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My eyes traced over his features: the hard square of his jaw, he soft curve of his full lips- twisted into a smile now, the straight line of his nose, the sharp angle of his cheekbones, the smooth marble span of his forehead covered by his darkened bronze hair.
His eyes were wide, warm with a soft green, and framed by a thick fringe of black lashes. I dazed into them losing my train of thought...
Bella had lived in 1918 with her pig headed mother and her father who was never at home to love her. Her mother changed everything in her life when she had ordered her to start accepting the men who were courting her. The first one in line...Robert Fitzgerald also known as edward. HIs soul has a little secret...he had been reincarnating for two times. he wanted to find love and finnaly did when Bella arrived. Everything changed when Bella got sick and Robert went to war. What happened to their love??? Read to find out...

this love story is wonderful... edward and bella's roller coaster... i hope you love it!!!!! DISCLAIMER: i do not own anything in twilight...but i hope edward is real and he is mine... i know every team edward agrees with me

1. Chapter 1

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“Come on Miss Isabella,” said my Lady-in-waiting sweetly, maybe thinking that I have the same kind of temper of temper as my mother. Today will be the worst day ever because I am going to meet the man I should marry, also having tea with my future mother-in- law.

I stood up for my maid to make the final touches on my new tailored silk dress. As my mom planned everything was perfect my hair, my makeup, and especially my dress. Being the Governor’s only daughter I should be a good role model to the ladies in our town, as my mother, Renee, said. Since we were one of the richest families, we live in a 500 acre land. In the middle of the land is our huge mansion that my grandmother had passed. It consists of about ten bedrooms and one bathroom for each, not counting our servant’s chambers.

Girls in town always envious of me for getting everything since I always wear lovely dresses and riding on best carriages everywhere we go. But I do not want any of these. They do not now that I am jealous of them. I want to wear normal clothes. I want to walk to the store and buy what mother I missing in the kitchen. I also want to do chores like milking a cow! I never….

“Bella,” Mother entered the room, breaking my trance.

“Ah… you look beautiful as planned. But I hope that it is beautiful enough that Robert will swoon over you,” she scowled.

“You look beautiful too mother,” I said quickly changing the subject. But it’s true she is beautiful. Because underneath the pound of makeup is the most naturally beautiful face of my mother. She was wearing her favorite green tea dress. She put her hair up into a stylish bun and finished it off with a gold butterfly barrette on the right side. She was also covered with jewelry on her arm, and her neck. All I can say is that she is too overdressed. Maybe she really does like Robert and wants his mother to know what kind of family her future daughter-in-law is coming from. I shuddered at the thought.

“Are you ready Isabella?” she asked, flicking off invisible lint on her shoulder. I nodded knowing the worst was coming.

I stepped up on the carriage and sat on the red velvet chair. The carriage waited for mother to come in and then headed to the Fitzgerald’s house on the other end of town. “Don’t you just love the fact that we always have fresh air around us, knowing that we won’t ever get sick?” I groaned quietly. Mother is trying to start her talks about the sickness going around town. Mother had been scared after father told us about a poor peasant girl dying because of a sickness called the Spanish influenza. The doctors do not know where it came from but they are trying to prevent it from spreading away from town.

We entered the busy street of town. Everyone was making way for our carriage to pass by. Then I saw her, she was in the middle of the busy street. She was lying down on the road being purposely stepped at by people around her. She was breathing heavily because she was sick in her eyes she was suffering. I looked away from the horrible sight.

“Didn’t our president, Wilson, assign some doctors here in Chicago? Aren’t they from France?” I asked lightly not wanting her to know that I heard it from my maid.

“Well yes, that’s true. Our president decided that we need help from France. He called them and they sent their best doctors, good looking ones too. Especially that doctor name Carlisle Cullen.” I looked back at the girl on the ground already behind us. But I could see that five men were already taking her away. How can this be happening in this beautiful town?

We arrived in front of the most beautiful house I had ever seen. It was already covered by moss indicating how antique the house is. But the house was not covered by bricks but by mirrors, huge, grand mirrors. We walked up to the door and were opened by a butcher.

“Welcome Ms., Mrs. Please come in. And please feel free to walk around while I get Mrs. Fitzgerald.” He said while climbing up one of the staircase. There were two staircases meeting at the top. At the top is where the butcher went in maybe leading to another hall or into a room. Everything was just so open, a never ending of the pure sunlight of a Chicago sun.

After a few minutes a very thin, old lady came out at the door. She was wearing the most exquisite dress I had ever seen. It was a black and red dress with a white corsage.

“Mrs. Fitzgerald!” Mother called sweetly.

“Call me Tina,” she exclaimed as she walked down the stairs. She was smiling widely maybe showing off her white teeth. As she smiled her cheekbones went up right underneath her eyes. If you look closely you could see her dazzling emerald eyes.

“Darling can you lead us to garden for tea,” Tina said to her maid right always beside her. The maid nodded, smiled, and led us to the backyard.

The garden looked as beautiful as inside there house. We were always surrounded by roses with different kinds of colors. It was a perfect place to lay a blanket on the soft grass and just read all day. But instead of a blanket they had a round table with four chairs surrounding it. The table was covered with a pale pink sheet. I sighed as I only saw three sets laid out. Good he won’t be her, I thought to myself happily.

At the side of the table stood two gentlemen wearing black tailcoats their hair was combed back, the first one was carrying the tea pot with his white gloved hand an the other one was carrying a cup of sugar cubes with also a gloved hand.

Then we started tea. Everything went smoothly talking about the troubles of money. But then my mother asked the most dreadful question that I had been dodging since we came here. “Where is your son?”

“Oh, do you mean by Robert? Well, he is out.” I sighed. “But he said he won’t be out long because he wants to meet you Isabella,” she smiled. I was about to pray that he won’t be here when we heard footsteps coming towards us and a rough voice. “Mother!”

“Ah… there he is. Robert I would like to meet you Isabella,” Tina said. I stood up looking up to see him as I shake his hand.

I gasped quietly. My eyes traced over his features: the hard square of his jaw, he soft curve of his full lips- twisted into a smile now, the straight line of his nose, the sharp angle of his cheekbones, the smooth marble span of his forehead covered by his darkened bronze hair.

His eyes were wide, warm with a soft green, and framed by a thick fringe of black lashes. I dazed into them losing my train of thought.

I shook his warm awaiting hands and said breathlessly, “My name is Isabella, pleasure to meet you.”