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Sequel to "Because of Her". Bella is about to be changed, but a few certain beings interrupt...

Okay, you guys asked for a sequel, and here it is!

5. The Volturi

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Alice's POV

We were discussing Bella's ability in the living room when a vision overtook me. I eagerly gave myself into it, wanting to know what it could be.
The Volturi, a good portion of them, were running through a Forks rainforest, the group consisted of Aro, Jane, Alec, Felix and Demetri. They were looking for the house. Aro looked over at Demetri. Demetri sniffed the air for a brief second then took off running. A moment later they emerged out of a fringe of trees to our backyard. "Is the girl here?" Aro asked him pleasantly as if he were asking the time of day, and Demetri nodded with a frightening smile. The vision began to fade, and I was suddenly back in the living room.

Jasper was holding me in his arms. "What did you see?" he asked me, and an overpowering wave of calm washed over me. "First, the Volturi are coming faster than I thought, they'll be here in about two hours. Second, don't try to calm me that much. I need to think!" I said. The calm feeling was beinginning to fade away, thank goodness, and Bella had anxious look on her face. Edward clearly saw her distress and put his arms around her, holding her tight. "Well," Olivia said breaking the silence, "We'll have to be sure of Bella's ability before they get here, and I know exactly who to test her with." She looked at her husband wryly. He grinned back at her.

Bella's POV'

"Who should we test it on?" I asked curiously. Olivia smiled brightly. "Brant, of course!" she said in an excited voice. "What's his ability?" Alice asked. "My ability works somewhat like Edward's," Brant replied, "Only instead of reading your mind, I can talk to you through mine. It's pretty much the opposite of mind-reading, only I can control who I communicate with." "Well let's try it!" Alice said. "Okay." Brant agreed.

He turned his gaze to me. I resisted the temptation to look away. His face screwed up in concentration, then a look of defeat came over his face. "I can't get into her mind." he declared. I fixed my gaze back on him. Too bad for you! I'm too cool for you! I chanted in my head. Brant burst out laughing. "What?" he said between laughs. I grinned. I said, Too bad for you! I'm too cool for you! Besides, I'm the mind master! Ohh, that's catchy! Mind master, Mind master, Mind master!.. I said in my head like a three-year-old. Now I was really worried that he might laugh to death. Was that possible? "Yes," He said trying very hard not to laugh, "I heard you, 'Mind master'." I blushed. I didn't really expect him to hear me, but apparently he did.

The next hour was filled with me getting into Edward's thoughts and taunting Brant with my voice in his head. Then I got a rumbling feeling in my stomach. "I'm hungry." I declared. Everyone laughed. "Time to go hunting." Edward said, chuckling.

We all filed out the back door and into the forest. I immeditately smelled and heard a deer running throught the woods. I quickly overpowered it and killed it quick and painlessly. I then drained it of its sweet warm blood.
I drank from two more deer and I was lucky enough to taste Grizzly bear as well. Hunting was more thrilling than I thought it would be. I gave myself into my senses, but like Rosalie, I didn't like feeling like an animal. But as long as I could be with Edward, I didn't care. We met back together and headed back to the house.

It only seemed like we were back for a second when a knock came from the back door. More Vampires. The Volturi, no doubt. Carlisle went to answer the door. The door opened to five vampires: Aro, Demetri, Felix, Jane and Alec. "So, have you changed the girl?" Aro asked pleasantly. I stepped forward timidly. "Wonderful!" He said as if it really were the most wonderful thing in the world. He turned to me. "And do you have any abilities, my dear?" he asked curiously. "I'm not really sure, but I think I can use other vampire's abilities against them, if their ability works with the mind." I explained timidly.

"Really?" He said interested. "May I see a demonstration?" He asked. Jane's eyes turned wide with fright, and what little color her face had drained from it. "What do you mean by that?" I asked cautiously. He chuckled. "Would you please show me your talent?" "I mean, on who?" I said. He looked over at Jane.

Instead of the powerful vampire she had appeared to be when I first met her, she looked like a frightened young girl she once may have been. "Well could you use it on, say, Jane?" he asked me.

I didn't want to harm her. I looked at the pitiful little girl and her eyes were pleading. She did this to Edward, why did she expect me to show mercy? I thought viciously. But I couldn't do it. I knew for a fact that it was possible, I could feel it like I could feel that I could use Brant and Edward's powers for my own use. But I just couldn't hurt this little girl. What was I saying, she did this to vampires all the time! But seeing her small childish face I just couldn't hurt her. Maybe it was something in her human life that enabled her to do this. Maybe she had been hurt so much that she earned this ability. (Please see Jane and Alec for backround on them)

"No!" I said louder than necessary. Aro looked shocked. Alec looked slightly relieved. Demetri and Felix looked at me as if I were weak. Jane gave me a grateful and relieved look. "Okay," Aro said slowly, not really knowing what to say next. "How about on me?" I nodded and stepped forward as he held out his hand my hand reached out to meet it.
Then my mind was filled with memories that were not my own.