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My Turn Now

Bella and Edward were married. Shortly after the wedding Bella had to flee to Phoenix because of a war with another coven. Bella fled with a secret she was 3 months pregnant. Bella waited for Edward and eventually gave up and moved to L.A., thinking he was dead or didn't want her anymore. Edward stopped looking after five years believing she had moved on. 16 years later Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen goes looking for her father and finds out the truth in her family history to find more than she ever wanted to know. With the help of her two best friends can she get her family back together? Can Edward and Bella put aside their new differnces to get back to who they used to be? When Darius Tricks Twila can our favorite trio save her in time? *Redone Version Much Better* I had this story but deleted it and rewrote it!!! Please Read!!! ~Isabella NEW IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!


4. Sneaking Away

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Twelve Days Later Twila's Point Of View At Charlie's House:

Sue, Charlie, and Jake were all in La Push. We said that we were going to take our Forks car in about an hour because Erica and I weren't ready yet. So we lied, a little okay a lot. If we told them what we were doing they would be furious. Charlie wasn't happy according to my mom when they couldn't find Edward. I don't know the full details I just know that there was a problem before I was born and Bella had to leave to make sure both of us were safe or something like that.

"Bags are in the car!" Lucas called from the garage. That's our cue to leave. We have another half hour before they come looking for us. By that time we will be in the airport with our cells off.

"Okay, if we leave know we'll get to the airport before they realize it." Erica said coming down the stairs. I locked the doors as I followed the twins into the garage.

Lucas backed out of the garage and down the street. Half an hour later just as we pulled in Sea-Tac my cell phone rang. Jacob, crap. "Hey Jake, sorry we're not there yet. We had to stop and get gas. We'll be there soon! Bye!" I hung up before he could say anything. "Cell phones off guys." I ordered as Luc parked.

We went to check-in. Surprisingly Erica only had one really big bag that wasn't overweight this time. We made it through security easily, and we were able to board instantly at the gate.

"Window!" I yelled a little too loud on the plane as we came in sight of our seats. "Aisle!" Erica called. "Why do you two always do that?" Lucas asked as we got into the seats.

"Hey, if you don't like it call a seat next time." Erica said in a matter of fact tone. Lucas has never flown with us and not been in the middle. It's not our fault he doesn't call it.

"Anyway, Twila did you remember to rent a car?" He asked once the plane began rolling of the runway. My ears popped as we began our ascent.

"Yep, blue Volvo just like we talked about when we booked the flight." Erica answered for me. Erica and Lucas may be fraternal twins but at the rate the three of us hang out it's almost like we're triplets. No kidding.

"Well, I'm going to go to sleep. Wake me when we land or begin or descent." I said drifting off to sleep.

As I slept I dreamt of what my father will look like. I just added mentally sixteen years to the picture I have of him that Bella gave me and is in my locket. I have a locket with a picture of him and a picture of them on their wedding day.

"Wake up Twila, we landed. Welcome to New York." Lucas whispered some amount of time later.

Groggily I opened my eyes to look outside to see a small city. We had landed in Buffalo.

We made our way out of the plane and to the baggage caracole "I'm going to go get the car, can you two go get the bags?" I asked. Hopefully they won't kill each other. They love each other but Lucas woke Erica up from sleep and waking her up from sleep is probably the stupidest thing a person can do if they want to live.

Walking over to the car rental place I pulled the information I printed out of my purse. "Hello how may I help you?" The rental agent asked.

"Hi, I have a car to pick up." I said trying to sound like I've done this before. I handed him my slip of paper and my driver's license.

"Yes, the blue Volvo. Give me a minute and I'll bring the car up or if you prefer you can get it yourself." He offered.

"That would be great if you would be so kind as to get the car." I said as he walked out into the parking lot. I was terrified to turn my phone on, no doubt I had missed calls from Bella, Charlie, Sue, Jake, and Mary. Either way I needed to so they didn't do an Amber Alert. Hesitantly I pulled out my cell and pressed power. Twenty missed calls from Mom, two from Jake, ten from Charlie and Sue, one from Mary, and many text messages asking where we are. Crap, this means I have to call her and explain why I'm in New York not Forks, Washington. Before I could make up my mind on when to call her, she called me.

"Hello?" I asked nervously, I am going to be in so much trouble. I held my breath as I waited for the yelling.

"TWILA ELIZABETH RENESMEE CULLEN where the hell are you?" She screamed into the phone. Surprisingly this was milder than I expected.

"Don't be mad, but I'm in Buffalo, New York." I sheepishly said and waited for more screaming.

"Why are you in New York? On the complete other side of the country?" Bella asked annoyed and furious with me. Okay so taking unsanctioned trips weren't okay with my mother.

"Well, you see I know you miss Dad. I found a listing for his family in a town twenty minutes outside of Buffalo. So, we booked a flight here and I'm going to meet him." I explained. Hopefully she won't be too terribly mad at me for leaving to go meet him.

There was silence on the phone for a minute as I knew she was fighting with herself on what to do.

"Okay fine, you can find him. First though you need to go to the Buffalo Mercy hospital and ask for Carlisle Cullen, he's your Grandfather and he'll be able to take you to Edward." She explained sighing realizing that no matter what she did I was going to find Edward.

"Thank you, I have to go now! I'll call you or have Dad call you." I said hanging up as the rental agent pulled up to the curb. I took the keys and honked twice signaling Erica and Lucas to come out of the terminal.

"Okay, we have to go to Buffalo Mercy, apparently that's where my grandfather works and he'll be able to tell us exactly where Edward is." I explained as we left the airport.

"Not a problem, but do you know where it is?" Erica asked.

"Yep, it's right there." I pointed to a building two streets over.

In about five minutes we were parked and making our way into the hospital. Lucas and Erica followed me as I made my way to the front desk.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The receptionist asked.

"Could you page Carlisle Cullen please? I need to speak to him, we're related." I asked.

She nodded before speaking over the loudspeaker "Dr. Cullen to the front desk. Dr. Cullen to the front desk." A moment later a blonde hair man that couldn't have been more than thirty came to the desk and spoke with the receptionist.

For some reason I had a feeling this person may actually be related to Edward. "Hello, I am Doctor Carlisle Cullen." He introduced himself.

"Hi, my name is Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen, I'm Edward and Bella Cullen's daughter. Do you know where my father is?" I asked. His jaw dropped in shock. "You're my Grandfather." I tacked on as an afterthought.

He just stared at me in shock while thoughts seemed to process in his mind. I hope he knows where Edward is.