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Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder
Photobucket >>Banner By Me<< Bella, Alice, Rose, Adrie, Emmet, Edward, Jasper and Jake have all grown up to be the best of friends... However... Alice has Jasper... Jake has Adrie... Rose has Emmett...Bella and Edward have... Well, they have a strong friendship. But would this all change if one of them feels differently towards the other? [Sequel to ~Baby Twilight~ *You don't have to read it first =D*] [[Chapter 13 is being validated ...Bella's POV... ]]

This is the sequel to Baby Twilight!!! Do you have to read BT before this story? No...not really, but it would probably answer some questions you might have in the future... ...Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder !!! Thanks so much for wanting to co-write this story with me *hugs* Disclaimer: Any recognizable character/setting/etc belongs to SM. The rest belongs to us : ]

10. A Trip Down Memory Lane and a Starving Bella

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Chapter Ten: A Trip Down Memory Lane and a Starving Bella


“Alice!” I shouted after her. She was out of sight in seconds. Evil pixie!

“So Bella,”

I turned my attention to the boy that was standing next to me. “Hey.” Was my response.

“Cool party.” Tyler remarked.

“Yeah.” I quipped, while taking a sip of the last of my punch.

“Thanks for inviting me.”

“It wasn’t actually my idea.” I saw his expression change into one of a sad puppy dog. I couldn’t stand that. I quickly mended the situation by adding, “Lauren wanted me to ask you. It was all her.”

He gave me a bright smile, and I tried to do my best to reciprocate. An awkward silence followed. I looked around the room, searching for an excuse to escape. None were apparent to me. Even though almost the entire Forks High population was here, I could find no familiar faces among the crowd. Where had Alice disappeared to? Why had she done this to me?!

I bit my bottom lip, and strained to make out someone…anyone on the dance floor. I was relieved to see a shape that looked like Edward coming toward us. I said a silent prayer of thanks. Tyler was staring at me, and it freaked me out a little. Okay, it freaked me out a lot!

“Well, I’ll see you around, then.” I began to walk toward the where Edward shape, and was thinking that luck had finally come out in my favor. How could I have thought that? I was never lucky.

Tyler wrapped his sweaty hand around my upper arm. I came to a sudden halt, frozen in shock. “Please, Bella. Wait.” He pled.

What could I possibly do? I didn’t want to be rude, but Tyler was making me feel uncomfortable. He was not a bad guy, but when he looked at me, I suddenly feared for my life. How ironic! I ran with vampires and werewolves, and I was scared of a mere human boy.

“Care to dance?” Tyler asked.

“Um Ty-” My words were cut short when I felt him snake his hand around my waist as he pulled us toward the dance floor. I froze. I definitely had to do something. “Tyler, I don’t-” I tried once more, this time I pulled away. Obviously he did not get the hint. Maybe he opted to disregard it.

Note to self: Kill Alice Cullen.

The music kept playing. He then leaned down, invading my personal space and I hoped to goodness that someone would rescue me. Tyler’s next sentence almost stopped my heart.

"So, that note I wrote you a couple of days ago…well, you never gave me an answer. Bella, will you go to Homecoming with me?"

"You’re not my secret admirer?" I asked, rhetorically. He obviously wasn’t. The notes I had received had never mentioned the school dance. Feelings of love and admiration were the only sentiments expressed in the letters. This was a relief, yet I wondered who it could be.

I bit my bottom lip nervously, thinking about the possibilities. In Forks, there weren’t a lot of secret admirers to be had. Tyler looked down at me, expectantly. I still had not answered his question.

“Bella! There you are. I hope you don’t mind my cutting in, Tyler.”

Before he could protest, I was being pulled away from Tyler, and onto the dance floor. I relaxed. Edward had saved me. He had saved me ever since that first day of us playing damsel in distress...

I only pulled back after I realized where we were going. We were on the dance floor. “Edward,” I whined.

“Bella,” He countered, his voice restrained. He looked furious. Was he jealous? No, he couldn’t be. After all, he had no reason to be. He couldn’t reciprocate my feelings for him. Could he?

“You know I don’t know how to dance!” I wrapped my arms around myself, and scowled at him. I knew I was acting like a child, but I couldn’t help it when I was around Edward. His expression softened.

“I’ll teach you.” He insisted. He gave me one of those crooked half smiles of his-I tell you those were worse than Alice’s pouts. How could I ever resist?

I gave in way too quickly as Edward placed my arm on his shoulder, while he placed his arm around my waist. This was nothing like Tyler's attempt to dance with me. Edward gave me my personal space, but I was still close enough to feel the cold radiating from him. I was not sure I really wanted that personal space with him. I noted the words of the slow song as it began to play.

I was a quick wet boy, diving too deep for coins

All of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys

Then when the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair

Stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere...

While Edward led, I followed. We swayed from side to side in peaceful silence, listening to the music.

Have I found you

Flightless bird, jealous, weeping or lost you, American mouth

Big pill looming...

The lyrics where beautiful. I couldn’t help but smile as I noticed I hadn’t stepped on his foot…yet. I was actually enjoying myself for once.

Now I'm a fat house cat

Nursing my sore blunt tongue

Watching the warm poison rats curl through the wide fence cracks

Pissing on magazine photos

Those fishing lures thrown in the cold

And clean blood of Christ mountain stream...

The song kept playing, and before I knew it, my head was on his chest. I closed my eyes, memorizing this moment. Oh, how I wished Edward was my secret admirer! I wished he loved me as I loved him. There, I said it! I loved Edward Cullen!

Have I found you

Flightless bird, grounded, bleeding or lost you, American mouth

Big pill stuck going down...

I wanted to hold onto this moment forever. I hardly noticed that the song had ended. Everyone began to jump up and down to a faster paced song.

I pulled slightly away from Edward, and got lost in his eyes. I was pulled out of my daze when Edward spoke. His lips were so close to my ear that my knees nearly gave way. I could feel his cool breath grace my earlobe as he said, “I’m ready to go, are you?”

I nodded my reply, but as we pulled apart, I said, “Aren’t you going to say goodbye to Lauren before we leave?”

“Yes...well...about that...We better hurry before she finds me.” I couldn’t help but giggle. Edward joined in with a chuckle. He placed a hand on my lower back, and guided me away from the dance floor. We squeezed through the heap of people that were either dancing and talking.. Mostly, the subject matter consisted of how wonderful the party was, and local gossip.

Curious, I asked, “So, where are we going?”

“I was thinking we could go for a walk.”

“Why not?” I replied with a smile, making our way toward the door.

We walked side by side in peaceful silence. Every few moments or so, I would look up to see him. He always seemed to catch my eye, making me blush.

I noticed his hand was constantly running through his messy hair. Edward only did that when he was nervous. We’ve hung out since pre-school. Something had changed between us…and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what that something was. Lately, he had been acting more over protective than usual…and that was saying a lot.

Although, he wasn’t the only one who had changed: I couldn’t help but want to beat up any girl that approached him. At least I had a good excuse- love.

“You’re cold.” It wasn’t a question. Edward took his jacket off and placed it over my shoulders. I looked up at him and smiled.

“Thanks.” I whispered. He nodded and gave me that crooked smile of his.

We walked for a short time more, coming to a stop in a place that was almost as familiar to me as the back of my hand.

“Wow,” I breathed, “We haven’t been here in a while.”


The place looked abandoned now. I noticed everything looked destroyed, excepting the swing we had built one summer. We all used to come to this meadow every day. The guys would busy themselves in the now dilapidated tree house, throwing water balloons at us. We girls would run to the swing, just out of reach. I remember declaring that one day I would get married in this place.

After Renee and Charlie divorced, I barely came here. During the summer, it was Renee’s turn to stay with me. Last time we were all here, I had been eight.

“So you and Tyler, huh?” Edward’s voice yanked me away from my trip down to memory lane.

I groaned, and responded, “What took you so long? And do not act like you weren’t there, watching the entire scene.” I added as I took a sit on the swing and began to sway.

He chuckled, "Sorry. I just wanted to see how you would handle the situation. It’s also fun to see you blush." He added.

I playfully hit his chest, and attempted to look away from his mesmerizing gaze. He then cupped my face with his hand, and stroked my face with a cold thumb. This was not helping my cheeks from turning as red as a tomato.

With a chuckle, Edward joined, “Crowley really thought he had a chance with you.” I shrugged, and continued to swing. "Bella, you were going to say yes to him." Again, it wasn't a question.

"Of course I wouldn’t go with him. He’s nice and all, but sometimes he creeps me out. Look at tonight, for example…." He nodded in agreement, but seemed thoughtful.

“Did you change your mind about going the dance?"

"No." I answered.. We were both quiet


Edward perched in the tree, while I sat on the swing. Both of us were lost in thought, reminiscing on our childhood memories for what seemed like an eternity. It was a comfortable silence. It had been so long since we hung-out together; just the two of us. It was nice.

“Do you remember the time Jacob bet against Alice?” He suddenly asked. We both became more animated, reminiscing about days gone by.

“....and then he was put through one of Alice’s makeovers!” I uttered while laughing at the situation. “I’m telling you, betting against Alice is impossible!” We both laughed.

The image of Jacob wearing a dress and tiara for a tea party was forever burned into my memory. Somewhere, Alice still had a picture of the event. Every once in a while, she threatened to show it in his and Adrie’s wedding slideshow.

“Yes, it is.” Edward admitted. We laughed some more. Everything soon quiet again, and I stared up at the sky. Tonight, it was sparkling with stars. It was breathtaking.

“I guess we should get going; everyone must be wondering where we are.” He nodded, and I jumped off the swing (me and my bright ideas). Next thing I knew, I was on top of Edward staring into his eyes. My heart began to race; it even skipped a few times.

His face was mere inches from mine. His cool breath tickled my nose. His gaze never left mine. There was a look in his eyes that I had never seen before. I couldn’t look away. I wanted to lean down and close the small gap between us, but was to chicken to actually follow through on the idea. Somehow our noses were now touching. I closed my eyes.

Do something Bella! The tiny voice in my head exclaimed.

“I’m starving.” I blurted out.

He pulled away with a chuckle, raking his messy hair with a stone-cold hand. Did I see disappointment in his eyes? I looked back to check, but by then Edward had composed himself.

"We should get you something to eat, then." I nodded.

I’m starving?! I’m starving! Is that the best I could come up with?! I mentally kicked myself. I got to my feet, grabbing hold of Edward’s hand for help up.

What had just happened?