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forgiveness, and the outcome

my first fic! yay! i know this has been done before but i just he=ad to send out my version, so here it is; edward leaves, bella gets turned by victoria. but then bella goes all hippy chic and hippy-ish. 100 years later, back in forks...i redid the ending toc hapter 3

disclaimer;all characters except for billie and shaere belong to the fabyybabby stephanie meyer!

1. Chapter 1

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“Billie!! Shaere!! If you don’t get down here now you are in for a serious butt-whooping in the form of severe embarrassment. Don’t think I won’t!”
Suddenly, Shaere belted it down the stairs at vampire speed. “Chill out Bella! This isn’t the first time we have gone to high school! It is the first time I have nothing to wear though. It is the same situation with Billie. N-O-T-H-I-N-G T-O W-E-A-R!”
“I get it Shaere! How about, pool all of the clothes in the house together and pick an outfit out of them.” I said, calm but exasperated. I had opted for a deep blue v-neck sweater, black skinny jeans and black patent stilettos. I also decided to change my appearance back to my original form, just making myself a little curvier and keeping my eyes their usual topaz radiance. I was not the only one nervous. I was back in Forks, one hundred years after he left me. One hundred years after he ripped my heart out of my chest and ran with it. One hundred years since Victoria changed me and left me for the world to depress. I did have something to look forward to though. Tonight’s protest to save the Forks forest from bulldozers. That was one of the main reasons for coming back. But I felt a certain pull, something drawing me here like a dog is attracted to a dog treat, for lack of a better example.
“OKAY!! I have found the perfect outfit! So has Billie!” exclaimed Shaere.
“Let’s get this over with.”

We all piled into my moonstone Audi, and I drove off to meet my fate.
We squashed into the cramped reception and I introduced us.
“Hi, we are the Swans, we are the new students and we would like to collect our schedules.” I said briefly, hoping to get the day over with.
I glanced at my schedule. I had biology first lesson. We all trooped to our classes, five minutes before the bell rang, I had had my slip signed and was sitting at my desk, doodling in my note book. Surprisingly, the teacher was Mr. Banner’s grandson, and was surprisingly attractive by human standards, compared to his grandfather.
Suddenly, I got a whiff of something vampire. Crap. All I really need right now was another coven in the area. I would be highly surprised if we would be allowed to stay.
Then in walked him. The one who all but killed me by the forest.
Edward went to sit in the seat beside me, the only empty one in the room, I was informed. He turned to me and stared at me in shock. Oh shit I knew I shouldn’t have changed back to my original form.
“Bella?” he asked questionably.
“What’s it to you. I am but, why would you care?”
His face contorted into a mask of pain and misery. Then the bell went so he couldn’t answer.
Biology went quickly, and before I knew it, the bell went and I started on my way to u.s history.
“Isabella Marie swan, you are alive!” crap, Edward had caught up with me.
“Actually, I am technically dead, but again, why the hell do you care, I haven’t forgotten what happened all those years ago. Nor will me ever. Now, if you excuse me, I need to get to u.s history. As it is my first day it would not be wise to miss my lessons.” And with that, I walked off to my lesson, leaving Edward in the hallway motionless and dumbfounded.

U.s history was a blur, as were all the other lessons. Alice was in the same class as me for English, but she did not approach me, she just stared.
Finally, lunch came, and I and my coven gather outside the hell-hole known as a cafeteria.
“Are you sure about this? You don’t have to go in there.” Billie questioned.
“I’m sure bill”
I then walked into the cafeteria to face my doom.