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forgiveness, and the outcome

my first fic! yay! i know this has been done before but i just he=ad to send out my version, so here it is; edward leaves, bella gets turned by victoria. but then bella goes all hippy chic and hippy-ish. 100 years later, back in forks...i redid the ending toc hapter 3

disclaimer;all characters except for billie and shaere belong to the fabyybabby stephanie meyer!

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 To my hugest relief, none of the Cullens approached me in the cafeteria. I did have home economics with Emmet (giggle), but he did not approach me, and just gawped like Alice. Probably under Edwards command. All he did was give me a note that said Edward was sorry. Yeah, and pigs might fly. When I got home, I started to get ready for the protest. I had picked up my chains on the way home from school. The protest was a chain one, where we all chain ourselves to the trees. As I was picking up my chains and my guitar (for entertainment whilst chained up. Being chained can be very boring after a while), Edward came in through my window. “Bella!” “If you don’t mind, I have got a protest on and I cannot talk right now.” I then jumped out of the window next to him and ran to the edge of the forest, which only took two minutes in vampire speed. I then met with the other protesters, and we all helped each other with the chains. Edward was suddenly next to me, about to get me out of my chains without breaking them. “Edward Cullen what the hell do you think you doing!” “Getting you out of your chains.” “Well leave well enough alone. This is part of the protest. Oh yeah, about the note. My reply is AND PIGS MIGHT SPROUT WINGS AND DO THE MAMBO!” He then said, “Well ill chain u myself as well then if you insist on treating yourself this way.” “Well, for not the first time today, why the hell do you care. You left me and that was the end of it. So leave me and my family alone. A-L-O-N-E!” I then picked up my guitar and asked what everyone else was playing, and then started playing the tune. Edward them turned to me and pleaded; “Please Isabella, come back with me.” “No Edward, you ripped my heart out of my chest and ran with it. This protest is also for soothing I believe are right and I will stand up for my beliefs.” Edward suddenly looked extremely hurt and he fled the forest, not looking back. I continued with my guitar playing, humming the tune whilst strumming the strings and doing what was right. I stayed in that forest on the protest for a whole week before the lumberjacks agreed to sign the treaty against cutting down the forest. By then, it was past five on a Saturday afternoon. I was incredibly thirsty and called Billie and Shaere to hunt. We headed up to Alaska for our hunt, as not to lose control with bloodlust around humans still in the Forks forest. I found some bear, my personal favourite, Billie got mountain lion and Shaere bagged some elk. I was finishing off my second bear, when a sudden shadow loomed over me. I looked up into the eyes of Edward. “What are you doing here Edward?” “I came to convince you I love you. Bella, when I left you in the forest, I just about died. I could see in your eyes that you believed me when I told you the biggest lie of my existence, and I didn’t mean it at all, love. Please take me back.” “Two words for you mate. Hell no. Because of you, I was anorexic and I was also put in an insane asylum! How can I forgive you when I went through hell? Did you know they still did shock treatment? Huh? When I was changed, I finally managed to break free of that hell hole. And then I was alone for fifty-seven and a half years before I found Billie! Totally alone. I don’t think I can ever forgive you.” And with that I ran. I ran for dear life. And didn’t look back until I was sitting on my favourite cliff edge strumming my guitar. Trying to decide whether I loved him or hated him. I then felt a cool breeze and looked into the eyes of Alice, my greatest friend. “I’m so sorry Bella, I tried to tell him not to leave, but he wouldn’t listen. I’m so sorry for what you went through in that asylum. So incredibly sorry.” “Alice, don’t apologise. You have done nothing wrong. It was his entire fault. I’ve missed you so much. Come and give me a hug.” She then threw herself into my arms, squeezing me so that I would have surely been crushed if I was still human. Everything seemed to be alright. For now…