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Emmett loves picking on his newest sister. When he searches online for the best prank ever, he can't wait to test it out on Bella. Will he succeed on his mission? Who said Emmett Cullen wasn't smart?! The sequel is now posted, so go to Payback and see if Bella gets her revenge! Enjoy! The beloved characters I reference do not belong to me, but the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with them for awile. Cheers!

The beloved characters I reference do not belong to me, but the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. I am just playing with them for awile.

2. Chapter 2 - The Package

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My package came bright and early the next day. The UPS driver shied back away from me catching a glimpse of my toothy grin when I greeted him at the door to sign for my package.


Guess I should have toned that down a bit.

Oh well.

I shut the door and strutted toward the unused room of our house carrying my splendid brown box of wonder. I was ever grateful Esme kept a full stock of batteries in the kitchen drawer next to the stove.

I found my way there to grab the stash needed for the ultimate fun-filled day I had planned.

Earlier that morning before Edward left to pick up Bella, I had asked him to bring Bella back later after noon to have lunch, convincing him I was going to whip up something special for Bella because I was thinking about trying my hand at culinary school next time I enrolled in college. Edward shook his head probably thinking I totally lost it this time.

Genius Emmett, I thought to myself.

Keeping my thoughts at that for the morning was enough to keep Edward at bay without hearing my plans. For the most part, he tried to keep out of my head because he didn’t like the moments I thought of Rose and our most intimate…focus Emmett you are on a mission.

I told Rose and Esme they had to be back by noon today. I wanted them to witness this mastermind plot of mine. I told them I wanted to go hunting and thought that it would be a nice day to double date, and that Carlisle and I were going to ‘spend the day with our beautiful ladies.’ Carlisle thought it was fishy by the look on his face last night, but figured since it was coming from me, it would probably be odd. But as usual, he just went with it.

Of course, Rose and Esme fell for it. Women will believe just about any romantic mumbo-jumbo you feed to them.

Yes, Emmett Cullen can be smart.

I grabbed my fresh pack of batteries and bounded to the living to set up my stunt. While I tore into the momentous box, I laughed out loud at the very thought of how this was going to turn out.

”Emmett, you have no idea!”, I heard Alice chime from upstairs.

Ugh. Why is she trying to ruin all my fun?

Stupid little pixie…

Cool, bubblewrap. *pop* *pop… pop…pop*

Focus Emmett.

Digging further into my box, I found the two pieces to my ever genius prank, and installed the batteries in their rightful places and gave it a test run. Laughter boomed throughout the room as I doubled over on the couch.

“Very funny Emmett. So mature,” the annoying little voice giggled from upstairs.

“It IS funny and you know it!”

“Emmett you have NO idea how funny it’s going to be!”, Jasper chuckled in the distance.

“Thank you Jasper! A little more love from you Alice?!” I chimed in annoyance.

“Oh Emmett, you are gonna need love from anyone you can get love from when you’re done with this!”

Both Alice and Jasper stifled laughter from upstairs.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?!”

Ugh, why does she do this to me? Forget them, they are NOT going to ruin my fun. Bella will hate me, but this was going to be sw-eee-t!

I strategically placed the prank precisely where it needed to go and flicked the plasma to Sport Center to pass the time. Only three hours to go.

Yes, this was going to be a memorable day in the Cullen house.

This was going to be a victorious day for Emmett Cullen, I could feel it!