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My Turn Now

Bella and Edward were married. Shortly after the wedding Bella had to flee to Phoenix because of a war with another coven. Bella fled with a secret she was 3 months pregnant. Bella waited for Edward and eventually gave up and moved to L.A., thinking he was dead or didn't want her anymore. Edward stopped looking after five years believing she had moved on. 16 years later Twila Elizabeth Renesmee Cullen goes looking for her father and finds out the truth in her family history to find more than she ever wanted to know. With the help of her two best friends can she get her family back together? Can Edward and Bella put aside their new differnces to get back to who they used to be? When Darius Tricks Twila can our favorite trio save her in time? *Redone Version Much Better* I had this story but deleted it and rewrote it!!! Please Read!!! ~Isabella NEW IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!


6. 5 More Minutes

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"Twila time to get up, your plane leaves in two hours and you have to shower and get ready." Mom said flicking on my lights and pulling back the covers so she could get me up, considering I have this habit of not wanting to get up in the morning.

"Mmmm, five more minutes please." I groaned. I may live in one of the world's sunniest places but that doesn't mean I enjoy the sun in the morning.

"I've given you five more minutes three times, get up!" She practically ordered me. Finally after ten more minutes of this I got up and began to get ready for the day. My outfit was simple and sheik; skinny jeans, wedges, a red orange halter top and a little white cropped jacket over top. Not too city fashion forward but not too small town. Okay so maybe I love to make a big impression, that from what I've been told I get this from Aunt Alice. Bella still doesn't exactly love fashion as much as I do.

At seven-fifteen I met her in my car and we drove to the airport meeting Erica, Lucas and Mary there. "Hey guys!" I called as I saw them in the parking garage.

"Hey Twila!" Erica called back as she came over towards us. Lucas just waved hello, it seemed his sister had said hi for the both of them. Lucas is definitely calmer more rational of the two. Erica is the complete and total opposite. She's loud, wild, crazy and unpredictable (well they both are but Erica is more unpredictable,).

"Ready for our last high school summer break?" I asked. Our senior year is this fall so next year we'll be all over the country.

"You bet! Next year you will be New York, I'll be in France, and Lucas will be... I don't exactly know he'll be but it'll be somewhere interesting." Erica fantasized dramatically. I couldn't help but laugh. She may be planning to major in Fashion but she sure could be an actress in a soap opera or a dramatic movie.

"I haven't decided yet. I think I want to go to Columbia in New York City; they have a great program for writing and studying abroad." Lucas explained. It was completely obvious once you got to know him or shared English with him (he never got anything lower than a 98% on anything in that class).

"Do I get to read your book first?" I teased Lucas. When we were little he had been the first one to see me dance on a deal that if he ever did anything important I would get to be the first one to see it or whatever.

"Of course, I have one that I wrote in my bag you can read." He whispered quietly so no one would hear him.

"Good, give it to me on the plane." I whispered back.

We made our way to check in and security which is where our Mom's would have to leave us.

"Bye Mom, I'll see you in two weeks." I lied giving her a hug. In two weeks I will be with Dad, but she or Mary does not exactly need to be aware of these happenings.

"Bye, I'll see you in Seattle with Jake in two weeks." She said goodbye and then we got in line to go through security and towards the gate. We waved goodbye one more time before we got on the moving sidewalk that would take us to the tram thingy that would take us to the gate.

As soon as they were out of sight I started to talk about out plans "So we stay with Charlie and Sue until the bonfire and when it's time for the bonfire we say we're going but really go to Seattle get on a plane to wherever my dad lives and then voila I meet him and my family becomes fixed."

"That will work but, how do we get our luggage hidden in the car?" Lucas asked. Crap I hadn't thought about that.

"It's not that far a drop from the bedrooms plus Sue and Charlie are bound to both be gone at least once and then we can put our stuff in the car." Erica suggested.

"That's a really good idea, and totally workable too." I agreed with her brilliant idea. "Here are our seats." I pointed to the three seats by each other in the part of the plane where we are supposed to sit according to our tickets.

"Aisle!" Erica called.

"Window!" I called and Lucas groaned as he realized he would have to sit in the middle... again.

About twenty minutes later the plane took off but not before we could watch a boring video about what to do in a crash, which we all knew what to do.

Three more days until we will leave and I can meet my dad!