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You Took The Key

This is how I think Bella, Edward, or any one else may feel in New Moon.

This is my first story so i hope you like it.

3. Chapter 3

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My Angel Is Gone

By KaDan J. Skeens

You were an angel

But I just couldn't reach

Cause you were miles away

And I just breeched

You never looked down

But I looked up

Only to see that you were gone

Man did I mess up

I let you go with out a proper good bye

Its a shame that I cant fly

Cause I would hold you and say sweet things

But I don't have wings

It a shame how these things work

How I left but I feel abandon

How your dead but I'm still here

How I'm the one who is in tears

Its a shame your gone and I'm all alone

But don't worry I'm coming home