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Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder
Photobucket >>Banner By Me<< Bella, Alice, Rose, Adrie, Emmet, Edward, Jasper and Jake have all grown up to be the best of friends... However... Alice has Jasper... Jake has Adrie... Rose has Emmett...Bella and Edward have... Well, they have a strong friendship. But would this all change if one of them feels differently towards the other? [Sequel to ~Baby Twilight~ *You don't have to read it first =D*] [[Chapter 13 is being validated ...Bella's POV... ]]

This is the sequel to Baby Twilight!!! Do you have to read BT before this story? No...not really, but it would probably answer some questions you might have in the future... ...Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder !!! Thanks so much for wanting to co-write this story with me *hugs* Disclaimer: Any recognizable character/setting/etc belongs to SM. The rest belongs to us : ]

4. Jasper and Dresses

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Chapter Four: Jasper and Dresses

Edward’s POV


School had been agonizing, as always. Having a vampire’s memory was often helpful, but it also meant that boredom was guaranteed. The only person that made the routine bearable was Bella. She had been my best friend for years, but when we hit high school; my feelings toward her became more than platonic. Yes, I fell in love with Bella Swan.

For years I had hidden this peculiar emotion deep down in the recesses of my heart. Even Alice hadn’t known. However, this summer had changed that status. I had not been able to hide my depression over Bella’s absence. Alice had become suspicious of my melancholy attitude. She took a few sneak peaks at my private journals, and thus my secret was out. She had been pestering me about declaring my feelings ever since.

This year I was determined to tell my love how I felt about her. I didn’t have a choice. Alice had given me until prom, or she was going to do it for me. I did not relish this idea.

How could I confess my feelings for Bella? If I did, it certainly spelled out eventual early death for her. How could a vampire and a human make a relationship work?

It wouldn’t.

How could I tell her I loved her? I was scared to death. What if she didn’t reciprocate my feelings? That would spell doom for our friendship. One of us would be cast out of the gang, or the uncomfortable silences that we now laughed at would become more potent, and break us up from the inside. But did I have the strength to resist her siren call anymore? I could barely resist shouting my feelings from the rooftops, let alone keep them from her.

Bella, Jake, and Adrie came home with us for a “study group session.” In reality, it consisted of us pretending to do homework while watching Jake empty our refrigerator into his stomach. I didn’t know he could stand, much less enjoy, the vile human slop.

When Alice, Bella, and Adrie entered the living room, the two girls quickly exchanged a sly look, and taken seats next to their boyfriends. This left Bella to share the oversized chair with me. As she walked over, a sweet blush swept over her cheeks. At least she didn’t seem upset anymore.

Bella had become very distraught during science today when a new girl, Lauren, had flirted with me. It was too much to hope that Bella was jealous. How could she ever even begin to love a horrid creature like me?

Lauren had been drawn to me immediately, of course, yet she held no attraction for me. How could she when Bella was in the room…or on the planet. The girl was the exact opposite of Bella in looks and personality. I had seen into her mind, and knew that she was just a social climbing sycophant. She would never hold any interest for me.

Bella’s delightful laugh pulled me from my reflections. It seemed as though Rose and Jake were scrapping, again.

Turning to her backpack, Bella pulled out her trig book. “Now, you promised you would help me, Edward. I just don’t understand Mr. Varner. It’s like he’s speaking another language.”

I sighed, happy she needed me for something, “Well then, let’s get started.”

After the gang had left, I collapsed onto my black leather couch. Alice was right, I had to tell Bella how I felt. It was the only way to survive. Doing homework with her had been absolute torture. Listening to her heart beat steadily and knowing it didn’t belong to me was agonizing.

Alice danced into my room. “She’s going to say yes, you know.”

“Yes to what?” I asked, confused.

Alice sighed, clearly exasperated, “Bella is going to say yes when you ask her to be your girlfriend, among other things. However, you must do it romantically, and slowly, or else I see her ending up in the arms of Mike Newton.” I cringed with horror, suddenly loathing Mike Newton with a passion.

“Are you going to help me, or not, Alice? I know you’re dying to. What do I do?”

She brightened, “I’ve had the plan laid out for years. Of course, I didn’t know that you would fall in love, but there was always a possibility. I mean, it’s just so natural. Always be prepared!”

“Thanks Alice. I owe you one.” I paused, ”What do you mean, ‘it’s just so natural?’”

“Edward, it’s natural for you and Bella to fall in love. First of all, you and Bella are the only people in the gang who are not currently seeing anyone. Second, her blood sings for you. She’s your perfect blood match, it’s only logical that her personality is just right for you as well.”

Alice smiled jubilantly. “Thank you. Now, get some hunting done, and meet me back here at dawn. Tomorrow, we start operation Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.” She spun out of the room, thoughts of Jasper and dresses swirling through her head.

I lay back. Tomorrow would be one of the most important days of my endless life.