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Sequel to "Because of Her". Bella is about to be changed, but a few certain beings interrupt...

Okay, you guys asked for a sequel, and here it is!

2. Lost

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Bella's POV

"Edward!!?" I yelled into the Cullen house. Olivia and Brant followed me into the front room. I did not believe what I saw. The once beautiful, antique, elegant old house was practically destroyed. The railing up the stairs was torn out and lay splintered on the floor. The beautiful hardwood floor had claw marks in it and was scratched beyond repair. The last thing I saw almost broke my heart. Edward's beautiful grand piano, smashed, keys scattered on the floor, legs broken to bits. I knew Edward loved his piano, but the price tag on it did not matter. The sentimental value was what I mourned for. Edward had played my lullaby on it, I had grown to love it too. But I knew it could easily be replaced, and it didn't matter at the moment.

"Where are they?" I said turning to Olivia. "I haven't the slightest idea." She replied, examining the damage, as if looking for clues. "Who won the fight??" I asked panicking. "It looks like the Cullens had the upper hand the entire time, and that the werewolves eventually retreated.” Brant said smelling the air. “But I could be wrong.” He added grimly.

Edward’s POV

We spent almost the entire night searching for Bella. It was so strange, I could smell that Bella had been here, the smell was strong. But right when it got to the strongest point, it was gone, no trails leading away. But there was another scent mixed with hers. It smelled like another vampire, maybe two. The Volturi? Victoria? I couldn’t be sure. All I knew was that I had to find Bella. Even as a vampire I knew the temperatures were dropping. It wasn’t safe for her out here.

A small figure came running to me. At first I hoped it was Bella, but she was running too fast to be human. “Edward!” Alice yelled hurtling herself at me. She stopped fluidly in front of me, her face panicked. “The Volturi are coming for Bella! We have to find her and change her, NOW!!” She said, her golden eyes wide. “NO!!” I yelled. They couldn’t be coming now! Where was Bella?? “Let’s go back to the house, she may have gotten back.” Alice suggested. “Alright, but we leave the rest of the family to look for Bella.” She nodded and we took off to the house.

We had gone a long way into the forest, but it still only took about five minutes to find our way back to the house. Bella's scent was strong now. I felt so stupid trying to find her by smell, like a hound or a tracker. We burst into the house and Bella was there with two vampires, Brant and Olivia. "Edward!" Bella yelled as we ran into the room. She ran over to me and I embraced her. "What happened?" She asked, her voice muffled because she was still clinging to me. "Don't worry, the dogs left. No one was hurt." "Good." She said softly. "Bella, I need to change you now. The Volturi are coming." Her beautiful brown eyes were suddenly huge. "Don't worry Bella. It's going to be alright." I murmered softly in her ear. "Alice, go get the rest of the family." I said. I scooped Bella up in my arms and ran up to my room.

Bella's POV

Edward picked me up in his arms and ran me up to his room. He sat down on the bed and set me on his lap. "I'm sorry we have to go through with this in such a rush. But it's the only way." He explained regretfully. "I don't care as long as I'm with you." I said truthfully. He smiled my favorite crooked smile, then his face went serious. He bent down slowly and kissed my lips. His mouth found my neck, and he bit down into my flesh.

Then the fire began