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My eyes traced over his features: the hard square of his jaw, he soft curve of his full lips- twisted into a smile now, the straight line of his nose, the sharp angle of his cheekbones, the smooth marble span of his forehead covered by his darkened bronze hair.
His eyes were wide, warm with a soft green, and framed by a thick fringe of black lashes. I dazed into them losing my train of thought...
Bella had lived in 1918 with her pig headed mother and her father who was never at home to love her. Her mother changed everything in her life when she had ordered her to start accepting the men who were courting her. The first one in line...Robert Fitzgerald also known as edward. HIs soul has a little secret...he had been reincarnating for two times. he wanted to find love and finnaly did when Bella arrived. Everything changed when Bella got sick and Robert went to war. What happened to their love??? Read to find out...

this love story is wonderful... edward and bella's roller coaster... i hope you love it!!!!! DISCLAIMER: i do not own anything in twilight...but i hope edward is real and he is mine... i know every team edward agrees with me

4. Chapter 4

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I was appalled on how Robert had changed through the years. His golden eyes had convinced me that he was eating—drinking though maybe a better word, the same diet as we Cullens do. His eyebrows were furrowed with distinction and confusion. And last but not least, were his lips that were formed into a tight smile, telling me that he did not know what to do.

My feelings though were mixed up at first, but never stayed that way. It was like how the Wheel of Fortune— instead of prizes they were feelings— spins around a minute or two and when it stops the little arrow points to the red tab that says, anger.

I wasn’t only angry to him but also to myself. I was dumb enough to even call his attention, letting him know I was there. Why didn’t I just run away? I can’t—.

“Dr. Bella Cullen, they need you in the surgery room now, Dr. Bella Cullen.” The call of the intercom made me look up for one second, thanking above.

I walked away from him halfheartedly. The pit of my stomach was sending electric shocks all over my body. I felt the hair on the nape of my neck stand up as I felt his gaze following me.

I passed May who was still outside of my office door. “Tell Dr. Masen To stay in my office and wait for me there and your done for the day.” As May nodded in thanks I walked to the surgery room, thickening my shield and pushing the monster into the closed vault.

Walking back to my office took a lot of effort, knowing that Robert was waiting for me. People passed by and I could hear their rhythmic heartbeats. Listening to all of them at once was like a symphony that was needed to be adjusted and add a note here and there; it will create a wonderful harmony.

I imagined on how my heart will be reacting right now. It will probably be beating out of chest and will be heard by the patients around me.

I remembered the day Carlisle told me on what I had become. He was amazed on how my flu disencumbered the searing pain of the venom. I was floating in nothingness for three whole days and waking up with strength, agility, and the hollow burning of my throat.

I sobbed tearlessly for two straight days. For my mother and father— never having the chance to even say goodbye, for myself—never being able to have a normal and carefree life ever again. And of course for Robert—he was gone and nothing else mattered but him… how could I have forever if I don not have the love of my life.

But of course I was not alone, I had my new family. My family was no disposable thing. They loved me and I loved them back.

Everyday I will place a straight face for Esme, but it will always come to a blank. Carlisle always let my family believe that there was still hope, that we still have a soul. I snorted in my thought. Well Carlisle I don’t think I have a soul in me… look at me, I told him every single time he talks about that subject. After saying my ‘script’, I would run away until I couldn’t hear their conversation anymore.

I continued walking down the long, white hallways—now ignoring what was happening around me. I had to concentrate to calm myself down before I talk to Robert. I just had to get over my stupid feelings and calm myself down for the rest of my work days. It sounds so hard!

Hiring a new assistant was never a problem, until now!

I stopped in front of my door. Before I went in I let out a big sigh and pasted and eased look on my face. I would not let Robert ruin my already eerie and imperfect life with my family and myself. Never let this guy get into my head!

I walked in the room and saw Robert standing, with his back facing me and his face facing my big window. My room was rather spacious than other doctors.

They gladly gave me this room because I was one of the owners of the hospital. Our family bought it from Forks to help them better because they were already in the bankrupt stage. We didn’t want the hospital to go down or else we will never see the wonderful town again.

The three walls were covered with peach colored wallpaper, while the other wall was my whole window that shows a beautiful view of the forest, the mountains and at the east was the vat, black waters of the La Push Beach. Bookshelves were lined at the corner that held books I had from my previous doctor degrees. In the middle was my mahogany office table that almost takes up the whole center, my leather chair was pushed forward behind it. In front of it were two sofas facing a marble coffee table.

I cleared my throat to announce my presence. Robert turned around. The beautiful face held my favorite crooked smile that lights up my own world. Just as I was staring at him the clouds from outside separated a little bit, just enough to emit rays of the rare sun fall on Robert’s face, of course causing it to conjure up vast of tiny diamonds that sparkled. I gasped quietly out loud but was swearing inside my head, his little tactics were apparently working!

But it ended immediately as the clouds covered the penetrating sun while it traveled in the wind with the dark sky.

“Mr. Masen, have a seat please,” I said, pointing at the sofas. He walked and sat down briskly, in answer, his skin once again livid.

“Please call me Edward. That’s my real name.” The meaning of those words was like neon lights burning my eyes. I hid my surprised face away from him. The rough voice that I heard like it was yesterday had been amended to become a deep, smooth, velvet voice. His velvet voice can cause my grieving days long but forgotten.

“Well…Edward can you explain to me why you missed the surgery today?” I still hid my face, I didn’t want him to see my face when I get out of control and just run to him. Control was never my middle name, especially when it consists of Edward. So I walked over to my table sitting down on my leather chair.

‘My transportation was rather slow.” His answer came out fluidly that I can’t keep up. His voice reminded me of the actors that would beg for a voice like that. The velvet can seduce you for hours, wanted to be heard right under your earlobe.

“Mr. Masen, this is Forks. Traffics are to be begged in this town,” I informed him. I was signing the paper works for my patients—that was left by May for me to finish. There was so much to do I just have to do it in an inhuman speed. I was done in less than a minute.

Right after I stacked the last piece of paper on top of the others, my chair was swerved around in sudden speed that I took a sharp breath, for I was facing him. “Bella, I cannot stand this,” he murmured. He leaned down; his eyes locked ogling with mine. He continued leaning down until his forehead was on mine. The warmth surged throughout my body causing a desire of wanting more. His nose touched mine then his hands went to my hair, pushing me forward. It was going to happen. It was really going to happen! Maybe the kiss that I had gotten decades ago wasn’t really my last kiss after all…. I shook my head, shaking his hands away, and causing his face to be molded into anguish.

For me Robert was dead. He was somewhere above watching over me. His body was decaying six feet down the ground. This Edward guy is an imposter, a poseur! ROBERT IS DEAD! Maybe he does look like the man I loved but I do not want to give in. I had promised, vowed, and gave my word to myself that Robert was the only and last man that I would love.

My hand briskly flew to my throat that held my necklace.

“I vowed to myself,” I declared out loud. “That when I ever take this off, it means that I had moved on— I got over the man I had loved decades ago. But I promise you that you will never see me without this necklace. Ever.”

“But Bella—.”

“Did I give you a permission to address me with my name? You will address me as Dr. Cullen and I would do same.”

I exhaled loudly, getting more unneeded breath into my lungs. I was probably holding my breath when Edward’s face was right in front of me. The smell of the room was intoxicating. Edward’s scent wanted me to fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness of what I had said… I pushed the thoughts away be strong Bella it is Robert you want not Edward…he is not Robert.

I closed my eyes trying to shove the conflicts away in this story—a story that apparently is confusing the readers by changing the name of the beautiful man that I fell in love with into another one.

His muffled steps were getting closer but I didn’t budge because I wanted him to be near me. My mind was shoved into two different alternative universes— one is the universe where there is no vocabulary that can even go near to the word kindness, monsters roamed the area trashing the place with hatred, and two is the universe planted with not just trees but love, soft trimmed grasses were watered with compassion and the skies was filled with pure friendship and understanding.

His words suddenly fed my ringing ears with a horse voice as he wrapped his arms around me. “I’m meant to marry you Isabella. I’m meant to.”