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Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder
Photobucket >>Banner By Me<< Bella, Alice, Rose, Adrie, Emmet, Edward, Jasper and Jake have all grown up to be the best of friends... However... Alice has Jasper... Jake has Adrie... Rose has Emmett...Bella and Edward have... Well, they have a strong friendship. But would this all change if one of them feels differently towards the other? [Sequel to ~Baby Twilight~ *You don't have to read it first =D*] [[Chapter 13 is being validated ...Bella's POV... ]]

This is the sequel to Baby Twilight!!! Do you have to read BT before this story? No...not really, but it would probably answer some questions you might have in the future... ...Co-Written with ObssesiveCullenDisorder !!! Thanks so much for wanting to co-write this story with me *hugs* Disclaimer: Any recognizable character/setting/etc belongs to SM. The rest belongs to us : ]

8. Friend or Foe

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Chapter Eight: Friend or Foe


It had been a hectic week. Between school, work, rumors, and more notes from my secret admirer Bella time had gone out the window. Today was Lauren’s so called ‘party of the year.’ Alice’s hectic readying for the gathering meant that I had even less time.

She made it her lawful duty to ensure that the entire gang looked stunning tonight. While everyone in the ‘entire town of Forks’ seems to be excited about this party, Edward and I could care less. We just wanted to stay home where it was cozy.

I thought that out of all people, he would be more willing to go. I was wrong. Together, we tried everything to avoid the party.. Bribing, civil conversation, and pure begging were all useless against her.

"What if we go to Paris?” Edward suggested. “I’ll by you anything you want.” He added.

"Tempting. No." She answered as she flipped through an issue of Vogue..

"Look Alice, as your best friend in the world," I began, "I think that you should just let us-"

"No." She declared patiently; not looking away from the magazine.


"Bella, Edward," We listened intently, "We are going to the party, whether you like it or not." She stood up, and walked passed us.


"Buts are for chairs. This is final. Plus, I found the cutest dress for you." She gushed. Both Edward and I sighed. It was hopeless convincing our Pixie friend to change her mind..

Even after a week, the Tyler rumors were still circulating. Apparently, we were now dating! My, this party was going to be fun. Not.. I expected half of it would be spent in trying to avoid him.

I wished I could just disappear, but thanks to my wonderful dark-haired friend, I had to make my day even longer. Why did she have to invite me to a sleep over? It was really only a code word for a night to play Guinea Pig Barbie Doll with Bella and Adie. Sheer torture. Guantanamo Bay had never come close to such cruel punishments.

Edward and I sulked throughout the day. I don’t know what he was so annoyed about. I'm the one that has to deal with Tyler’s flirting during the party.

"We should run away." Edward suggested as our Trig teacher was writing something on the board.

"As tempting as that sounds," I whispered back, "Alice will see our decision before we can even plan where we are headed, and prevent us from running away."

“Fine. We won’t go anywhere specifically. That way she won’t know how to stop us." He argued. Again, the plan was very tempting, but no. I knew Alice would hunt us down if she had to.. I really didn’t see why Alice was so keen on making us go. It’s not like she liked Lauren.


It was finally time to head home, and I was stuck going to the Cullens' for Alice’s Barbie doll playing. I guess this is why she insisted on going to the party. She loved playing Barbie Doll Bella.

After the torture was out of the way, she literally dragged me to Lauren’s doorstep, and rang the doorbell. Over the loud music, the sound would be impossible to hear, or so I hoped. I felt a set of cold hands take mine. I looked up to find Edward, smiling down at me reassuringly. That smile always made me feel better. Ben opened the door, only to be rudely pushed to the side by Queen Lauren.

"Hi Edward!" she squeaked as she wrapped her arms around his waist. I reluctantly let go of his hand, and crossed my arms around myself.

"Umm...Hi Lauren." He replied. She whispered something in his ear, and I instantly cringed.

"I am so happy you made it!" She squealed. I saw her lips move but it was as if nothing came out. I looked over to Edward, attempting to understand. All I could see was her hands wrapped around him as he stood there. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. I was so...I wanted to....what was the point it wasn’t like he liked me.

"Let’s go inside" I heard her suggest. That was my cue to try to get away from this uncomfortable situation.

Everyone walked in. I gave a good look around and saw that her place wasn't as large as the Cullens’. However, it was pretty decent. The living room in which the party was hosted was big enough to fit a good forty to fifty people. It was decorated with pink and gold ribbons and balloons. Every junk food known to man was on a table set against the wall opposite the dance floor. I looked around, finding that the rest of the gang had disappeared, leaving me partner-less.

Jake noticed, and he put his arm over my shoulder while the other one was wrapped around Adrie's waist. "I'm such a lucky man" he declared with a grin on his face.

He leaned down and gave us each a kiss on the cheek before he led us to the buffet table. We couldn't help but let a giggle or two escape from our lips. I took some punch while Jake was fed cupcakes by Adrie. They were so adorable together.

I looked through the crowded room to see if I could catch a glimpse of Edward or the others, but had no such luck. I turned to find Adrie pulling Jake by his tie to the dance floor.

I took a mouth full of punch when Alice came out of no a wall of people. "Hey Bells, look who I found." She announced. I looked up to find myself staring straight into Tyler’s face. I choked on my drink and couldn’t help my mouth from hanging wide open.

Was she serious?

Did she really believe the rumors?

Did she know me at all?

Was she my friend or enemy?

What was wrong with Alice?!