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forgiveness, and the outcome

my first fic! yay! i know this has been done before but i just he=ad to send out my version, so here it is; edward leaves, bella gets turned by victoria. but then bella goes all hippy chic and hippy-ish. 100 years later, back in forks...i redid the ending toc hapter 3

disclaimer;all characters except for billie and shaere belong to the fabyybabby stephanie meyer!

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 The rest of the week progressed without any interruption from Edward. I did, however, make up with the rest of the Cullens. It was brilliant to be on good terms with them again. Emmet was a hyper active as usual, Rosalie regarded me without the usual disdain, but it was only a little warmer. Jasper managed to give me a hug. It was actually quite nice. On the Wednesday after our school reunion, my coven and I spoke to Alice about going over to the Cullens house to see Carlisle and Esme. When we got to the house, Esme ran up to me and gave me an Emmet-style bear hug, but in a slightly gentler manner. Carlisle came up to me and messed up my hair, which I had only just managed to get perfect. Typical. “Thank-you for messing up my hair, Carlisle.” “Your welcome.” “It is wonderful to see you again Bella.” Esme greeted me “It has been too long Esme. Way too long. How have you been? You too Carlisle.” “Life has been good to us. But our family is falling apart. Edward has been depressed, which was making Jasper and Alice depressed also. Emmet was upset because his brothers wouldn’t fight with him any more, which in turn was starting to rub off on Rosalie, which makes us as parents almost in tears seeing our children this way.” “And it is my entire fault. I am so incredibly sorry. I will leave now.” And with that, I turned to go, but I felt a restraining hand on my upper arm. “please don’t go sweetie, I have missed you so much. So has Carlisle.” I hugged her so that her bones would have shattered if she were a human. “Thank-you, Esme.” “What for?” “For being so kind to me after I ripped your family apart.” “No, you didn’t rip the family apart, Edward did.” The stay at the mansion that was my former home was blissful. I spoke to everyone and laughed with everyone but Edward, who kept a safe distance from me. Thankfully. But before I knew it, it was time to get ready for school. So we all left the Cullens, back to our home. As I was picking my outfit for school, Billie approached me. “You do know Edward loves you, right?” “No Billie he doesn’t.” “But he does, I can sense it.” Billie’s gift was to “sense” what others were thinking and feeling. When I say sensed, it means that she cannot tell exactly what, but she can feel the nature of the thoughts etcetera. “If he ever even loved me, he would never have left me,” “He left because he loves you Bells, he just didn’t want you to get hurt.” “Billie, just leave me alone.” “Fine, I try to help you put your life back together, but you just throw it in my face!” “I know you are only trying to help me Billie, and I really appreciate it, but I need to figure things out on my own.” “Okay bells, I’m sorry for yelling, I know this is hard.” “And what makes it harder is that I still love him. I love him so much that my heart is just about bursting out of my chest. But I just can’t forgive him; I’m scared of getting hurt again.” “I know hon. but just know that I am always here for you. So is Shaere.” “Thank-you Billie.” She gave me a quick smile and nod and left the room. A little while later, I went to Billie’s room, and heard a smooching noise. I walked into his room, and saw Billie and Edward in a steamy kiss. I shot up to my room and started packing; I knew that I could not stay here, not with Edward and Billie doing that behind my back. I couldn’t believe that Billie of all people would do that to me, she’s my sister for gods’ sake. I fervently threw some clothes into a body-bag and left through the window, running to the unknown……………