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my heart.

just a random poem i thought of of bella thinking about the loss of edward

this is a bit depresing, but so is life

1. Chapter 1

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My heart.
It used to be in the area of my chest where there is now a gaping hole.
The hole of hurt.
The hole of pain.
The hole that houses the deep agony of loss.
The agony of rejection.
The agony of having the one you love, leave.
The one who promised to never leave.
To be by your side forever.
Until the end of time.
The one who you live for, would die for, would kill for.
The one who you would step into the very fires of hell for.
Would dive into the deepest oceans, would fly the outer reaches of space.
The one who would make everything alright, even in the possibility of an apocalypse.
Or worse.
The one who your very heart beats for.
The one I call Edward.