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My Turn Now

Bella and Edward were married. Shortly after the wedding Bella had to flee to Phoenix because of a war with another coven. Bella fled with a secret she was 3 months pregnant. Bella waited for Edward and eventually gave up and moved to L.A., thinking he was dead or didn't want her anymore. Edward stopped looking after five years believing she had moved on. 16 years later Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen goes looking for her father and finds out the truth in her family history to find more than she ever wanted to know. With the help of her two best friends can she get her family back together? Can Edward and Bella put aside their new differnces to get back to who they used to be? When Darius Tricks Twila can our favorite trio save her in time? *Redone Version Much Better* I had this story but deleted it and rewrote it!!! Please Read!!! ~Isabella NEW IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!


1. Prologue

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My name is Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen. I am 16 years old and live with my Mom is Los Angeles. My parents are Bella and Edward Cullen. I have never met my Dad. He does not even know about me my mom never told him. I don't know why.

I am 5"4. I have long brown wavy hair. I have brown eyes with hints of butterscotch in them. I play piano, guitar, and sing. My favorite subject is biology. I have a passion for reading and music but especially dance. I spend my life at the studio in L.A. Someday I want to be a dancer in a ballet company, a musician, or an author. In my room, I have several bookshelves filled with music and numerous books. Bella thinks either one of those would be perfect considering I am always either dancing or writing or reading or playing a instrument/singing and texting. I love to sleep late. I drive a red Volvo convertible. My favorite color is blue.

My best friends are Erica and Lucas Newman, and Jacob Black. I have been friends with Erica and Lucas since I was three and Jacob since I was born. I do not know how to tell Jake this but I love him with all my heart. Mary is Lucas and Erica's Mom. She is a second mom to me because she is best friends with my mom. That is how I became friends with Erica and Lucas. Our mom's met through a Mom's group or something boring like that. When I was little, every day after school or during the day, I would go over to the Newman's if Bella had to work. They live just down the street from us. It is nice to live so close. Jake on the other hand lives in La Push, Washington that is not as fun because I cannot walk to his house and I do not like being in the car for very long so I call him a lot and visit over almost every school break. We talk on the phone and e-mail a lot though.

I do not know a lot about Edward other than the fact he is my Dad and I am just like him in many ways according to my Mom. My Mom says I have almost the same face looks more like his the Mom's. I do know he was adopted by Carlisle and Esme and has six other people who live with them to. There is Emmett and Rosalie who are married, Jasper and Alice they are also married and Jasper is Rosalie's twin. I cannot help but wonder what they are like. Bella says they are the nicest people you will ever meet. I want to meet them a lot. However, she will never take me to find them no matter how much I beg. She says she has no idea where they live now. I think she knows and does not want to tell me because she misses Edward too much.

I am on a mission to find Edward Cullen with the help of Erica and Lucas. We decided that we would spend this summer vacation looking for him. We do not exactly know how we just know we have to sneak away from our parents and Jake, which should be hard. He does not know I exist. Soon I will meet my dad. I am promising myself that.