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Miracle Girl

13-year-old Bella is in California visiting Charlie when Edward's adopted sister, Alice calls. The news leads to a startling train of events that only bring them closer. Some fluff, some angst, some humor... Okay, let's just say that this story is a mixed bag. Teen for angst and romance in future chapters, but I'm going to do my absolute best to keep this PG-13 at the most. AU, AH, sort of OOC, just enough to make the story make sense. Mostly Bella and Edward's point of view, but some others. This is just my second fanfiction, but please be generous and read it!! I have most of it written already, so the more reviews the more chapters!!

I own Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn-- one copy of each. Other than that, I own the plot line and little else. No copyright infringement intended whatsoever.

4. Sick

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Bella's Point of View

Edward, I love you, I thought as I drifted back into consciousness. I’ll see you soon.

“Bella?” a familiar voice called. “Edward?” I asked hopefully.

“What was that?” the voice asked. It was Charlie; the realization came with a plummeting feeling in my stomach. I wished Edward was still here.

Wait, still here?

And then it hit me. Really hit me. Edward had been in my cloud dream, as I called them. I had only had a few with people in them, most of the time I could just sit on my bed and think, or work (mentally) on this assignment or that assignment. My great-aunt and grandmother were the only ones who had visited me. I remembered my grandmother only vaguely, with shaking hands and powder-puff hair. And that twinkle in her eye. Her eyes had twinkled in my cloud dream as well, but it hadn’t just been her eyes. Her whole body had sparkled.

Edward hadn’t sparkled, but he had shone all the same. He looked much paler than the last time I had seen him, saying goodbye before I got in the car to the airport, but also much happier. And I was happier, too. I had seen Edward. He had held me in his lap and kissed me, just the way I had always dreamed it would be.

“Bella? Hello, Bella, you in there?” Charlie asked, waving something in my face. The phone. “You’ve got a phone call.”

The déjà vu scared me, the last time I had heard those words, something terrible had happened.

“Bella? Bella, talk to me.”

“Esme?” I gasped.

“Yes, it’s me. Listen, Bella, I have something very important to tell you.” Her voice was strained; my stomach muscles tensed in anticipation.

“What is it? How’s Edward?” I was starting to panic.

“He’s not doing so well,” Esme said, her voice breaking.

“What do you mean?”

“He woke up about an hour ago, and he was fine. Then he complained about a pain in his chest. He started…” Esme gulped, as if swallowing tears, “he started to cough up blood. Hard. The doctors took him into surgery. They don’t know if he’ll make it through. The test results said the cancer was destroying his lungs. Listen to me, Bella. I know you love my son, and I know how hard it must be to hear-” she gulped again, “to hear that he only has a few more weeks to live. Bella, I know you’re supposed to be with your father. But all the while he was being wheeled out of his room, in between coughing; all he said was your name. He needs you, Bella. Edward needs you.”

My throat was dry. All my worst fears had been confirmed. Edward was dying, and I couldn’t help him.

“Bella?” Esme asked again.

“I’ll talk to Charlie,” I said.

Edward had to be okay. He had to be.