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Monster In me

Bella Has Difficulty Controlling Her Thirst....The Cullens Grow More And More Concernd As A Spree Of Mysterious Killngs Go Under Way In Forks. But Will They Do When The Find Out The Killer Is Actully...Bella blah!More Will Be Added If You Like Just Reveiw And Tell Me What You Think.

Enjoy !!

2. When I Hunted Humans

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How In the world could I do that too a poor boy!! Edward was right; Being a vampire makes you a blood thirsty MONSTER!!!

I hated myself for this. How am I Going to tell them?? HOW? Oh how could I?

I kept on repeating in my head Monster Monster Monster Monster Blood Thirsty MONSTER!

Which i truley was. It started to rain and I started to sob again. My head sank in between my knees to let the misery and pain have me.

But I suddenly realized something. Among all of this greif and pain there was also Joy..Joy that for once the aching in my throat had stopped. It was gone...After all the hunting I've done in the past this is the official first time it was muted. When i hunted Humans.


What if when i hunted animals my thirst would never stop burning. What If...When i hunted humans it...Did, so what if i changed my 'Vegetarian Diet' to the original vampire diet?

After all it didn't seem such a bad Idea. Not when i thought about the burning ache in my throat..And besides Edward and his Family dont Have to know do they...Wait what NO!

I dont believe iam actully starting to consider this...But it did taste soo good...The splendid devine warm scarlett red human blood sliding slowley down my throat...Ouch....I snapped up the monster inside of me had won. I Had to hunt humans and i had to hunt now.

I raced around the forest searching frantically for my prey. I began to quiver. The burn inside of me was Raging. I raced out of the forest and down to my old work...No surprise that Mike Newton was Closing up... I sprinted down and crashed into the shop. Mike looked up in fear backing up behind the counter. I laughed evily. My peircing red eyes glowing unfront of him in all my beauty. I slammed into him and bit down hard into his neck and let the blood pump in. Mmm Deliciouse. This time i didn't even feel sorry but i did know that the guilt and greif would only come later.

I cleaned up in the shop and turned to look at the time. It was 7:34pm great Iam late.

I raced up through the forest and back home where Edward waited impaitently.

"There you are! Where have you been!!" He fired

"Oh sorry I lost track of time....I-I forgot to take my watch" I pointed to the watch on the table

He sighed in relief and smiled

"Oh what are we going to do with you?!" He chuckled and kissed my head.

All was calm in the Cullens house all of Jasper whom glared at me through narrowed eyes...

Did he know what I did or not?

I threw myself down by the fire and stared at the flames. The guilt greif and pain was flooding back. I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head.

"Why do you feel guilty Bella?" Jasper asked quietly

My eyes snapped open.


What was i suppose to say? Oh yeah I killed a couple of humans whom I wish i didn't? Jeesh..

"Oh, uh nothing Important Jasper. Just thinking of ah...Somethings in the past?" I looked at him and forced a smile on my face.

"Right...Sure nothing Important.." I could tell by his Glassy Glare he didn't beileve me one bit.

I sat up and pretened to read a book...

Although all the horrid recent memories came drifting back and only one qustion remaind un answerd in my mind.

What had I done?