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Sequel to "Because of Her". Bella is about to be changed, but a few certain beings interrupt...

Okay, you guys asked for a sequel, and here it is!

6. Memories

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Bella's POV

Seeing Aro's thoughts was like watching a movie at high speed. My mind was filled with thoughts that were not my own. One second I was human in what appeared to be ancient Rome, unfamiliar thoughts were flowing freely into my mind now, thoughts of life, love, hatred, despair, the image of a young woman flashed before my eyes, then she was gone, I was a vampire now, I had two male companions with me, one in the depths of despair, because of a girl?

Too late to find out, now a familiar face flashed before my eyes, Carlisle, a new vampire, insisting that I cease to drink human blood, and I insisting the opposite of him, Carlisle was gone, now I was watching the burning of two small yet familiar human children, the girl screamed out, I swooped down so quickly the unsuspecting humans gaped at how they had disappeared, I merely laughed at them. Next thing I knew I had bitten both of the children, their blood good, but not even close to La Tua Cante, so it was easier to resist drinking them dry.

The image of the two writhing children was gone, now I was in a more familiar place, Volterra, I was nearing the present rapidly, a young human boy was cowering at the sight of me, and before I knew what was happening I had bitten him and sucked him dry. These thoughts were frightening me, but they came nonetheless. Now an extremely familiar face was standing before me, Edward, he was pleading for me to kill him! I couldn't watch this, but it was impossible to stop.

Next thing I knew I was facing Edward, Alice, and my human self, looking more frightened than I had ever been. Edward held me closely, then next thing I knew I had ordered Jane to use her power on me! Edward threw himself forward to shield me, and he writhed in pain. NO! I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I seemed to be enjoying this, but I called Jane to stop. I saw her frustrated face, her lip curled back in her failure. She had always been a poor loser. I let the three of them go, giving my regards to Carlisle.

Now a large group of humans had been herded into this room. My real self gaped in horror as the Aro in me licked his lips in delight. I tried to get away from the horrible scene, but I couldn't. I saw the small hispanic woman standing there, terrified, as if she knew exactly what was to become of her. Then, in a flash of red, the humans were gone.

Now I was conversing with Felix and Demetri about none other than myself. Arguing when to come and check on me. They finally gave in to at least six months before they came to see if I was a vampire or not. To my horror, Demetri called 'Dibs' on my blood if I was not. Then I was with the two, now joined by Jane and Alec, searching for the house.

Suddenly I was back in the house, as myself, all eyes on me. Some were horrified, others were concerned, and some were simply curious. "Yes." I said weakly, "I could see his thoughts." In less than a second I was swept away from Aro by Edward, now closely embraced by him. "Are you alright?" he murmered softly in my ear. I realized I was shaking. I calmed myself and nodded.

"Well," Aro began, "we now know that you have changed Bella, and we will bother you no more," he paused, "I just want to ask though. Are you sure you do not wish to join the Volturi?" He turned from me. "Any of you?" We all shook our heads. Except for one. With a strange, posessed look on her face, Olivia stepped forward. "I would like to join you." she said her expression blank, her words empty. "Olivia!" Brant cried out horrified, "What are you doing!? Come back!" She turned around with an icy glare that did not belong to her, and replied, "No, I was happier without you. I want to join and serve for the Volturi." she turned a worshipful look to them.

Then out of no where, Alice stepped forward. "I want to join as well!" she said stepping over to join Olivia. Jasper's eyes widened significantly. "Alice....please...no." Jasper said in a hoarse whisper. Edward's arms tightened around me. He was glaring at Alec, but he wasn't the only one. Jane turned a horrified and outraged look at him as well. There was some sort of silent communication going on. I had to find out. I slipped into Edward's mind and realized he had slipped into Alec's. Alec was concentrating very hard on something. I realized it must be his ability. I thought back to Aro's thoughts, trying hard to remember what his ability was.

Then it was like a lightbulb flashed above my head. He could influence people, make them do what he wanted. He was told by Aro to make Olivia and Alice join, Olivia to lure humans to the Volterra, Alice to predict for them. "NO!" I shouted at him. What color was left in Alec's pale face drained out. You idiot! I thought to myself, Use his ability against him! I focused on what I wanted Alec to do, then I invisioned him doing it. Suddenly, his expression went blank and his concentration stopped. Olivia and Alice blinked a few times, as if they were waking from a long sleep. When realizing what they were about to do, they raced back to the arms of their husbands.

Aro threw a glance at Alec that showed annoyance and aggravation. "I don't think so." I snarled viciously at Aro. All looks of pleasantness vanished from his face. He glared at Alec and Jane. Oh no. I thought, he was going to punish them for me foiling his plan. I couldn't let him do that. What was I saying!? Alec tried to help him kidnap two of my best friends!! And it was Jane who owed me, not me owing her. But she hadn't done anyting wrong. My mind was racing with indecision. Would I let him hurt them, these two who had almost no choice but to join him, or was I to fight him, and have a slim to none chance of beating him? I had barely any time to decide when one of them stepped forward, but not the one I had expected.