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My Turn Now

Bella and Edward were married. Shortly after the wedding Bella had to flee to Phoenix because of a war with another coven. Bella fled with a secret she was 3 months pregnant. Bella waited for Edward and eventually gave up and moved to L.A., thinking he was dead or didn't want her anymore. Edward stopped looking after five years believing she had moved on. 16 years later Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen goes looking for her father and finds out the truth in her family history to find more than she ever wanted to know. With the help of her two best friends can she get her family back together? Can Edward and Bella put aside their new differnces to get back to who they used to be? When Darius Tricks Twila can our favorite trio save her in time? *Redone Version Much Better* I had this story but deleted it and rewrote it!!! Please Read!!! ~Isabella NEW IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!


5. My Name Is Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen

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"You are Edward and Bella's daughter." He whispered not wanting people to hear. "Okay, um, I will give you my address and you can come to my house, he's there right now." Carlisle offered.

"Actually I have your address but I could meet you there in twenty minutes." I offered. This man could not be older than Bella, yet I couldn't believe anymore that he's my grandfather.

"That is fine. I'll see you in twenty minutes Twila." He said and walked over to sign out of work I guess. I made my way over to Erica and Lucas.

"Who's that?" Erica asked eagerly. Of course, she is assuming that's my father. Typical Erica.

"That's my Grandfather, I've seen a picture of him and it matches perfectly, plus he's a doctor so maybe he just had some really good Botox or something." I offered as we headed out to the Volvo.

"But he looks the same age as Bella at most." Lucas pointed out. Ugh, why does he have to notice everything? It's so annoying.

"Yeah I know, just trust me on this Lucas Newman." I used his full name to annoy him.

"Relax, little brother, if Twila trusts him I'm sure everything will be fine." Erica said patting him on the shoulder. Sure Erica is only like five minutes older than he is but she still uses the little brother thing to annoy him.

"Okay, we're here." I pulled down a ridiculously long driveway to see a huge mansion.

"Holy crap, Twila. Your family's rich!" Erica exclaimed once she caught sight of what I can safely assume is a four story mansion.

"Shut up Erica. Okay do you to want to come in with me?" I asked nervously and really wanting them to come in. I hope that he likes me.

I made my way up to the front door with Lucas and Erica at my heels. Before I could knock, Carlisle opened the door. His wife I assume was standing right next to him. "Welcome to our home, this is my wife Esme. Esme this is Twila. I'm sorry your names are?" He asked Erica and Lucas after he introduced us to Esme.

"Erica and Lucas, they are just here for my moral support." I said. I fought the urge to look around for the man I can only assume is my father.

"Nice to meet you Twila. So, tell us about yourself." She prompted as we all sat down on the couch.

"Actually I'm here on a mission. My name is Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen. My Mother is Isabella Swan Cullen. I believe you know my Father Edward Cullen. Not to be rude but if you could tell me where my father is that would be greatly appreciated. We came a long way and I'm dying to meet him." I nervously explained. I don't know why but something tells me that my family is very abnormal.

"He's in his room. Second floor, first door on the left." She gestured upstairs.

"Thank you." I thanked her before sprinting up the stairs. Erica and Lucas knew somehow not to follow me. Thankfully, they did know that is something I need to do alone without them.

I knocked on the door. "Come in." A voice said. I opened the door to see a picture of my parents on their wedding day and what I can assume is prom. On the black leather couch was a person that could not have been older than me. "Who are you?" He asked getting up a little too quickly to be human. I had a feeling in my stomach that told me this is my father and he is not human.

"You are Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, correct?" I asked him.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Edward or I guess Dad answered and asked me.

"You married Isabella Swan on September 13th, 2006, correct?" I asked not answering his question the slightest bit.

"Yes, I did. Why are you asking me these things and how do you know them?" He asked desperate for me to answer him.

"My name is Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen, you are my father. Bella Cullen is my Mother. I was born May 13th 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona." I told him and he seemed speechless. I can't believe I have finally found him after all these years of looking for him!