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Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder
Photobucket >>Banner By Me<< Bella, Alice, Rose, Adrie, Emmet, Edward, Jasper and Jake have all grown up to be the best of friends... However... Alice has Jasper... Jake has Adrie... Rose has Emmett...Bella and Edward have... Well, they have a strong friendship. But would this all change if one of them feels differently towards the other? [Sequel to ~Baby Twilight~ *You don't have to read it first =D*] [[Chapter 13 is being validated ...Bella's POV... ]]

This is the sequel to Baby Twilight!!! Do you have to read BT before this story? No...not really, but it would probably answer some questions you might have in the future... ...Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder !!! Thanks so much for wanting to co-write this story with me *hugs* Disclaimer: Any recognizable character/setting/etc belongs to SM. The rest belongs to us : ]

5. Secret Admirer

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Chapter Five: Secret Admirer


Today I decided to look at the bright side of things. If Edward found someone he could be happy with, then I would be happy for him. I know he would do the same for me. I grabbed the key to my truck, and went out of the house.

I hadn't had the chance to take a look at dear ol’ Bertha, since my return home. It looked even better than when I had last saw it. I got inside my truck and started my engine. As usual, Bertha had to be stubborn. “Please,” I begged. Bertha complied without another argument, and I was on my way to school. My truck and I had been connected since the first. We understood each other.

It took me longer to get to school than when I rode with one of my friends. I spotted Alice and the gang, probably waiting for me at the usual spot. I parked my truck next to Edward’s silver Volvo.

We all greeted each other and talked about homecoming. I wasn't exactly excited about the dance, but everyone else was. I couldn't dance very well, because of my coordination problems. At Renee’s wedding I could barely keep my feet to myself. I had stomped on poor Phil’s feet repeatedly. Dressing up wasn't really my cup of tea either.

It wasn’t long before we all were on our way to our first class. I stopped by my locker to get the books I would need throughout the day, and Edward offered to help me carry them, but as always, I refused.

“It’s alright, Edward. Thanks though.” I tripped over something, and Edward was right there to catch me. I struggled to stand up straight, but only managed to drop all my books onto the floor. Edward quickly gathered all of them, straightened me up, and with a smirk on his face said, “I insist.”

I wasn’t going to argue with that was I? “Ed--”

“We are going to be late.” He added.


Our first classes went smoothly. Biology came to me easily. When we sat down in trig, Edward and I spend some time talking about our teacher's five-page essay on blood types. Five pages! At least they are not due until Thursday of next week.

“Students, please turn to page 127. Today we will be discussing...” Our Trig teacher began as she started writing on the board.

I flipped through the pages when something captured my attention. I flipped through it again, and found an envelope between two pages. I took the ivory colored envelope out, examined it, and found that it had no sender.

I was about to see what it contained when the teacher coughed and called out my name, “Ms. Swan?”

I guess this would have to wait for later. I slipped the envelope inside my backpack and mouthed, ‘sorry.'

Throughout my day I was tempted to see what was in that envelope, but every time I tried to take a peek, someone would stop me from doing so.

First, Jessica interrupted. She began talking on and on about her homecoming date with Mike. The dance was labeled as a masquerade, and apparently it was very hard to find an outfit. I must admit she helped me forget that Lauren was Edward's partner. The illusive envelope also slipped my mind.

Lauren was no where to be found. She wasn’t even at lunch. Maybe that should have been expected; she didn't seem the type of girl to eat lunch.

In English class, Mike was my partner. He was always nice to me. Although, sometimes he was a little too nice. Since Lauren was out of sight, Angela and her partner had to work with Edward. As the bell rang, and I gathered my things. As I placed my books into the middle compartment of my backpack, the letter tumbled to the floor. I raced to get it, but someone beat me to it.

“Here you go, Bella.” It was my good friend Angela.


“No problem.” She assured me. I smiled politely, and quickly tucked the envelope into my bag. This time, I made sure it wouldn’t slip-out. “So Bella,” Angela began, “Jessica and I were planning to go to Seattle and get our dresses for homecoming this weekend. Do you want to go with us?” She asked. “You can invite your girlfriends.” She quickly added.

“Thanks for the invite, but I won’t be going to the dance.” Her face fell, so I relented, “I don’t mind going to Seattle, and helping you both with your dresses. I'm sure Alice, Rosalie, and Adrie would love to join us.”

“Oh, that would be great. I will tell Jess, and then we can all finalize the plans.”

“That sounds great.” I tried to sound as enthusiastic as she did, but my voice betrayed me.

“Okay, see you tomorrow. I’ll call you later tonight!” Angela shouted as she left the classroom. Now, I was alone, or so I thought.

“You're not going to the dance?” I turned to see Edward still sitting in his seat.

“Nope.” I responded as I walked towards his table.

“Really? I thought every girl would want to go to their school dance.”

"I'm not every girl.”

“Right.” he said, “Because you're not a normal girl are you?” I slapped him on his arm playfully, and he feigned pain. We couldn’t help but laugh.

He walked me to my next class, laughing all the way. I turned to thank him when he stated, “You're one of a kind.”


I was finally in the privacy of my own room. I spilled out the contents in my bag, and saw the envelope. I decided to ignore it for now, and start on my homework. After thirty minutes or so of trying to concentrate, I gave up and decided to open the mysterious envelope that had been calling my name throughout the day.

Curiosity was killing me by this time. I almost ripped the envelope in half, while trying to open it. The first thing I noticed was how well my name was written.

My dear Bella,

Let me express my ardent feelings for you.

I have loved you for as long as I can remember. One look, one glance from you, and all I have is yours. When I look into your deep brown eyes, my head begins to spin, and I am lost in your gaze. I know nothing of the world around me. Life becomes a blur. Your presence consumes me. I think of your face; your laugh; your smile. You control my thoughts. I long for your embrace every time you come near me. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you.

If only you knew.

With love,

~Your Secrete Admire