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You Took The Key

This is how I think Bella, Edward, or any one else may feel in New Moon.

This is my first story so i hope you like it.

1. Chapter 1

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You Took The Key

By KaDan J. Skeens

You asked me why I don't let my heart free

But don't you know that you took the key

You naively think that my heart can just fly away to another

But do you not see that I love only you

Even though you left me with no one to turn to

You may have taken my family

You may have taken my best friend

You may have even left me bleeding with dread

But if I know one thing that will always be true

Is that I love you

I love your crooked smile

your daring looks

I even love your stubbornness

But how am I suppose to live with this steel nail driving into my heart ever time I am reminded of you

How am I suppose to forget you when just hearing music play makes the nail dig further



Can you take away the music

Or take away my memories

The answer is no

But you can come back and unlock the chains

You can do so much to stop the pain

Just say three words

And make them true

Say you love me and only me

I gave you my key

So please give me yours

Not by force

Not by gilt

Give it to me because you love me as I love you

And that may not be true but it has given me hope ever since...

You took the key