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How Forever

what if charlie finds out about edward??? That edward is a vampire... because jacob spilled it all! He sends bella to the sunniest place... the philippines she comes back after she finishes college and got a clue that edward was waiting for her someone needs a lawyer and that causes them to come together. What happens?? the answer is in every chapter

I hope you love this story... i will try to post the chapters as fast a i can! this story happens when edward asks charlie for his blessings. And right after Jacob recieves the invitation he goes and does ran away to someplace but runs away to charlie and tell him everything

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I looked out the plane window of Philippine Airlines. After twelve hours of the long flight we can finally see the bright lights of Los Angeles. "Bells, I think were here!" I rolled my eyes at Jacob. The past four years with him and his big appetite, it made it very clear that I can't be with him for the rest of my life. I was already annoyed in our first year under the smoldering hot sun of the Philippines.

Charlie had sent me to the Philippines right after the bullet bounced off of Edward's chest. Edward was asking Charlie for his blessings right after Edward proposed to me.

Directly after the accident, Jacob barged in the room and started blurting out everything.

Charlie was shocked, obviously, so he sent me to the sunniest country in Asia. I tried not to laugh out loud because he probably thought that Edward will burn under the sun.

"Ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking. If you look at your left hand side you can see that we have arrived and will be landing shortly." I droned out the pilot as he translated it into the Filipino language.

After thirty minutes Jacob and I were already riding a cab to Charlie's hotel.

"Bella I know that you did your best in the Philippines but I do not think you did everything right... is it my entire fault? I know I was selfish four years ago, I just didn't want you to be with that monster... just thinking about it-." I cut him off by shaking my head. "Jacob please let's not talk about this. I am tired and I do not want to think about it tonight, okay?" Not wanting to hear him protest, I laid my head on the cab door and went to sleep.

I know this isn't real, that I am dreaming. Because Edward was in it and knowing that he won't come back after I left him. I just did not want this vivid dream to stop.

Edward has his hand on the small of my back, leading me to his house. As I entered the room I saw Emmett running to me to give me a big hug. The eerie thing was; I knew that Emmett was running in an inhuman speed but I could see every step he was taking.

Emmett crashed on my body causing a loud thunder like noise. I was still standing there on the same spot- wasn't moved by Emmett's big body. "I'm glad you survived sis," Emmett whispered on my ear.

I wanted to ask him why but the scene changed. I was in Edward's room and on his big, golden bed. I was beside Edward, hugging him as tight as I can. "Good morning Mrs. Cullen," he whispered.

I woke up in surprise while feeling the sheets beside me, empty. I looked around the room seeing lamps on each beside, flowery wallpaper on the wall, light pink curtains, and the smell of too much air freshener.

"Come on, let's go eat," I looked at the door-that was in front of the bed. Jacob was standing on the threshold only wearing denim pants, his chest ware making me see the beads of water trickling down his chest.
"Where's Charlie?" I looked around finally aware of everything.

He's already downstairs, eating breakfast." He walked away putting his shirt on with me trailing behind him.

"Bella, I missed you so much," Charlie said as he hugged me and placed both of his hands on the small of my back.

"Oh, Dad... you're getting to mushy now! I missed you too," I whined.

Charlie moved to San Diego three years ago. He was accepted to be the head chief in National City. But last year he just retired, he was getting old.

"Come on, sit down. Oh yeah, Jake there's a buffet over there." As I sat down a waiter came and handed me a beautiful bouquet of freesias. Not knowing where it came from, I asked the waiter but was only answered with a shrug.

I took the card, that was placed on top of the heavenly smelling, white flowers. In the card there were three words that made my heart skip a beat. It was written in a familiar calligraphy.

Welcome Back, Bella

Charlie was devouring his eggs when he looked up and saw I was holding flowers, he glared. "Who's it from?" he asked, chewing his eggs noisily.

Don't know, doesn't say," I whispered getting addicted at the smell. Even though there wasn't any name on the card I still knew who it was from.

But where is he?

Edward's POV

I looked at our new member of the clan, Renesmee. Two years ago we were attacked again by the Volturi. They were trying to check if Bella was already a vampire or if she was still alive. Even though they say my unchanging and solemn face, they still attacked.

I was almost losing my strength and the courage to fight Felix when Renesmee came out of nowhere. She killed Felix and every Volturi with no help. Sadly, Aro survived and ran away with Jane.

I stared at Renesmee who was persuading me if she can bring the flowers to Bella, who just arrived from the Philippines, and report to me what happens. I shook my head one last time, gave her a stifled nod an then groaned as she jumped up and down while clapping her hands in a blinding speed.

"The flowers are in the kitchen and make sure she never sees you. Please call me and tell me what happens." I walked up the stairs to my bedroom, to my tinted widow, and started my daily routine. Which was; I look out my window overnight, hunt if I had to, and then start looking out my window again. I thought about the day Alice changed everything.


Los Angeles had been sunny for the past two weeks, so all of us stayed inside and let our dark tinted window hide us. I just look out my window staring at different sights everyday. Today I am staring at a nest that had been filled with eggs two weeks ago. The blue birds had flown away yesterday probably starting a new and happy life. Feeling sick to my core, I lay down on my golden bed as Bella's lullaby started playing in the background.

Four years ago- that was it only four years but everyday had been filled with agony- I remembered the two of us lying beside each other, not letting any space between us and was just happy. This was the same bed that Bella and I had always been together. This was the last memory I had from her. I can't stand leaving it and letting dust rest on it.

I looked up wishing that I had a big picture of Bella's face taped on the ceiling, so I can look at it all night.

After ten minutes of wonderment I heard footsteps walking to my door. Alice, I answered myself.

"Come in," I called out, before she could knock. The door opened in a blinding speed then in half a second Alice was at the foot of my bed. She was jumping up and down with a big grin on her face.

"She'scoming. She'scoming." I stood up in surprise knowing exactly who ‘she' is.

I need a plan... a great plan. Then it rushed to me like the cool waves of the ocean.

"Perfect!" Alice said, holding my shoulders. "But first she needs to know you're here," she continued.

I nodded at her, already knowing what to do.

End of flashback