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Emmett loves picking on his newest sister. When he searches online for the best prank ever, he can't wait to test it out on Bella. Will he succeed on his mission? Who said Emmett Cullen wasn't smart?! The sequel is now posted, so go to Payback and see if Bella gets her revenge! Enjoy! The beloved characters I reference do not belong to me, but the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with them for awile. Cheers!

The beloved characters I reference do not belong to me, but the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with them for awile.

1. Chapter 1- The Plan

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“Emmett Cullen, I’m telling you right now, that is not a good idea!,” Alice shrieked as she glided through my bedroom, coming to a halt, hands firmly on her hips. Her spiky black hair swayed as she shook her head in annoyance.

“Do not push that button Emmett.”

I glanced up at her from the computer, just about ready to make my online purchase. I had searched for the last two hours, on my mission to find the best darn prank I could pull on Bella. Edward was going to kill me. Bella was going to be more red faced than ever. This was going to be great!

“And what are you going to do about it Alice?,” a sly grin forming across my face. I leaned back in my computer chair as far as I could, propping my hands up behind my head.

“You are never going to pull this off Emmett, Edward will surely see what’s going on in that moronic mind of yours, and well, you know how that’s gonna go. I’ve already seen it.”

She seemed confidently satisfied as her smug smirk crept up.

“No, Edward is not going to read my mind. I have that taken care of. And yes, I do know how it’s going to go. Let me change that vision for you Alice, since I’ve just now decided what I’m going to do if you even think about letting Edward in on the plan.”

Her vision suddenly shifted, and she froze. I could see the absolute terror stricken panic spread across her icy features, and I knew I got her.

“You wouldn’t!!,” her jaw dropped in fear.

I envisioned how incredibly funny her entire wardrobe was going to look after I cut the sleeves off her shirts and the butt cheeks out of her pants. I was quite proud of myself for thinking up that one. Who said Emmett Cullen wasn’t smart? I could be smart if I wanted to be.

“You know I would,” I smirked. “This prank is going to be funny and you know it. Just sit back and enjoy.”

Yes, this would be the best one yet! And the look on Bella’s face, well, let’s just say it will be worth the beating Edward will attempt to unleash on me later, which of course, I will look forward to like always.

Alice sighed, knowing I had her. Yes!

Alice then froze. After a moment, her features finally releasing forming the smug line of her lips into a wide, white, razor teeth grin.

“Is that a smile I see on your lips Alice?,” she envisioned the outcome of my prank, I just knew it! She knew I would pull this off, and it would be funny. And Emmett Cullen would be king!

“You know Emmett, Edward is going to kill you for this. But the outcome, is going to priceless, just you wait and see…” and with that she spun on her heels and flitted out the door.

I pushed the ‘enter’ button triumphantly the make my purchase and knew that tomorrow would be a magnificent day. The skyrocket price on overnight delivery was worth the price of my awesome day of Bella’s ultimate embarrassment.

Yes, tomorrow was going to be an awesome day.

My prank was something that I couldn’t pull on my fellow vampire siblings because of the nature of it. It wouldn’t be realistic. But Bella, with her it would be absolutely believable, and well worth the consequences.

I had tomorrow figured out. Rosalie was planning on going shopping as soon as the doors opened at the mall in Seattle. Esme was going with her to pick up some new fabric samples that she ordered. Carlisle was working the 14 hour night shift at the hospital and getting home around noon. Alice was going to be home with Jasper, helping him paint their bedroom. And because of her vision, she knew she didn’t dare mess with Emmett Cullen’s plan, so Jasper was in the clear too. And Edward, well he was supposed to be prancing around in his precious meadow with Bella tomorrow morning, so I knew I was covered until lunchtime when she would be surely hungry and making her way to the Cullen kitchen for lunch. I had that taken care of too. My plan was going to work out as planned.

Yes, this was going to be a glorious day!