper paused the game he was playing, Bella put down her book, Esme stopped dusting and Alice and Rose put down their magazines. Even Renesmee, who usually laughed at Emmett’s jokes regardless if they were funny or not, just stared at my big oaf of a brother.

“That doesn’t make any sense at all Uncle Em,” Nessie chirped from next to me, breaking the awkward silence that had engulfed the room.

“Yes it does,”

“No it doesn’t,”



“Uh huh,”

“Mmm, whatever you say Uncle Em, whatever you say.” She shook her head and rolled her eyes as Emmett huffed angrily from his spot on the couch. I coughed into my hand as an attempt to hide my laugher, which might have worked had my family not been vampires.

“Eddie, look what you did! Poor Nessie will have to forever live with the burden of sarcasm and it’s all your fault. You and your stupid genes!” I rolled my eyes at him before realizing that Renesmee had rolled her eyes as well, complimenting Emmett’s previous accusation.

“There would be no need for her to be sarcastic if you didn’t do things to flaunt your stupidity Emmett, and don’t call me Eddie.” A deep growl erupted from his chest as I smirked at him.

Peals of laughter could be heard around the house as the others broke down at his expense. Emmett’s growls suddenly ceased as he crossed his arms over his chest like a toddler, a full-blown pout gracing his lips.

“It’s alright honey, I love you anyway.” Rosalie cooed between her giggles. Her words only furthered his frustration as he sunk into the cushions of the couch, his thoughts filled with profanities all directed at me.

As I watched the others crowd around Emmett laughing and teasing him, I felt a slight tugging on my jeans. I looked down to see Renesmee raising her arms, silently asking to be held. I complied, lifting her to rest in my arms as she placed her hand against my frozen cheek. A brief image of Jacob appeared making her request obvious. She wanted to get going.

“Alright sweetheart, let’s go see Jake.” We said our brief goodbyes to the family before I carried her out of the house towards the car. I shifted her so she rested against my hip as I unlocked the door before placing her gently into her booster seat. Nessie made a disapproving noise in the back of her throat as I sped around to sit in the drivers seat.

“Daddy,” she whined, “why do I have to sit in this stupid thing, it’s not like you’re going to crash!” I laughed quietly under my breath before replying.

“Because sweetheart, those are the rules. Besides, Grandpa Charlie would be very upset if he were to find out that I let his Granddaughter break the law.” She sighed in resignation and settled for looking out the window as we sped along the winding driveway. It was quiet for a while before Renesmee’s voice sounded from behind me.

“Um, Daddy?”

“Yes, love?” I was confused, she sounded so unsure of something. I could have probably just searched her mind, but I usually try to give her some privacy seeing as she’s my daughter and all.

“Christmas is coming up soon,” That’s what she was worried about?

“Yes, in less then two weeks now. Is something wrong Ness?” My eyes darted to the rear view mirror to see her staring down at her hands with a calculating expression.

“Not really, it’s just that…I don’t know what to get Mama.” I laughed out loud at this making her flip her head up to glare at me. My eyes softened as I took in the obvious distress marring her features.

“Renesmee, your mother would be happy with anything, even if all you did was hug her she’d probably throw a happy fit.” I watched as she threw her hands up, an exasperated moan falling from her lips.

“Well that was absolutely no help at all!”

“You could compose something for her.” I offered.

“You mean like on the piano?” Her voice was soft as her mind digested the idea.

“Sure, I’ll even help you if you’d like.” I smiled internally as her eyes widened along with the smile that had been slowly forming on her face.

“Really Daddy! Oh this is so perfect, but how will we be able to practice with her always in the house?” My heart soared, the thought of writing a song with my daughter filling me with happiness.

“You and I will talk about it later, now come on. Jacob is almost more impatient then you are.” She seemed to snap back to reality upon the realization that we were no longer moving. I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt and was around opening her door before she could move to undo the safety belts herself.

I gently bent down and unbuckled her before pulling her up to rest on my hip. Once assuring that she was comfortable I began walking towards where I knew Jacob was waiting in his rabbit.

“Alright, be good for Jacob okay. I love you.” I told her as I hugged her to my chest. She smiled up at me and I felt her warm, pale arms wrap themselves around my neck.

“I promise and I love you too Daddy.” With that I carefully lowered her to the ground and watched as she skipped gracefully over to where Jacob was waiting to lift her into his arms. I watched her wave goodbye to me as they drove off in his rabbit and waved back with a half-hearted smile. I then decided to go home and figure out a way to get Bella out of the house for a while. That way Nessie can start on her song.

My grin widened to a full out smile as I headed back towards the Volvo. And why the hell did Emmett call me the Burger King?

Renesmee pov

“Jakey!” I squealed as he lifted me into his arms. I hadn’t seen him for almost a week, which was much, much too long in my opinion. He scooped me up and crushed me to his chest and I could feel the deep laughter that erupted from him.

“I missed you too, Nessie! Now let’s go before your dad changes his mind.” I giggled into his shirt as I buried my face into the nape of his neck. Daddy and the family always complained about how bad he smelled, but I thought he smelled good.

I groaned once more as he set me into another stupid booster seat thingy. I swear if I someday rule the world those will be the first to go, then maybe celery. Ugh, the accursed celery, why someone would willingly eat that stuff is beyond me.

I scowled as Jakey laughed at me before I turned as much as I could in the booster seat to wave goodbye to Daddy. He waved back, a small smile on his face before we turned a corner and I could no longer see him.

“So, Jacob” I began, suddenly serious, “Mind telling me what was so important that you had to up and leave for a week without even coming to visit!” I glared at him through the rearview mirror like I had to Daddy earlier. I was satisfied by the sight of him fidgeting nervously under my sharp gaze, feeling my anger recede as he smiled sheepishly at me.

“I’m sorry Ness, but I had to work out some stuff with S-,”

“I know, I know. Stuff with Sam, I meant what kind of stuff.” I interrupted, my anger rising once more. I was sick of everyone telling me the same thing; I just wanted to know what he was doing.

“Oh, you know. Pack stuff.” A low growl sounded from my chest as my eyes began to darken considerably. Another trait I got from Daddy. His gaze lifted up to the mirror once again, shocked. I honestly wasn’t all that surprised considering that I had never growled at him like that before.

“I could guess that much Jacob Black, now are you going to be serious or am I going to have to force you to tell me?” I tried my best to sound just like Daddy does when he’s angry with Uncle Em and Uncle Jazzy.

I kept my face expressionless, my voice even with just the slightest tremor of rage, and let my eyes express all of my anger. Apparently it worked because Jakey was staring at me wide-eyed with his jaw on the floor. Of coarse my victory was short lived when he realized the empty threat.

“You’ll force me. How are you, little Nessie, going to force me to tell you?” His laughing only further grated my nerves as I attempted to think up a quick solution.

But what could I do? He was stronger and bigger and I didn’t really want to hurt him. I wasn’t as threatening as Mama, and it’s not like I could actually do any damage to him like Daddy could. And then it hit me. Daddy.

“Either you tell me, or I’ll call Daddy and say I want to go home.” This was perfect. I knew for a fact that Jakey didn’t want me to leave, so my plan was fool proof.

“I-I can’t tell you Nessie, I’m sorry.” I narrowed my eyes before reaching into the pocket of my jacket and pulling out the small silver phone Daddy had given me. Jake’s eyes widened further before they became somber once again.

“Why not? Is it because you don’t trust me?” I asked. Although I kept up my façade I couldn’t help the tiny stab of pain in my heart from the thought of him believing me to be untrustworthy.

“Of coarse I trust you Nessie!” he laughed, his eyes beginning to sparkle again. “I can’t tell you because it would ruin your Christmas gift.” Well that certainly wasn’t what I expected. I blinked twice before reluctantly stuffing my phone back into my pocket, a light pink sweeping over my cheeks when I realized how childish I had just acted.

“I guess that’s okay then.” Jakey smiled at me through the rearview mirror, and I couldn’t help the small grin that made its way onto my face. “What are we doing today anyway?” It only occurred to me then that I had no clue at all.

“I was thinking maybe you would want to go down to the beach with me. Seth, Quil, Sam and the others are going to go cliff diving, and then later we’re all going back to Emily’s house.”

“Sounds like a plan to me!” I exclaimed as I bounced up and down as much as the stupid booster seat would allow. Maybe I wasspending too much time with Aunty Alice after all.

Jacob barked out a laugh that ricocheted off the walls of the rabbit, the sound making my ears ring in the best way possible. I sat back against the seat; content for the moment to just watch the trees pass by the window as we flew along the streets of La Push. It wasn’t long before the trees and shrubbery began to thin and I could see the faintest hint of the blue and gray waves against the rocks.

“We’re here.” With those two words being said I hastily clawed at the black straps the kept me secured inside of the infernal contraption that was my booster seat. Hearing the satisfying click that signaled my escape, I threw the belts over my head and flung the door open, almost hitting Jake in the process.

“Whoa Ness, in a hurry much. You can relax, I can guarantee you that the ocean isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!” His words reached deaf ears as I raced down the path towards where I could see the familiar silhouettes that were my second family, my excitement increasing with every step.