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Monster In me

Bella Has Difficulty Controlling Her Thirst....The Cullens Grow More And More Concernd As A Spree Of Mysterious Killngs Go Under Way In Forks. But Will They Do When The Find Out The Killer Is Actully...Bella blah!More Will Be Added If You Like Just Reveiw And Tell Me What You Think.

Enjoy !!

1. Killer

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Bella's POV

2 Months after been turned into a Vampire, i had came across my worst fear many a times and found controlling and challenging it extreamly difficult.

My craving for blood never EVER let up. Even after i hunted, It would burn up through me repeatidly. Carlisle and Edward were concernd although every body else thought it was normal.

Jasper calmed me alot and he often followed me everywhere to ease Edwards mind it was VERY annoying! But i know it was for my own good Jasper was just taking precautions. We didn't want any accidents now did we?

It was a Sunday night were i sprawled out on of the couch to watch Tv, nothing apparently interesting was on so i decided to try hunting again.

Edward?" I asked

"Yes Love? Whats rong?" He asked curiously

"Well i was wondering if i could try hunting...Again"

His face fell when i mentiond it.

"Err..Alright then" he started to get up so i quickly interupted

"Well..Actully i was wondering if i could try going by myself.." I asked anxiously. I knew how he hated going hunting over and over so to ease some of his remorse i tried..

"Bella.." He started but i interupted him quickly

"No no i understand its just i want to try and get more..Used to it...You can come if you want but I'd rather you didn't...You Might be a little...bored" I forced a tiny apoligetic smile on my lips.

"Alice will see if anything...Bad will happen" I added lightley. He sighed and turned his gaze on Alice who's face was completly blank.

She came out of her vison and nodded at Edward.

"Everything should be okay. I don't see anything bad happening in the next hour or so"

"Ok...You can go but i did advise you didn't but you can try.." I grinned happily

"Can you be back at 7?" He asked

"Sure" I replied excitidly

I skipped gracefully to the door "See ya Later guys" I shouted through the house then jumped out the door and sprinted to the forest..

Alice said she didn't see anything bad going to happen. I should trust her and should be confident not nearvous. My first hunting trip alone, This should be interesting..

I caught a couple of deer and a lion...But surprise surprise i was Still thirsty. I shook my head ashamed and ran of deeper into the woods.

Suddenly I came across thee most mouth watering Divine scent you could only dream of..My mouth was over flowing with Venom and as i tried to restrain myself with out the help of Jasper I was easily failing..

The scent crashed into my face again and i raced off into the woods to find the cause of the gloriouse scent...

When i reached it i realized it was a teen aged boy about the age of 16, he had golden brown flakey hair and muscley arms he turns and was stunned into silence by my beauty... His eyes grew wide as I leaped to him and sank my teeth impatiently into his neck. The blood slided down my throat satisfying the burn that ached there for the first time.. His usless screames chocked off with a gurgle. His heart thrumed inside him and then gave his body its last beat and stopped all together...

When i was finsihed i sat up and looked at the flakey boy who lay still on the ground never to move again...I let out usless sobs at what I'd done... I sprinted away from the corpse and hid myself deep into the dark forest hoping to never ever be found again...