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Unexpected Love

Bella dying and there's only one thing that could make her life better. Jacob. But, when she finally gets to him, she's already in great pain and could die at any second. Will Jacob save her or will she die instantly?

This is only one chapter, well I guess you'll find that out when you read it. I saw the story in a dream, so thats why its really random. Stephenie Meyer saw Twilight in a dream, but I guess my a more weird. I'm totally team Edward, all the way. So please dont ask me why Bella goes against Edward, it was part of the dream. By the way, everyone's human, Jacob, Edward and Bella.

1. Unexpected Love

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I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my life, but this one has to be the most stupidest. I could have prevented it, I could have stopped it, but I listened to my heart instead of my head. I don’t regret what I did though, because if I hadn’t of done it then he wouldn’t have knew what I felt and I hoped he felt the same too. This is how my idiotic story goes:

I was doing what I did every night, I had no choice. Charlie had lost his job and we were completely broke. Every night I would go out, completely dressed in black and search for a vacant house. Once I had found one, I would sneak in through the front window, which I had smashed, disable the alarm and then the whole would be mine. I would take valuable belongings, up-to-date electronics, and expensive clothes. Normally I wouldn’t get loads of money for them, seems as they’ve already been used, but it was enough for me and Charlie to live off.

Tonight I felt free and alive, and had to rob something bigger and better than a normal house. Today I would rob the most expensive, luxurious, mansion I had ever seen.

Its floors toward high over me, as I stood on the front drive. I eyed every window, no lights. Good. I took the crowbar carefully out of my bag and opened the front window. I search the room before I stepped through high priced window frame, I realized there was no security alarms. I felt a ripple of glory run through me as I realized I didn’t have to fuss about with complicated wires.

I snuck upstairs, careful not to make a noise and entered the first bedroom. I figured it was a teenagers bedroom. I looked in draws and handbags and found ipods, blackberry’s and a contact books full of A-listers. I stuffed them all in my rucksack and headed for bedroom number two.

Opening the door I found out it was the master bedroom. The massive king-sized bed was covered in pillows and throws. I decided to head towards the open walk-in-wardrobe and franticly stuffed all the clothes I could in my bag, I had no room left now.

So I crept out and down the stairs. I was just about to leave when something grabbed my feet and pulled them from under me. I crashed onto the floor and cut my head on the corner of the table. I turned around to see what had tripped me up. A small, black haired, lady stood over me, I guess she was the maid by the way she dressed. She pressed her foot on my stomach to prevent me from getting up.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

I didn’t answer her. What could I sat: ‘Hi I’m Bella Swan. I have no money whatsoever so I just came to rob this house.’ Of course I couldn’t say that!

She looked at my overflowing rucksack.

“I should have known,” she said to herself. “Not another one.”

She rifled through her pocket and took out a bottle filled with a clear liquid. She pulled my chin down, forcing me to open my mouth and poured the liquid down my throat.

Suddenly I felt a hot, burning pain making its way around every part of my body. It was poison. The burning became hotter and hotter, it felt as if I had a roaring flame in every inch of me. I couldn’t help but let out an ear-piercing scream. The maid only found amusement in my agony.

“Ha,” she laughed to herself. “The sucker should be dead in a day.” Then she walked off laughing even more to herself.

A day, I thought, I have another day of this hair-ripping pain! I had to get out of this hell-hole of a house. I pulled myself up to the window ledge, leaving my bag, and shuffled out of the open window. I landed with a thump on the sharp stones, they made deep cuts all over my body. But I had no time for sympathising myself, I was already dieing and it was all my fault.

I was starting to gain ability of my legs again, even though they hurt like hell. I ran and ran as far away from that terrifying house as I could. I wasn’t sure where I was running though. I figured I should run to someone who would make my last minutes on earth worth while, not agony while they brought me to the hospital and tried to fix me. They couldn’t. No-one could suck poison out of your body once it had already put in. So I guess that ruled Charlie out.

Edward. I could see Edward. Then it hit me, Edward doesn’t love me, he says he does. But if he does then why is he out partying in a club and never spending time with me. He never stays with me at night, he never sends me flowers. If he doesn’t do the obvious things, then what does he do? Nothing. I have finally realized all Edward Cullen wants me for is arm candy.

I had never really seen what was in front of me. I had finally admitted to myself that I was in love with Jacob Black. I always new he was in love with me but never really thought I was in loved him back. I had practically known him all my life and he has always had a thing for me. It was obvious now, I got worried when I didn’t know where he was, missed him when he wasn’t there and loved it when he was there.

I ran as fast as I could to Jake‘s house, despite the intense burning now in my chest. When I got there I found myself falling to the ground outside his house. I crawled over to the door and knocked as hard as I could, which wasn’t very hard.

Billy answered the door.

“Bella,” he exclaimed. Then he took a proper look at me. “Are you ok you look really hurt.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I lied. “Where’s Jake?” My chest felt like it was about to explode.

“Are you sure your ok?” he questioned again.

“Yes!” I realized I was still lying on the floor. I quickly got up, well, as quickly as I could. “Where’s Jake?!”

“At La Push beach,” he said. This time trying not to get on my nerves.

I ran to La Push beach even though all I wanted to do was lie down and die silently.

When I got there I saw a dark misted shape in the distance, it was skimming pebbles along the sea surface. When I got closer I knew it was Jake, a gut instinct.

“Jake!” I exclaimed, as loud as I could.

“Bella, what are you doing here?” he questioned.

“Jake,” I said and threw my tired arms around his neck. “Jake…I love you.” I underestimated how much I really did love him. He was the centre of my dieing life.

“Ok, ok, Bells, slow down,” he eased out of my tight grip. “You know I love you too right?”

He didn’t understand, “No, Jake, I really love you.” Before he could reply to my wild statement I smashed my lips into his. I had little time left in my short life and I had to make it worth while. His warm lips kissed me back, love conquered pain and suddenly I could feel no burning. I let the love and excitement run through my veins, letting it take over my whole body.

Jake was the first one to tear away from our embrace, but he didn’t say anything, just staring into my eyes. I stared into his back, his big black eyes were filled with happiness and joy of love. I stroked the stray strands of long black hair off his face and rested my hand on his cheek.

But suddenly all the pain came back at once, and it was ten times worse. It sent shots round ever limb and suffocated all blood circulation. I collapsed in Jake’s strong arms, as my mind went into overload.

“Bells…what….how…you…are…Bells,” Jake’s voice was blocked out.

I couldn’t think, hear, see or speak, all sense of senses disappeared from my knowledge. The whole world was blocked out as I let the poison take over my mind. The fat, ugly maid said it would take twenty-four hours, why was I dieing so quickly? The pain increased so I could no longer control anything in my body, I was even struggling to keep my brain working.

I would die soon, and when I do I wish Jake a happy life. I wish I had never come to him, at least then when I did die he would get on with his life. Find a wife, have three kids and a dog, like most normal people. But, at least I died in my loves arms, and that’s all I could wish for in life.

After that I let my mind slip away into eternal sleep, there’s nothing else I could think…