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Broken, Repaired, and Set Free

This is a Leah Clearwater story. BD pretty much doesn't happen. No Volturi and no Nessie. Bella and Edward are married and Bella is a vampire, but the Cullens move before changing her.


1. Chapter 1

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“Leah, you can go home now…” my baby brother thought. “…I’ll take it from here. Brady is on his way.” he insisted. I felt Brady phase. “Ok see ya later.” I said reluctantly, I was really enjoying being part of the pack now, and I didn’t mind being on patrol; plus it had been months since there was any vampire sightings, and I was craving some action.

I exhaled and I was on 2 legs again. I walked home, not really wanting to be there. My cousin Emily was getting married in 2 days and the house was filled with decorations; there wasn’t much room to sit let alone sleep, and I was exhausted. Plus all the wedding stuff just reminded me of my heartbreak. The love of my life was marrying my cousin instead of me. I had put on a pretty good show for everyone else, but I wasn’t fooling myself. I was over Sam, but not over the heart break.

When I walked towards the door I heard Sam and Emily. I quickly turned around and headed to Jakes. Jacob and I were helping each other with this whole heartbreak thing. He was heartbroken that Bella had chosen the leech. She was now married and living, god knows where. Oh and not to mention she was a vampire. At least it’s not that bad for me, I thought. I entered Jake’s house.

“Hey, Billy, Rachael” I said as I walked towards Jakes room. I opened his door and closed it behind me.

“I’m sleeping here, by the way” I said lying down next to him. He was looking up at the ceiling. “Sure.” He understood. We didn’t say anything else the rest of the night. This was how we comforted each other; just by being in each other presence.

I woke up to Jacob snoring in my ear. “Ugh” I said pushing him over. He woke up, groaning, looking at his clock. “I’m going on patrol with the kids in 1 hour and you wake me up.” I smiled. Jacob was now Alpha of our pack of 17. He and Sam had to fight for it, but in the end Jacob won. There was no bad blood now; in fact Jacob was Sam’s best man.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving me to face this wedding crap” it was the day before the wedding and there was so much that still needed to be done. He turned over “Well you could come with me and help train the youngsters?” He offered. “Can’t, I have to be there for the rehearsal, but thanks.” He rolled back over and was sleep a minute afterwards.

I walked in my house; everyone was all over the place. “What do you need help with, Em?” I asked she looked exhausted. “Ummm could you grab some chairs we’re loading them in the truck?” she said with a weak smile. I grabbed the now white chairs; we had painted them a couple of days ago. We headed over to their house; where the ceremony would be. Everyone arranged the chairs in aisles. We were ready for the final rehearsal. I had skipped the previous ones because I knew what I had to do. I had to walk down the aisle towards Sam, and I knew what it would do to me. As I got ready for this moment I wished Jacob was here.

“Ok Leah you’re up.” My mom said to me. I started walking looking down at my feet. When I turned the corner I looked up into his face, my heart plunged. I looked back down, and turned to stand on the bride’s side. Emily was up next. She walked down cheerfully looking at Sam the whole way. I looked at Sam again. His eyes were full of love. I sighed. I needed to get over this, he’s so happy I said to myself. My heart started picking itself back up. Happier than he was with me I added. My heart fell back down into the ground; to hell it felt like.

“Jake” I thought. After the rehearsal I got out there as quick as I could; phasing as soon as I hit the trees. “Leah?...” he thought back. “I thought you would be busy all day” he asked. I ran to catch up with him. “I couldn’t take it anymore” he listened to my mind. “Guys, you can take off, we’ll pick it back up on Sunday” his thought directed to our newest members of the pack, Tyler and Dylan. “Can we get out here?” I asked. “Sure where do you want to go?” I could feel him phasing. I stopped and phased back. Putting my clothes on “anywhere” I yelled. “Well you got to be more specific, Leah.” He said as he reached me. “Fine, how bout Port Angeles?” he looked into my eyes, I wasn’t sure what he saw but it caused him to hug me tightly. I exhaled feeling better in an instant.