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Bella's misery

this is from bella's point of view. almost like a diary entry. her pain in new moon was clear, and i have decided to lay it down accurately in a poem. hope you enjoy


1. poem

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Bella’s misery

How swiftly the sun sets. How rapidly night descends.

Hope shrivels, quickly fading to pain,

Day after day of enduring agony, a tear in my heart,

And i bury my head. Let my thoughts take me away, to his side

Where have you gone?! Where do you reside?!

Where lies your mind?

Where do your feet wander, where doth your home dwell?

Most of all, where does thy heart fall? Is it still, once more?

Where are you edward? Where is my love today?

Do you think of me still? Or is there a new love?

Did my soft human scent pull you to me, only to push you away?

Shall i describe how much your face, your voice, you, pulled me towards you?

Akin to your brother lifting one single leaf.

Come back to me edward. Come back, please

I can be like you. I can be one of you

I should be! We should spend eternity together, and happily so

Happier than anyone, vampire or human, has ever been before,

And will grow each day, into a never ending love

How did this happen, my love?

How did it fall apart so quickly?

Did you not love me enough? Was my love not enough?

So is that it? Is our twilight over?

Is it fully dark now? Because i can’t see you.

It will be clearer, i’m sure, when the dawn comes.

Will you come with it?

Where is my vampire angel? Where is my eclypse?